Date: 27th March 2012 at 3:38pm
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On Saturday, Raheem Sterling made his Liverpool first team debut, and for the 16 minutes that he was on the field for, you could see the amount of talent and potential this guy has and it begs me to ask the question, “Why has he not been playing more this season?”

One of the biggest problems in the Liverpool side right now is the lack of pace but we have it in abundance with Sterling. Yes, Dalglish may be seeing it is a bit too early to bring in the young player but now that our league season is virtually over and we will not make the Top 4, we may as well give Sterling and the other youngsters more games and give them experience.

We have had Jordan Henderson filling in on the right side of midfield for most parts of the season and he has had a very poor debut season. Would we not then be better served having an out and out winger like Sterling replacing Henderson?

I am not a fan of the saying “he is too young to play”. There have been many great players who got their chances when they were in their teens such as Messi and Michael Owen and look at how well they turned out? It is time we unearth the next big thing and I think in Sterling we have that.

Following Sterling’s debut, Dalglish said, “You just need to draw your horses back a bit. He wouldn’t have been there if we weren’t in the position we were in [regarding injuries]. It is nice to see the kids get a game but it is also better for us to look after them and manage them. We are not going to throw kids in and destroy them, but it is nice to see them on the pitch.”

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11 responses to “[Video] Why is he not playing ahead of Henderson?”

  1. Clive Gibney says:

    I voted Downing just so it would leave a space on the left for Sterling. I think he is much better cutting in on that right foot. However he is too young to start every game and he needs to fight for his position.. But I have no doubts that Sterling needs more game time along with Coady and Suso.

    • Martin says:

      I totally agree, if would be very unfair to put sterling on the right hand side when he plays for liverpool and England on the left so why play him out of position. TBF to King Kenny who ~I stil have faith in (for now) he is right to ease Raheem into, due to the poor run the expectations on a young mans shoulders can possibly riun some players, althought i am confident it wont happen in this case.

  2. SuaRed says:

    In every regime when thing’s go wrong there’s a scapegoat!!! I guess Henderson is it this time around. When he settles remember I said I told you so!!!!

    • crazyhorse says:

      When he settles into what??? his body and becomes a man??

    • red says:

      When he settles, into more CR*P u mean?. All four british signings need to get rid off NOW, totally average and overpriced by a huge ammount!!!.

  3. crazyhorse says:

    The king is talking crap! owen was good enough,fowler was good enough,rooney at everton was good enough all at a young age,all this is really about is trying to justify Henderson getting a game and hoping the lad will come good,No chance!! he aint got the bottle or spirit to be a sucess in a red shirt he plays like a big girls blouse!their are better players in the liverpool sunday league!

  4. louis says:

    why don’t the LFC coaches pay attention to these forums, what the fans want and all of that……

  5. Ashfah Ngog says:

    Chi Bai lu. Give him a chance, that was the age tha Owen was introduce to the team. Henderson is history to Liverpool.

  6. STEVE says:

    i think the statement in your first paragraph “for the 16 minutes that he was on the field for, you could see the amount of talent and potential this guy has” is really subjective…………..

    but i do agree we should give sterling a chance, since we have nth to fight for in the league…

  7. jerry beadle says:

    what 3 idiots said henderson should play on the right, I think Henderson will eventually be good but liverpool are doing the same to him as they did with Lucas – which is play him when he’s not ready

  8. slim jimm says:

    You have a point there Ron but the same arguement could be used for playing henderson. he was bought for a fee and he is young so now that there is no pressure why not try to gel him into the team so he can get more confidence for next year. the lad has potential no doubt about it he was scouted and picked by great footballing brains (ie. commolli and dalglish) so i think keep him in the team and lets see if hes liverpool material.

    as for your arguement about playing teens i slightly disagree with playing teenagers whos game is more about pace than any other attributes because i believe it would put too much strain on a hamstring of lad whos yet to fully develop. messi’s game doesnt focus too much on speed but rather on a genius football brain and crazy ball control. whereas owens game was about speed and look how much his hamstring is suffering because of it and id hate the same to happen to raheem..lets take it slow in his development make him physically stronger before we throw him in the demanding physical requirements of the premier league