Date: 20th February 2013 at 8:08am
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Former Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has spoken out about what is currently going on at Liverpool and the possibility of him returning to manage Liverpool one day.

Speaking at the Soccerex conference in Manchester, Rafa said, “I’m professional and I am looking for a new job. At this time Kenny is the manager and I have a lot of respect for Liverpool.

“No rush. If Kenny retires in 10 years’ time and I am available I would be really pleased.”

Benitez said Liverpool’s greater stability under FSG and Mr. Henry – something he lacked under Tom Hicks and George Gillett – would help Dalglish. “They have to carry on, keep going. He has the support of the owners and that is the key thing if they want to do things in the future,” the Spaniard said. “The bad thing [at the end of Benitez’s time at Liverpool] is that the owners were not the right owners. You could see things were changing and we had less money. But Kenny has the owners and that is really positive.”


107 responses to “Rafa Benitez speaks out about Kenny Dalglish”

  1. Chris says:

    We’ve been playing the best football in years but struggling to finish with kk, that will change i’m hoping. Rafa style was ugly, boring.
    Man U and their squinny Evra ruined this season for Liverpool

    • Bestly says:

      It’s really time to remove your head from beneath the sand, Chris. Neither Man U nor Evra ruined the season for Liverpool. Guess what, you don’t have to look very far for the cause of our problem which rests squarely on the shoulders of the so-called king.

      • savage says:

        Brilliant comment kenny has made it personal he should walk now and recommend rafa to the owners to restore order and desire to win and challenge for league and champions league.rafa gave me and the world our greatest night in football entertainment not to forget hammering utd real Madrid Barcelona with a so called 2 man team,if rafa were English he would have been knighted and hailed beyond measure fact

        • peter says:

          Houllier won us the champions league, the players themselves said it was Houlliers team.. just prior to that he won the treble. when Rafa bought his 60 odd players only 2 or 3 would have got into houlliers team

    • red says:

      Chris….how old are you?

    • dean says:

      you are a complete idiot ??? FOOLGLISH playing best football in years ? my ass,10 wins 9 draws 10 loses speak for them selves !!!! the fool should be fired for signing andy DONKEY carroll for ??? wait for it £35 million pounds???? what a complete prick…let alone ADAM DOWNING HENDERSON,WHO ARE ALL LEAGUE 1 PLAYERS,,,

    • Chan says:

      Chris, no one ruin our season except for 1 person, KD. Manure and AF did not choose to pay 113 mill of LFC’s money on a bunch of donkeys, except for Suarez, Enrique and Bellamy. They also did not choose to play Henderson and Downing either almost every game eventhough they did not do much except to take up space.

      They aslso did not choose to leave Maxi on the bench, even though he has more goals and assist compared to Downing with less games.

      AF certainly did not choose our tactics against team like Wigan, QPR, Swansea and leave it too late to make any meaningfull changes when needed.

      The last i checked, AF did not answer “Gee I can’t explain why we lost” or something to that effect when asked why LFC lost to QPR.

      Did Fergie said “the team is tired” after having lost to Wigan, eventhough LFC did not have to travel halfway across Europe for games?

      Did Fergie said we are playing well despite the team inability to score, defend and can remotely pass like a conference team?

      No, Fergie and Evra are not responsible for the above and would you like to know who is?

      That chap who choose to repay Rafa by stabbing him in the back.

      • peter says:

        before everyone gets excited.. Fergie was 1 result away from getting the sack before going on their run.. Piries was woeful in his first season and went on to become one of Arsenals greatest players.. I trust Kenny, he had to build a whole squad from nothing and recouped a fair bit so his net spend is not that bad. Next season is when we can judge as players like Adam, Henderson and Downing will be squad players after the marquee summer signings. I also reckon we have to see out this year for the youngsters to be ready and next season u will see a different team.

        we are in europe and have the chance of winning 2 cups, that wont be abad end to the season

        • Jonathan Neil Rhodes says:

          Marquee summmer signings? My dear fellow at the rate we are going there will be no marquee signings this summer. Rather we should be praying at this stage that Reina (who will be spending his third straight year without being in CL, if he stays with us) or some of the other key players do not leave after a disappointing season.

          I will not say that I rate Benitez as a world class manager but I am with anyone who proposes that he should be brought back to replace KK.

          Guys, you need to stop backing KK just because he was a great player. We all appreciate what he did 20 years ago but there is the problem – it was 20 years ago! Since then it has only been downhill for us and I’ll tell you onething, the PL is not what it was in the 90s and the early 2000s. We do not have two or three but at least 5 or 6 really top quality teams leading the table. If we continue this way we will surely end up being relegated! Would you like that???

  2. rick says:

    The same usual boring interview about Liverpool by Rafa. Rafa, We have good thoughts about You, but now it’s the time to get a life, isn’t the time?

    • red says:

      Stop talking cr*p, and go and learn something (anything!), about football. See you in about 50years time, than!!!….Oops

    • savage says:

      You knob kd can never be a manager like rafa because tactically he hasn’t got a fuckin clue,he’s surviving because of rafas quality buys who are lfcs best performers bailing out kenny

  3. BC says:

    It would indeed be interesting to see how Rafa would perform under this new ownership at the club. but i still believe we need some one totally new. I was excited at having KD back mainly because I felt he was going to blend the younsters from the academy with the senior team, but when he started making some unnecessary purchases like Henderson and Adam, i started doubting his managerial capacities. And what is more interesting is that he quickly got rid of every player that seemed be loved by the owners or the fans. in the pre-season friendlies Mr. Henry described Aquilani as a missing link. the fans adored Raul M. but he got rid of both. Raul in particular put in a solid performance for the team toward the end of last season. Maxi is my other concern. every time he is used he has something special to offer, only to be ignored in the next match. Coates put in a solid performance against QPR. we all expected him to start against Wigan, but was benched. And the only reason Raheem played against Wigan was because a few days earlier his mother was threatening to move him away from Anfield for lack of progress. Every player that is used to thwart or impose on KD’s decisions; he does not treat kindly. This king Kenny is building his own kingdom and not Liverpool FC. He wants to re-create the glory days he had as a player, player manager and manager. it will be interesting to see who he is playing this weekend at Newcastle., but it would indeed be interesting to have a manager that has no reputation to build on at the club. Some one completely new and different yet experienced enough to take us forward.

    • Vince says:

      very well put BC

    • Chan says:

      Well said BC, if only JH has the courage to act quick

      • peter says:

        Houllier won us the champions league, the players themselves said it was Houlliers team.. just prior to that he won the treble. when Rafa bought his 60 odd players only 2 or 3 would have got into houlliers team.

        secondly Rafa bought and over 60 players and sold most of them having played less that 10 games for a loss, he would have left Fenway peniless.

    • dan says:

      i think we should get villas boas i know his results were poor at chelsea but i like his style of play. they should of gave him more of a chance.

    • DaveWestAus says:

      Good comments,but in my opinion LFC need to bring back RAFA!
      Problem; the new owners will not put up the money again.Benitez should have been there when they arrived. With the money KK has wasted Rafa had the ‘REDS’challenging again! FENWAY please bring back rafa Benitez soon,and give him the ‘redies’.

    • dared3vil6 says:

      you r spot on mate..well said BC..i wish KD could read what you wrote and re asses himself..with all due respect to KD, he needs to step down and bring in some1 like harry redknap or norwich manager paul lambert. bcoz their team play the most entertaining football alongside arsenal in EPL right now..

    • Ray says:

      Well said Son!

  4. red says:

    When KD got sacked from Newcastle/Celtic, was not for doing a great job, he got sacked for his inability to manage, and this is coming from a KD fan,…….as a PLAYER!

  5. Chris says:

    When did Liverpool’s season start to take a dive? Not long after the the 1-1 at Anfield when Liverpool outplayed ManU. We all know what happened after that.
    My heads out of the sand buddy, i can count on 1 hand how many games Liverpool have been outplayed this year. Struggling to finish is frustrating but at least the chances are being created. Give Kenny another go i say, his luck will change

    • Chan says:

      KD had one year and 113 mill to bring us forward. We do not expect to win the league but at least progress in the league.
      In any other club or any job for that matter, KD would have been sack! Period.

  6. tony says:

    CHRIS and Rick you two are dumass what the hell you looking for attractive football.
    Rafa had owner that were taking momey out they told him to sell before buying the funds he was given were to sell players in our stock or get players on free or cheap .Ws he ever given 120mil never you forget he sold player to get torres alonso mascherano on loan before buying pepe reina agger skertel.
    Go give kenny no money next year sell before buying kenny spent 35mil on carroll rafa would of wasted that on 12 lemon players that he bought on cheap.
    You all think this is a fairtale king kenny is peter pan and magic will happen peter pan is not real we have worst record in 16 years home and away how the hell is that good football.
    Kenny was a great player for liverpool we all love him stevie gerrard has pulled us out off the biggest crap when we dont look like winning EG 2005 olympiakos anfield .
    Rafa has won champions league top 4 more then most in premier league donates money Hillsbourgh he did great with what he was given.

  7. hameed says:

    The king destrying the kindom,please J W Henry we a CHANGE!

  8. Chris says:

    37 RED
    Give it time oh whingy ones.
    How many shots on goal? How many off the woodwork? How many penalty misses? How many keepers have had MOM performance against us? The luck will turn

    • Chan says:

      Ah you sound just like your clueless King. The last time i checked shots on goal, penalty misses, keepers MOM all does not count in order to win games and points. Actual goal does.

    • Red says:

      Chris….don’t you need to put the ball in the net, in order to win?, the luck and tiredness excuses just want wash, anymore, the only luck at Anfield at the minute is KD’s, still holding on to his job!!!!

  9. Ezeson Geovanni says:

    Giving KKD more time is risk of the highest order but I wouldn’t say its not worth considering. Just tgat his fans may either chop shit when finally he gets us religated or slate non fans of KKD if he pulls through to UCL spot next season. SHMG.

  10. redman says:

    you all need to get a grip, noone is happy with are form noone.but your all like head hunters kenny had made mistakes we all know that even him, but most true LFC fans wont blame kenny. he bought henderson carroll adams but most of them were ok for there clubs before they signed, if i am honest i have never rated carroll but we all know why he was bought, torres wanted out and at that time we all loved torres and needed a replacement. carroll was not first choice we tried to sign others before him we could not get them why? i dont know wages
    or they wanted champions league who knows, but those on here show no respect for kenny iam from liverpool, iam a season ticket holder have been for years my head will never be in the sand but ill never put boot in on kenny not for what hes done for liverpool, but for what hes trying to do now. give him another year he desrves that no crap remarks give him time he will turn it around if not iam sure kenny will step down himself without you wolves crying for his head…

    • TRUTH says:

      Nobody is crying for anybody’s head. We are all simply letting out are frustration with the way the team has performed up to this far. we do not not have the power to change anything neither do we know when things will change for us. But someone in the leadership must take the blame. When 113 million has been invested to try and secure a champion’s league place, seventh is not good enough. we are crying over the team’s performance not KD’s head. our concern is not what KD has achieved, it is were we are on the table, and how we look on the pitch. Every body in leadership takes criticism and if KD doesn’t get wins in the next three games, you had better prepare yourself to defend him all over. Things will be said and written about him as long as we lose. And by the way we are disappointed, but realistic Liverpool fans, and not wolves. seventh and champions league exemption is not our portion.

      • Chan says:

        You mean once you are a great player for the club and did some good things for Hillsborough you do not have to be accountable?

        Heck please ask Souness to come back, we should never had let him go oh and ring Rafa quick, he won us CL in 1st season.

    • Red says:

      Eh?, give him time, give him time?, Hodgson anyone?, stop being F sentimental!, KD was a great player, but a really cr*p manager, that is why he got sacked at Newcastle/Celtic. Stop supporting loosers, and wake up!!!.

  11. matt says:

    we wnt ugly futbal as far it brings succes….KD we al knw he is legend bt…we ve 2 loan hm out 2 manage blackpool lol…and bring bielsa of A.bibao! We nid hot blood manager now!!

  12. e'lnino says:

    rafa will make good changes because he has many tatics and he knows the best thing to do at the right time which is different from k k, the man that has no tatics and did not know the right player to purchase at the right time, ho how much will i salute great rafa lets look at both rafa and kk managerial record and compare their will see how far rafa is better than kk. rafa should come back and daglish should leave or retire though is great but that should done for better.

  13. john says:

    Seriously. do you have any self-respect at all? Your headline is just ridiculous; Rafa ‘speaks out’ about Dalglish? Just trying to con people into thinking the story is about something it’s not. You are a joke; you have no integrity, no imagination and no intelligence. Bravo.

  14. paul.philosophy says:

    The article is about Rafa, not KK …

    Some of you guys have got the concentration span of fish .. lol

    Looking forward to a great run in and an FA cup final, come on you redmen!!!

    Sorry, didn’t I do the deluded stuff about the sky falling in or the world ending because of KK, got more important things to do then negative speak, you should be ashamed of yourselves, if you are true red fans!



    • James Jackson says:

      Well said Paul, one season isn’t enough to rebuild a team, look how long it’s taken any manager to build a PL winning squad. Come on Redmen. YNWA

      • Red says:

        James………….shall we bring Hodgson back, than???.

        • James Jackson says:

          Why would we wanna do that RED, why dont you close your mouth an give your arse a chance!
          We wont get back to being a top f the PL club with knee jerk reactions like some of the impatient knob.eads on here are asking for. Like I said time will tell. YNWA

          • Red says:

            James Jackson… sound like them other two neighbouring cowboys, of yours……….F clueless and comatosed!, who should only concentrate on what you know best…BASEBALL, so stop smelling the coffee, and wake up!!!

    • Chan says:

      Ah yes more important things to worry about like how to plot our next loss and which fan favourite to alienate

      • James Jackson says:

        I don’t know what RED you r, certainly not an LFC RED. Prob a woolyback, get back to ya sheep ya tosser.

        • Red says:

          For your info jackson,………..I’ve been supporting LFC since you were still shitting in your nappy, and not since them two neighbouring cowboys of yours, H&G!!!

  15. savage says:

    Kenny doesn’t even have the answers to his problems,let me help kenny Stewart andy Jordan Charlie chaplin are your problems not good enough,I mean I don’t even play football but have the vision to see a class act,in which bracket would you put Charlie Adam in

  16. danny says:

    why do liverpool always get rival fans putting the club down day in day out on are own sites ‘ile tell you why because they all know what a threat kd is to there own clubs ‘liverpool is a work in progres so lets see were we are in a year or two sado;s

    • Red says:

      Danny boy…………wake the F up. I just can’t believe, the sentimental cr*p KD gets, while he’s destroying our great club, ala Souness!. He should do the right thing, and RESIGN now, and take his stooges with him!!!.

    • Eddow says:

      RED is right! I know it’s difficult to critisize a legend like Kenny Dalglish was in his time, but you all have to realise that as a manager he is SHIT! End of.
      Rafa Benitez wants to join us and is even ready to wait for another 10 years to do so, isn’t that a sign of great partnership and desire to bring the club back to glory??? Come on Henry, step up, sack Dalglish and Bring Benitez back!

      • Chris says:

        he did wonders for inter didn’t he EDDOW?

        • Red says:

          This from one of Benitez quotes:

          “When I was at Inter they did not buy anyone. After I left five or six players arrived… still I was able to win two trophies, one of which was the Club World Cup which is what the club wanted the most,”

          Unquote, that was in only six month’s, and playing with half a team, through injuries!.

  17. el lfc says:

    Ooh how i wish rafa will lead us again with this new owners ! How interesting it will be, he will purchase classy players, give d sterlings and d suso chance, bring back glory days to ANFIELD. Glory glory liverpool !

    • RedRoy says:

      Does’nt matter who you put in charge, can’t see the yanks putting too much in next summer, as they’ve been stung by Carroll, Henderson, Adam, Downing. All KD signings. If he has to sell to buy, how much for this lot. 75% loss i recon. The biggest worry for the yanks, is our worldwide fan base, you have to hook them young, to keep them for life. I think we may have lost a generation.

      • Red says:

        So,So, true REDROY. Spending obcene LFC funds, to end up with the likes of Carroll,Adam, Henderson and Downing?, a total disgrace!!!.

  18. ghostface killer says:

    To all people who still think Kenny Dalglish is still the right man to move Liverpool Fc forward, Your all fucking mad. To Kenny and his tribe,You sad set of stupid blood clarts.

  19. Chris says:

    just need to find another Sami Hyypiä and a striker that compliments Suarez and away we go
    Carroll hasn’t been a success YET but either has Torres at Chelsea. $35 mil is a big weight to carry for such a young fella. I recon RED could handle it though, sign the goose up.

    • Red says:

      Chris….you should REALLY be concentrating, on what you know best…BASEBALL!!!, we play with a ROUND ball, over this side, of the world!.

    • RedRoy says:

      We need a completely new midfield, current bunch not good. Stevie is at the wrong end of his career, can’t keep carrying losers. Don’t say we’ll be alright when Lucas is back either, ‘cos we’ll win nowt if he’s our best player.

  20. Chris says:

    Come on RED, don’t you rate big Sami? I thought he was a great player.

  21. Chris says:

    Aren’t BASEBALL’s round? They are over this side of the world. I don’t know much about baseball though, i’ve seen it on telly

  22. qquiksilvr says:

    How exactly is rafa speaking out against kenny. misleading title and lackadaisical journalism. enough with the anti-kenny articles

  23. thegooner says:

    ffs… Are all you scouscum all the same around the globe?
    Liverpool stated playing like they had there sisters head up
    There arse(nal) since Ian rush pissed off… But the latest
    Slide for the scouscum started when the gooners ledgend
    Dutchmen spanct them real hard with most probably
    The goal of the season… It’s a good job the scum won the
    Who gives a fuk cup, to assure them a place in the Europa
    Losers leauge… Oh!! Forgot to say g’day copouts…

  24. quent says:

    we need rafa back or mourinho, they both command quality young n experience players.

  25. Chris says:

    Look now at what all the whining’s attracted. TheGooners can smell it a mile away, smells alot like ar$e

  26. Ashfah Ngog says:

    Chi Bai lu, Lucas can bea good manager in 10 years time. Meanwhile its kunkit time with my mate now !

  27. Nottared says:

    look liverpool fans, u are not that bright are you. if you want to watch really great stylish footy watch tottenham or arsenal, if u want to see unbeatable pros year in year out watch united. but liverpool lol??? nothing for 30 years (apart from a serious bizarre fluke win in the cl)…. ahh go away littlepool, meaningless smalltime club, everton make fools of you

  28. Nottared says:

    what is a RAFE? lol goes to show how little littlepool fans no about the game / their team and basic education. YO CHRIS – thanks for making that point repeatedly – duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

  29. Nottared says:

    ….so many years of boring football – no product to sell, no fans outside uk & irl… admin to follow shortly. death of a shit club…no one cares, good riddance 🙂

  30. Chris says:

    Is RED Alan Hansen in disguise?
    RED do you think that Gerrard should be playing at centreback while Agger is injured?

  31. jakey says:

    nobody ever talks about Comolli. He is mainly responsible for bringing in the crap players.

  32. 2nilMichaelThomas says:

    Bring in Sven! At least he’ll bring some great looking swedish birds to Anfield!

  33. matty1234 says:

    You really are very thick kk has won the top league title with 2 clubs dont think anyone else has ever done that so how can that make him a bad manager sir alex ferguson would never even try it with a different club let alone go back to the first one and give it another go after 20 years . I admit results have been bad but we r out playing almost every team we just need are new owners to dig deep and buy 2 new strikers and convert all the off the wood work shots to goals it will come another season we owe him at least

    • dan says:

      we should of sorted that in january tho they could see we had a problem putting the ball in the back of the net

    • Red says:

      matty,matty,matty…..zzzzzz wakey,wakey. This is year 2012 and NOT the 80’s. He was also sacked by Newcastle/Celtic, in that time, for doing a great job!…..

      KD would not win the prem in another 100 years, even if he was given another £200mil, to waste on more cr*p!.

      • Chris says:

        Rafa sold Alonso, paid 20mil for Aquilani, got sacked from the Liverpool and Inter within 6mths for doing a great job! Boring Boring footy and you want him back? Idiots

    • Red says:

      Matty….you’ve just recieved a ‘HOORAY’ from another one of your ‘Rare Breed’…..the well informed…. Chris… when I snap my finger…………..

  34. Chris says:

    Hooray, someone without blinkers on.
    Thanks Matty

  35. matty1234 says:

    God you really do talk shit havent won anything for 30 years lol i think we won the league in 1990 that makes it 22 years if your talking about the top title, but if your talking about any cup plenty since plus a cup this year do you own a tv or have the debt collectors taken it again lol we may not have been always challenging for the league but are still the greatest english team with more silverware then any other club if u include just the league fa, carling ,europe and champs

  36. matty1234 says:

    18 league titles, 7 fa cups, 7 league cups ,3 europe league cups and the trophy that only us and real madrid and ac milan have 5 i repeat 5 champions league wins

    • Red says:

      Matty…you’ve been googling, have’nt you?, now make it quick, before your mummy comes up, and switches your lights out.

  37. Chris says:

    Need a cuddle NOTTARED?

  38. matty1234 says:

    now for man u

    19 league titles ,11 fa cups ,4 leauge cups , 1 europe league cups and 3 champions league


  39. Lucania says:

    All We Need Now Is Benitez Thank God We Have A New Owner That Is Ready To Spend Money Before KD Finish All D Money On CalinG Cup.If BenITeZ Could Buy Only Torress And We Claim Second Then He Buy 5 Or More Like KD We’LL Win League And Go Back To CL Football.HF Please Let Go Of KD.YNWA 4 Life

  40. Blah says:

    Right so it’s decided then!

    The supporters with more than an IQ of 10 and of sane minds want Rafa and Respect Back and the ‘Others’ want KK to have more time and more funds to have stab at it again?

    Between now and next season what exactly will KK do tactically? Will he go on a course and learn about tactics?
    Rather than him Reading Rafas book on the subject, would it not be better to bring the Great man back?

    Don’t you want hold your head up high? Can you do that now?

    I sure can’t!! We’re a disgrace! I take a look at the team selections before every game and no we won’t be winning!

    We are out of the top 4 running with 10 games to go! Are you supporters that shameless or just new to the club??

    But a few seasons ago we were challenging for the title and every team in Europe was hiding under the tables on European draws… Nobody wanted to play us!

    Bloody Newcastle are licking there lips with the anticipation of the 3 pts gift we will present them with on Sunday!

    Call me what you will and say what you want… Iv seen enough to know when someone is dragging my team down and burning funds like we just won the lottery!

    I want us to lose on Sunday in the hope that KK will resign or be sacked.

    Unforunately a small lose for bigger gain is needed….

    Bring back Rafa NOW!

    30yrs LFC supporter btw and the last 18months has been hell!

  41. Ninga says:

    Keep the faith all the negative press is once again undermining our great club if we get a striker and a quality keeper we’ll be back in business.Henderson and Carroll are long term buys these guys will bed in as will shelves and sterling,Rome was’nt built in a day dry your eyes stop focusing on the negatives

  42. Lee says:

    Unfortunately there are a lot of fellow Liverpool fans on here that have no clue about LFC, English football and/or just football in general.

    We have played the best football for a long time but the lack of a quality finisher and a quality creative player has killed us when it comes to breaking down the smaller teams.

    Rafa should have been sacked well before he went. The football was dull, he brought in a lot of crap and just him speaking to the press made LFC look a complete joke. Thank fcuk he went and any suggestion that he should come back supports the fact that a lot of LFC fans only look to the past rather than moving forward.

  43. mark says:

    im with lee and chris here all these anti kenny supporters ,you all seem to forget since we won the fa cup what did rafa win nothing and look at the players he had at his disposal ,fair enough kennys sighnings might not be the quality every one was looking for , but seriously come on u must admit how many games have u watched this year and weve dominated the game and weve drawn or lost i bet use havent said kennys shit then no no i bet like me youve be frustrated not by the style of football weve played but the unfortunate way things didint go the way they should have ,confidence is a massive thing in football and if your winning games your confidence grows just look at arsenal for proof of that , if your hitting posts ,having keepers motm etc missing penalties , its plays with your mind and can effect your football and yes kenny will make mistakes all managers do ,but to go through the season weve had and not got the results we deserved i applaude kenny for trying to lift the players for the next game ,if half of you have think you have all the right answers go down and put your name down for the job ,you wouldnt last a week , i bet half of the negative supporters havent even kicked a ball in their lives but seem to know it all ,so why dont use instead of being on kennys back he has enough weight to carry on his shoulders why dont u support him like as a supporter you should ,because its not all kenny ynwa

  44. Nicky says:

    KD has to go if LFC are to move forward.
    He has the owners, fans and players backing but failed to produce results.
    We will not improve if he and his bunch of backroom staffs and donkey signings remains at the club.
    KD, please walk away now if you love the club.

  45. rick says:

    Ferguson didn’t won anything in 7 yrs but They gave him some tome to build a dinasty. Sad to see that loyalty of “so called fans” don’t last more than a season and a half. Modern idiotic fans would destroy a Great Legend like Bill Shankly, too. Yes, everyone know that the form in the league actually is not the best, but the lads have shown the best football of the league so far, and They dominated most of their opponents but failed to kill out the games. After six years Kenny ended a trophy drought with a magnificent Wembley triumph but some idiotic have short term memory and They only want istant success beacuse They think that football is like football manager or fifa. They are the modern generation Who live in the istant society, and They like playing with PES, but football is a little bit different from that. Unfortunately, They do not have the intelligence to comprend that football requires a lot of hard work to fix the problems, and it’s not an istant game.

  46. Daglish the Clown says:

    Kenny Daglish – worst Manager in PL fact.

    Give him another £200M so he can finnaly bury you.