Date: 30th August 2013 at 11:36am
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How I wish this season could just end and we can start the next season! It has been a pretty poor display by the Reds in the last couple of games in the league and it is difficult seeing things getting any better with the number of injury we have now. Our best bet is to beat Everton in the FA Cup and then go on to lift the trophy.

Liverpool legend, John Barnes, has explained what Liverpool need to do in order for next season to be a success and I agree with him, we need more attacking players of QUALITY. We have had enough squad players come in but for us to step to the next level we need players who can walk straight into the starting eleven.

Barnes said, “For the last five or six years I have always said Liverpool need to buy players to go into the first team. Not squad players who you are going to rotate – I think we need three players, all attacking players who aren’t going to be rotated.

“Three world-class players, shall we say, to go straight into the team and supplement (Steven) Gerrard and (Luis) Suarez.

“When I went to Liverpool I had 30 England caps and six years at Watford. Peter Beardsley had five years at Newcastle and 25 England caps.

“It is not just Liverpool, but it seems these days you have one good season and then you are catapulted into a big team, who have to spend big money on you.

“Andy Carroll has had one year at Newcastle, Jordan Henderson one year at Sunderland. They are unproven.

“Hopefully in the future they will be consistent but at the moment the jury is out.

“It hasn’t worked out but I am still hopeful for the future.”

Based on Barnes’ analysis, it may not be easy to get three quality attacking players as we do not have the pull of Champions League football next season. What we need is a quality striker, a right winger and an attack minded midfielder. The only way I feel we can bring in big name players is to offer them huge salaries and use the pull of the clubs history. Hopefully this will work!


3 responses to “Barnes explains what Liverpool need to do to succeed next season”

  1. Mark says:

    Barnes is right but doesn’t ask the question why so much was paid for Carroll and Henderson if they are unproven.

    Unproven means that transfer fees should reflect that. We paid the equivalent of Aguero to get Carroll?

    The people who sanctioned this need their heads examined.

  2. jonathan says:

    i think that henderson needs more time and he can become a player who will repay his price tag but i am starting to consider whether Carrol will EVER show the potential that he undoubtedly has

  3. Dave York says:

    And as for Downing ?