Date: 3rd October 2013 at 5:54pm
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Brendan Rodgers faces a selection headache for Liverpool’s game against Crystal Palace on Saturday. Lucas is suspended for this game and someone needs to step in for the Brazilian.

It seems Rodgers will stick to the 3-5-2 system that has been used lately, meaning that someone has to partner Gerrard in the middle of the park. Liverpool are very thing right now in terms of central midfield options with Joe Allen currently out injured but expected to make a return soon. The Palace game may be a bit too early though for Allen though. Which means Rodgers may be forced to play Jordan Henderson in the middle which would mean a new right wing back needs to come in, either Wisdom, Kelly or Sterling.

Rodgers did hint at today’s (Thursday) press conference that Henderson’s versatility may mean he gets the nod to partner Gerrard.

Rodgers said, “I’ve been so impressed since I’ve been here: Jordan has become better and better. His level, tactically, is very good. He’s one that wants to improve all the time.

“If I didn’t think he could play the role and function in the role properly, I wouldn’t put him there. So it’s great credit to him.

“At the end of last season, he played as a false winger from the left, coming inside and got goals. He played his first season here wide on the right. He’s played as a wing-back, wide of midfield in a four.

“In all the systems, what you get from him is a work-rate and a mentality, and Jordan has got quality. I don’t see it as a hindrance for him, I see it only as a positive. I know he’s really enjoying playing.

“Wherever he plays, there’s no drop-off – you still get the same. He’s one of those players that you could play him at right-back, which I’ve done sometimes.

“He’s a really good, young footballer whose understanding of the game is improving all the time. That allows him to play in a number of different positions.”

Henderson has not been doing too bad a job for Liverpool on the right in the 3-5-2 formation but he would certainly do much better playing in the middle which seems more natural to him. The dilemma will now be about who plays on the right. Sterling came on towards the end of the Sunderland game and played on the right and he did okay. But I question his defensive abilities as he would have to track back and tackle in that role. Thus Kelly or Wisdom would be better options as they are solid defenders and able to attack when needed.

We have all been surprised by Rodgers before, none more so than fielding four centre backs against Southampton, so could there be another shock come Saturday with maybe Daniel Agger being asked to fill in for Lucas?


17 responses to “Rodgers hints at Lucas’ replacement for Crystal Palace clash”

  1. Billious says:

    I hope he doesn’t play Henderson in Lucas’s role, if he does then Gerrard will spend the game trying to get the ball back after Henderson has given it away. He’s useless at holding the ball, can’t tackle for toffee. In short he’s a waste of space.

    • Nixon says:

      @Billious…. I agree with you, he is a total waste of space and i do not even think he deserves to be in the starting line up! He has got to improve very much!!

    • mike says:

      Billious, Henderson was our most improved player last season, became a fans favourite, still gives 100% every game, and is still improving. His energy is currently wasted wide right, hence he’s not been as effective as when deployed more centrally. He is effectively covering for Johnson currently and is out of his preferred position. I’m looking forward to seeing him back in the centre, getting forward and pulling defenders away with his movement allowing space for Gerrard to supply Suarez/Sturridge etc. Not to mention his ability to close down opponents and win the ball back for the team.

      Your comment is utter, utter dribble. I really hope you’re just a wum and not an actual Liverpool fan

  2. Steven says:

    Have u 2 been watching the same games I have?!?! He as been our most constant preformer no matter where we play him..

    • Crishendo says:

      I agree with you.He is the most improve player i ve seen..he did a lot of tactical things and wise movement..i recall the Suarez second goal against Sunderland last weekend..Hendo ran towards the post attracting defenders living Suarez totally unmarked to make the 1-3 score line.This is brilliant.

  3. Dave says:

    Like we are gonna miss Lucas . I bet Ian Holloway is GUTTED .

  4. Pippo says:

    Aw, c’mmon guys, methinks Hendy is the most improved player in the team, let him step in for Lucas & send Kelly to the wings. I still prefer Sterling as a sub.

  5. Bubbles says:

    I would rather Ibe than this Sterling who’s ball control is rather like someone attempting to control a bouncing rubber cube. he should be on the bench, permanently.

  6. News Bot says:

    Sterling is a one-trick pony and Henderson plays like a headless chicken, period!

    • Adam says:

      Hendo is our new Kuyt. Hes the hardest working player out there.
      Hes still young and has improved every season. Do some of these fans even watch? or have any football knowledge?

  7. all this are the mistakes that rodgers has made in the team,giving Suso out on loan even when we have Nurin Sahin which we coulld have sign him permanently but rodgers continue messing up and Cothinho is injured because rodgers rely so much on cothinho instead of having a back up miidfielders,men thin is stupidness.

  8. Picomonso says:

    Henderson is completely a waste, he only knows how to run apart from that, he can’t dribble, he can’t score. he can’t cross ball pls let sturidge teach him how to cross a deadly ball as we witnessed against sunderland, he can’t even pass the ball well only running like a he goat in fact he should be loaned cos he did not suit Brandan’s style of play. Can anybody prove me wrong?

  9. franz says:

    he’s best at passing bt his crosses are complete waste like agaist sunderland he wasted many

  10. Somjnr says:

    I stil think ibe is better than sterling

  11. denen says:

    hendo has improved tremendously n so deserves to step in for lucas(IMO).kelly’s fitness cudnt b tried in a better match dan dis n i tink its high time BR gave ibe d chance he deserves in such it wen d matches start getin tougher n more competitive dat he wil start featuring n risking his tender bones?

  12. pete turley says:

    henderson is fit but crap.i would like to see ilori with gerrard.he is good on the ball,and is he fast.would make a refreshing change.

  13. rhammovic says:

    U all right but I will like seen Agger in the mid field supporting steven.G…and BR should use ibe ahead of Raheem for sub ibe is more physical than sterling