Date: 28th March 2012 at 2:33pm
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This may not be the news many of you were expecting. We all would love to hear that Liverpool have signed a player such as Hazard or we are bringing in Mario Gomez upfront. But that does not look like it will be happening any time soon. Instead we are continuing to bring in more young players.

According to Sky Sports, Liverpool have offered trials to three of Ghana’s young brightest prospects. Bright Gyenfi, James Akaminko and Nurudeen Amed are all due on Merseyside next month and will be assessed to see if they make the grade for the club.

Gyenfi, 16, is a right-back, whilst 18-year-olds Amed and Akaminko are midfielders.

There is nothing wrong at all in my opinion by giving these youngsters a chance. They may turn out to be stars such as Michael Essien or better. My worry is that we have bought in all these ‘potential stars’ over the years but have not seen them go on to be first team stars! Is that not the ultimate aim in getting them in?

Only now are we seeing Raheem Sterling getting a chance but how many more chances will he get before he gets fed up and decides to go join another team? We have so many bright talents at the Academy and in the reserves but they are not making that step up to the first team. We have to ask ourselves the question why it is like this? There clearly is a problem someone that needs to be addressed.


7 responses to “Three players set to join Liverpool on trial”

  1. David says:

    This article is ridiculous . Raheem Sterling is 17 years old, he has done well to be condidered for first team. He also has a character issue as he has already impregnated 2 different girls, so he will have father obligations before his career in premiership starts. Players who shine at the academy are not always good enough for first team football, example Henderson, he was england u21 star but cannot produce, the gap is massive. It is unrealistic to bring in players aged 15-16 and expect them to be ready in 2-4 years, only a few will come good early. We dont know how purchasing players is structured at LFC, whether its Comolli or Kenny picking the players , but whoever wasted 100mil of the owners cash should be fired !!!

  2. Greg says:

    seriously.. who cares!.. the club is collapsing under queen kenny and this is the crap they are bringing to improve the club??? Fire this moronic clown now! And take Comolli’s sorry a$$ and the garbage Brit crap he bought with him!

  3. Ashfah Ngog says:

    Chi Bai lu, nothing exciting about this. Same old story.

  4. Abraham Moses says:

    I agree with you david that a kid of 17 might not be ready to come unto the pitch and battle with old and experienced players. Though there are times when we are winning with great margin that they can be introduced to the game. Sha, Dalglish is still in charge and he has the final say.

  5. ac says:

    The future for Lfc is not very bright at the moment. How can we expect a forth place when the players are too young to be in the team!.

    I think the whole youth policy will be the deathbed of lfc.

  6. Kim says:

    So, the return of the King hasn’t quite been what all of us may have hoped so far, but you’ve got to remember that the club have had so much problems on and off the field, turning the club inside-out looking like all the things we shouldn’t be. Kenny is restoring the Liverpool way, it takes time to build an empire. Maybe 2 trophies this year, and Champions League next year, after that we can challenge for the title two more year from now. Give the man some time, we have waited over 20 years, now we must build our new empire over time to be serious contenders and a European super-force to be reckoned with for years to come. Norwegian Viking