Date: 29th July 2013 at 2:55pm
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Following Raheem Sterling’s debut for Liverpool against Wigan, many fans have been wondering if the 17-year-old will get another run in the side against Newcastle this Sunday. We are still struggling on the injury front with Adam, Johnson, Bellamy, Kelly and Agger all carry one knock or the other, Sterling may just find himself on the bench again come Sunday but speaking at the pre-match conference today, Dalglish did not give much away.

Dalglish said: “We need to have common sense and make sure we do a professional job on any of the kids coming in.

“Anybody who comes here must have a chance of being a professional footballer, but he’s got a much better chance if we face reality. We’ve got to be realistic with him.

“At the same time we’ve got to be appreciative and realise it doesn’t matter what age they are if they’re good enough.

“But there is a bit of time to go yet on all of the kids. Last year we threw in Jack Robbo and Flanno and it never fazed them, but physically they were a bit stronger than Raheem.

“Every case is going to be different so we’ve got to look at them all individually and manage them, because we want them here for a long time.”

I feel that Dalglish should go all out and not only involve Sterling but start him from the beginning. We do not know when a player is ready yet for such a big step-up as Dalglish has reiterated that young players have to be managed carefully, but from the couch I sit at watching Liverpool week in and week out, we need some pace, we need something different and Sterling can give us that.


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  1. Paul harris says:

    sterling is a great prospect for the future and i cannot wait to see more of him in the first team but there are alot of people watching him and are ready to give judgment, i would like to see him feature against newcastle but from the bench, say the hour mark where he can come on and show what he can do while others a fading, i feel a full 90 mins in the premier league might just see him faded out the game against a strong newcastle. I would rather see him explode later in the game when we need the fresh legs

    • Sticko says:

      100% Agree, massive talent but needs looking after.

    • Chunky says:

      He is not in the travelling squad so cannot be used in any capacity. KD knows what he is doing he doesn’t want to spoil the team.

  2. J Smith says:

    What a misleading headline

  3. xabi says:

    no more glory in league this time for us so kenny pls shut our mouth & give some useful SUB appearance for our young talents like suso,morgan&eccelston..even 1 or 2 start at the end of the season so all wounded heart fans would get some consolation finally after frustrating & disappointing league season..f**k u kenny if you are restrict these kids from playing senior football this year..wounded fan 4m SRI LANKA..

  4. am with u, Ron. We something that we can add to what we have got in the likes of Sterling. He’s got the pace and speed that can help us. As i said the last time, the time has come for us to use the young lads. Jah bless. YNWA

  5. dave herbert says:

    @xabi- f**k u! Arsewipe! Kenny’s been in this game a long time, and knows better than any so called fan, who insults him, if u don’t like it, do one! Liverpool don’t need fans like u! Y..N..W..A

    • dizo says:

      dnthink u re fan of LFC…sorry

      • dave herbert says:

        Cwhat u saying sorry for!

        • leon says:

          because of people like you liverpool are struggling to recover.. supporting dalglish after what has been a horror season so far? no wonder he thinks hes above everyone, because of sheeple like you. shame on you, youre more pro dalglish than pro liverpool. the guy frm sri lanka’s post wasnt perfect but it makes far more sense than what youre saying, so why dont you “do one” and leave the supporting to people who are more concerned with seeing liverpool progress than trying to cover up the fuvked up situation we find ourselves in at the moment..

          • dave herbert says:

            Fucked up situation, u make me laugh, rome wasn’t built in a day, even fergie took a few years to build united into a title winning team, but u expect kenny to gel a team in a year! Get a grip! Supporting a team and manager when losing is more important than when winning! Do u think kenny would just hang around if he didn’t think he was the right man for the job! Give him some credit! He deserves that much! Can’t wait to see all the dalglish haters when we win the league (coz in my opinion, we will)! Y…N…W…A ans has for leaving the supporting for fans who want to see the club progress! Think back, just over a year ago!

  6. Arnold S. says:

    Cmoon Kenny give that some steroids !!

  7. el lfc says:

    seeing raheem sterling play at n’castle will be a great thriller, com on king K bring him as a sub in the 75 minute

  8. bml888 says:

    So Kenny does not reveal then….

  9. judgestevep says:

    So what if we haven’t had a good season. For me finishing fourth isn’t a good season, winning it is all that matters. If we aren’t strong enough to win it, then win all the other trophies open to us. We might just do that.

    Kenny has more than succeeded in his anfield career, and didn’t need to take this on, so why don’t some of the plastic fans that think they know it all do one, the rest of us will see what happens over the next season or two and see if there is progress before pressing the nuke club legend button.

    Have you ever meant the words that you have maybe sung, “when you walk through a storm, hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark” Don’t hang Kenny out to dry, he will be hurting as well. He can turn it around with your support.

  10. m kop says:

    I’d much rather see Sterling than Downing for remainder of the season .

    We have seen enough of Downing .

  11. Jesus boy says:

    Dalglish!!! Liverpool couldn’t have made a worse mistake…can’t wait for a new manager

    • crazyhorse says:

      The rumour going round liverpool is that last summer kenny was taking his dog for a walk on formby beach and bumped into the everton manager david moyes walking his dog,after walking and having a pleasant chat kenny slipped on some seaweed and banged his head on a large rock coming round a few minutes later dazed confussed and concussed looked up at moyes and asked “who am i?” moyes not wanting to waste a once in a lifetime chance replied “your names gorden lee and your the new liverpool manager” and that folks is the real reason why king kenny as been clueless this season!

  12. David says:

    We have a fantastic academy but its too early for most to make the jump. Raheem should be coming on to games we are winning but as we can see 100mil of the owners money has been wasted, he is being bred into the team with a lot of pressure. Last season our youth team needed to win last game of season to win the league, but kenny withdrew the best players including raheem to keep them fresh for next gen game. His reason was that player development is more important than winning. We drew that game and finished second. What can be more important for a players development than winning the league and giving them confidence to believe we are the best . We want winners in our team, its totally inexcusable !

    • dave herbert says:

      Last season Raheem Sterling, Adam Morgan and Brad Smith were left out because they were called up by england for the 2011 UEFA European Under -17 Championship, and that was in may, the 1st next gen game was 17th august, so how was that kennys fault?

  13. mozo says:

    please people try and understand here that Dalglish can not do us any good anymore. He is a king and a Legend fine no 1 can take that from him but as a manager he is not just the man sorry to say but he is so clueless and lack ideas and technics during the game. Is like he has a time table set out from the beginning of the season of who will play this week and the next that is why he doesn’t believe in changes. Some1 said we should give 1 or 2 more season i don’t understand why bcos as it stand we will can not get world class players that will help us to the top and he is also not to go out there and instead he iss investing on British highly rated scrabs that will end up taking us to religation.

  14. Fivelamps says:

    I would be more impressed if any of the denigrating comments above were grammatical, could spell or punctuate…as it is most of you can’t string a thought together never mind a sentence…Dalglish deserves your utmost respect both as a man a manager and a footballer…to the highly disrespectful people and comments aimed at KK – I would say go off and support Man City, Chelsea or any other club where your glory hunting demands for instant success will be encouraged and welcomed…and I FULLY endorse what Judgestevep Said: ‘GO AND DO ONE’

    • Browny says:

      Whilst I completely agree with you, your first sentence doesnt read correctly as you should have additional words after grammatical.
      Also … Isn’t … A correct form of punctuation.
      You need a comma after ” as a man”
      Actually there are quite a few more mistakes lol
      I am not meaning to have a go at you though, because your points are spot on. Being a supporter means you should support. Treat Liverpool like a wife. Defend her and don’t let anyone pick on her faults. You can personally get frustrated but in public you need to back her! Or as he says, bugger off to look at the tart up the road

  15. Karl says:

    The graphics are off on my iPhone Jamie I like the site but wtf

  16. kopkid says:

    @XABI- who are you to say anything about KENNY you glory hunting basterd. You might aswell fuck off back to sri lanka and start supporting the MANCS. -Y-N-W-A- to all true LPOOL fans out there.

  17. give kids his chance dalgish wil be chaked now

  18. Ashfah Ngog says:

    Chi Bai lu, kenny should give him at least 30 minutes.

  19. jonathan says:

    we need to wait for another season when we have brought in a striker to take the pressure of carrol and when the team start to gel before we judge KING kenny’s return

  20. David says:

    Dalglish deserves another season to show improvement. If he remains stubborn and sticks with his mistake signings, carroll, hendo and adam and we fall short of top 4 then he shoul leave. I don’t know if he chose these players or comolli but he definately is the one who’s playing them week in and week out. You don’t have to be a manager to see that they are very poor in almost every game they play

  21. JD says:

    I second that Ron,Sterling wil provide an extra bit of pace and magic he minds me of Christino Ronaldo when he first joined Manu,I think we need this fella to start in some matches and sub him in other wud also like to see Suso as well.

  22. Support Your Team Not Glory says:

    I think kenny has done an amazing job in the SHORT time he has been there we are playing football again and we are a prospect for the future he knows more than we could learn in a lifetime about the game and we are going in the right direction again (winning) and once we get used to that feeling and gel as a team we will be unstoppable. would also like to see suso and morgan making sub apperances in the first team.

  23. AnimalChin says:

    I’m still not entirely convinced that Kenny is the right man to take Liverpool forward but I think next season will gove a much clearer indication of where we are.I think the transfer policy has been pretty good and bringing in young talented players who can develop (Caroll, Henderson) on reasonable wages is sensible. However, I think what is missing and is the root cause of most of our problems for a number of years is a complete lack of pace and creativity in the team. We need players who can run at and beat their man who will naturally create more space for our existing players to flourish (McManaman was excellent at this). I would certainly put Sterling in that bracket and he could end up saving us a fortune.I would also like to see us bringing in 2 quick, skillful wide men in the summer though which I think could transform the team.

  24. sim barr says:

    Ultimately the facts are these. Kenny commands a lot of respect in the football world. He hasn’t had a successful season in the league both because of his poor team choices at times but there is another glaring reason. Our new signings have been lazy or underperforming. I’d say all the british players have been complacent, and the elephant in the room, suarez, well he works hard but he was brought in as a striker to score goals and he hasn’t. Ultimately he’s not our next great striker, he’s our new dirk kuyt. Thats not a bad thing but we need someone who can score regularly. What it all boils down to is the players aren’t giving their all for the manager, the owners wanted 4th, and ultimately they are the ones who i believe will tell Kenny his managerial services are no longer required.

    • dave herbert says:

      SUAREZ is the next dirk kuyt! Don’t know what games u have watched, but no offence to dirk, suarez has by far more skill and is other than gerrard, the only world class players at anfield at the moment, hence why clubs across europe, are willing to pay a big price to sign him, which I hope the board turn down every offer! We should build are team around him! Y..N..W..A

  25. moi says:

    Great little player. But size is his issue. Way I see it he hasn’t the strength yet. Needs to spend a pre-season on the weights – do a Gazza.

  26. Stevie h says:

    Dalglish out he is making this great club into a joke and wasted millions FFs. Hodgson not far behind with WBA on a fraction of wot dalglish spent. Dalglish is certainly not as good as woy IMHO even thou he thought he cud do a better job and certainly put the knife in to poor woy.