Date: 3rd October 2013 at 2:57pm
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Being in South Africa and having supported Liverpool for 31 years now, my dream has been to see the men in Red play live. I thought my dream would come true when it was announced that Liverpool would be visiting Cape Town in May this year when the Premier League season was over and play a friendly with Ajax Cape Town. I was all too excited and told my wife that I would be getting a ticket to Cape Town to watch that game. But alas that game never took place due to some complications with the South Africa football body and the mighty Reds did not visit South Africa.

But today (Thursday) I know hear that the Liverpool Legends will be coming to Durban to play the Kaizer Chiefs legends on November 16. Now it may not quite be my dream but this comes in a close second. I will be able to see the likes of Phil Neal, Robbie Fowler and John Barnes play for the Liverpool legends, players that I have spent my whole life supporting. And what makes this game extra special for me is that I am a Kaizer Chiefs supporter too. So seeing my two teams play against each other is priceless.

“We have always enjoyed fantastic support in South Africa, where Liverpool is as loved as anywhere else in the world,” John Barnes said of the game.

“It will be an honour for us to play in front of these passionate fans and show some of the skills that have not only won us many trophies, but millions of friends around the world too.

“We have a great respect for the Kaizer Chiefs club, who are South Africa’s most successful ever team and themselves are known around the world. They too have had many great players down the years and we look forward to locking horns with them.”

I still wish for the day that Liverpool are able to come on a proper tour of South Africa so we can see the current stars. But for now I will continue supporting the mighty Reds from Johannesburg, South Africa with all my heart.



4 responses to “Liverpool to finally visit South Africa and play Kaizer Chiefs”

  1. john the red says:

    Great to read from a fellow red on the other side of the world. Good on you mate.


  2. Dev Maharaj says:

    Best news ever. Fowler, Barnes, and others. This will be one I will treasure. I can assure you Durban will be rocking for this match. I will be there along with so many other die-hard fans of South Africa. any news if Rush? Macca? Beardsley? Keegan? Dalglish? will be coming? The last 2 as managers even.

  3. Tsepo says:

    Come on you reds! Lets fill up the stadium!!!!!!!

  4. rishie maharaj says:

    I’ve been supporting liverpool F.C for over 20 years now.Because of john barnes I am a liverpool supporter and to watch him live will be the greatest gift of all.I live 20 minutes away from the stadium.I’ve brain washed my kids,neices, nephews into supporting liverpool so I’ll be there with a big crew.