Date: 16th October 2013 at 8:30am
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Not so long ago Liverpool striker Luis Suarez said, “I realise and I prefer to continue and not be the same as before,” following his return from a 10 match ban he received, as he said he was now a changed man.

We all had thought that Suarez has changed and credit to him, in the games he has played for Liverpool after his ban he has been very well behaved but last night against Argentina, the striker was up to his old tricks of diving, or simulation as they like to call it.

“I realise and I prefer to continue and not be the same as before.” Well Luis, what you did against Argentina was “the same as before”.

Suarez went down too easily to win a penalty for Uruguay in their World Cup qualifier against Argentina. Suarez picked himself up and slotted home the resulting penalty in a match that Uruguay ended up winning 3-2 but they still need to face Jordan in a playoff to qualify for Brazil 2014.

What are your thoughts on this latest Suarez incident? It is a part of his game that he really needs to cut out. Too many players are going down easily and stricter punishments should be handed to them. I know it is Suarez and thus everyone will be making a fuss about this ‘dive’ today just because it is him. That is the price he pays I guess for always being in the spotlight.


5 responses to “[Video] A reminder of the BAD side of Luis Suarez”

  1. Parma says:

    This is the South American culture to some degree! As is pulling and fouling from a defenders point of view at corners etc.. which lets face is cheating and a penalty, that more often than not is not awarded.

    Just wondering though, would you have posted such an article if Wayne Rooney or Ashley Young had done something similar to ensure a penalty and a result which saw them beat Poland last night ?

  2. Si says:

    Anything goes in South American football. There was “contact” 🙂

  3. shodipo Harbiodun Ebenezer says:

    You must be one of those anti-suarez we are talking about, yesterday game ????? talked about is a game uruguay needed ?o win convincingly ??? avoid play-off and the game was at its heat period. He is a player that is so devoted to his game and got this winning mentality at all cost. Let me ask you if england or spain need a win as well a play a play-off won’t rooney or welbeck do the same ??? take them ??? Rio……..

  4. Emile says:

    How original. My only comment is that you an Ahole, next time use someone else to make a point about diving.

  5. Stirling says:

    I guess you’ve written a similar article about henry’s hand during france ireland match last qualis… Fos.