Date: 29th September 2013 at 9:47am
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One thing that pains me with regards to Liverpool is not being able to bring in many of our youth teams players into the first team and making them stars in the starting eleven. Brendan Rodgers has tried his best in giving youth an opportunity by giving the likes of Sterling and Suso runs in the first team and this season may be the break through season for Jordan Ibe.

Out of Sterling and Suso who made their mark last season, Suso was subsequently sent out on loan this summer to Spanish side Almeria where he has featured regularly and put in some impressive displays. It is good for Suso to go out on loan and get some regular first team football and hopefully he returns to Liverpool a better player and ready to challenge to be a regular starter.

All too often, young players go out on loan and never come back. With Suso, I sincerely hope that will not be the case and Liverpool do all they can to convince him to come back and stay at the club. With all his great performances thus far for Almeria on loan, you can be sure there will be many clubs keeping an eye on him and wanting to buy him.
Liverpool had Dani Pacheco and he was dubbed the next biggest thing in Spanish football whilst he was part of the Liverpool setup but Pacheco never did make it into the Liverpool first team after many promising displays and being shipped out on loan for many seasons. Another Pacheco situation should not arise with Suso who can clearly have a bright future for Liverpool.

One just has to look at Suso’s display against Barcelona on Saturday evening to see the quality the young attacker has (see video below). Keep an eye out for his amazing skills with the ball at the 1:03 mark in the video. It is skills like this that we need in our side and couple Suso with Coutinho, we would have great skill and creativity in the final third.

Liverpool should continue to give youth a chance and hopefully we could have another Gerrard or Carragher breaking through who would turn into a world class player and save us millions by not having to go into the transfer market.


5 responses to “Why Liverpool cannot afford to lose this 19-year-old star”

  1. john the red says:

    Quality player. Would have prefered to see him go on loan to another epl side so he gets used to the premier league as the spanish league is too slow and technical. He may shine in Spain but the epl is different. I do hope tho he comes back better and fills in for Coutinho

  2. steve says:

    Going on loan is not a bad thing as Suso is getting playing time and doing well. He is not being transferred and is a wonderful prospect. This is a non-story.

  3. fitzy says:

    ‘All too often they go out on loan and don’t come back’. Just who are you talking about here? Name me one apart from Danny Patcheco who, incidentally, came back all too often and, apart from 2-3 games at senior level, never ever produced. This all cock, as is the vid, a cameo of fruitless clips of a guy taking balls down fuckin cul-de-sacs. Coutinho he aint, yet!

    • cou says:

      Jeez who pissed in your corn flakes? Suso has been one of the best mids in La Liga this year. Creating and scoring goals for the bottom team in the league and this video is of him playing against one of the best teams in the world. No he isn’t Coutinho-he’s Suso and he is a very good young player.

  4. Jack says:

    Dani Pacheco was indeed the next biggest thing in Spanish football whilst he was part of Liverpool. He was the next biggest thing that did absolutely nothing.