Date:27th March 2012 at 9:36am
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Following Liverpool’s embarrassing defeat to Wigan on the weekend, Kenny Dalglish came out and blamed injuries and fatigue to the side dip in form.

“I think we looked a wee bit tired,” Dalglish said. “We had a lot of possession in the game but we gave away the ball quite a lot in vital positions. It’s not because they can’t play, it’s because of tiredness.

“If you play Sunday-Wednesday-Saturday it’s going to take its toll. A lot of the lads had played all three games, and for us that’s a reason behind our performance.

“It’s because of the demand on them with games, and we’ve not had enough players at our disposal to give them adequate rest.”

But Liverpool legend David Fairclough does not tend to agree fully with Kenny. Speaking to Sky Sports News, Fairclough said, “I don’t go along with the tiredness excuse. I think the players have to stand up and hold their hands up and say they haven’t performed.

“It’s not like Kenny to come out publically and slam the players – he did it once earlier in the season after the Bolton defeat and it worked and he got a reaction – but you can’t come out week after week blaming the players.

“I think Kenny’s covering a little bit for the players. Kenny is an incredibly passionate competitor and he won’t be taking this lightly.

“I think behind the scenes he’ll have a slightly different attitude and he’ll be letting the players know that clearly they’re not playing as well as they can do.

“They’re letting everybody down at the moment.”

I agree fully with Fairclough. Yes, we have some injury problems but even with out fringe squad players, we should be putting away sides like QPR and Wigan. Kenny blamed the players following the Bolton game and we got a reaction, why can’t he do the same now? The players have to be accountable for what is going on on the pitch and Kenny too must take some blame as he has not always got his tactics right in the previous two games.