Date:29th March 2013 at 10:47am
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Turn the clocks back to the title race of 2009 which Liverpool should have won and the first thing that pops up in your mind about that campaign was Rafa’s rant on Fergie and many fans saying that rant was what caused Liverpool to miss out on winning the Premier League.

Benitez has spoken out about that rant and says it was not his rant that caused Liverpool to miss out on the title.

“To be fair, my press conference was because I knew it was the right time to do it,” said Rafa.

“And afterwards we won 12 games so people were like, ‘Yeah, Rafa’ – it was not true. United were just winning more games than us, that’s it.

“Afterwards people said, ‘He was affected, the team was affected’ but it’s not true. We were [still] winning – it was just they won more.

“It doesn’t matter [which manager you are up against]. It’s the team. I worked in Spain and we [Valencia] went up against Real Madrid and Barcelona, and we won. Why? Because we were doing better on the pitch. So it depends on the team.

“People say, ‘The manager said this… the manager said that…’ but 50 – maybe 80 – per cent of the players don’t read the press, especially the foreign players. They were busy preparing or training for the next game.

“At this stage of the season, the thing is just to concentrate on your team and your performance.”

You can watch the rant again in the video below and let us know if you think that rant was the cause of Liverpool missing out on the title in 2009.

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