Date: 26th March 2012 at 3:13pm
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There is no denying the FACT that Liverpool need to bring in another striker (or two) in the summer to fix our goal scoring problems. Our biggest downfall this season has been a lack of goals and there is no way we can fix that problem with the current players we have.

Suarez is trying be all means to score the goals together with Gerrard but they need help. Andy Carroll is meant to be the one helping chip in with the goals but sad to say he has been a complete waste.

These thoughts are also echoed by Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson who is suggesting that Liverpool would be better served next season by getting in Newcastle’s Demba Ba than stick around with Carroll.

Lawrenson said in The Mirror, “With Steven Gerrard released to get forward, if they can bring in a top goalscorer to play alongside (and ­occasionally instead of) Luis Suarez, they’ll have plenty of options, and look a different team.

Whether they have the money to do that is a different story.

But if not, then they might have to go to Newcastle and offer them Andy Carroll plus some cash for Demba Ba.”

If we could bring in someone else for Carroll in the summer, I would be very happy as this 35 million experiment on Carroll has not worked. And what is frustrating is that it is hard to see it working. We have seen some glimpses of the Suarez – Carroll – Gerrard combination working well but it is not consistent enough. Yes, some may say let’s give it one more season but unfortunately it is one season too many, We can not afford to finish 7th again next season. It is desperate times like this that need drastic actions!

Should Liverpool dump Carroll for Demba Ba?

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65 responses to “Andy Carroll plus some cash for Demba Ba”

  1. BobJimSpunkle says:

    who ever wrote this article is an idiot.

  2. KK says:

    I deffo think Carroll needs to go; dont think NUFC will sell BA if they qualify for Europe … we might be able to get Shola Ameobi for about 10 million, or even Leon Best for about 6m … what ya reckon?

    • stevein texas says:

      we keep shola for sunderland games only. but for another 50 million we are willing to give you 2 tea ladys and a ball boy for carroll we need a nucklehead to park cars

  3. DONALDO says:

    Dont want Carrol back thanks, we play a total different game now.
    You need to give Big Lad a chance, play him every week.
    Your problem is Dalglish, he’s never been a good manager,
    but please keep giving Kenny time, its dead funny haha

    • Porciestreet says:

      Totally agree with th@ mate. Dogleash never was a manager, just a figurehead, a bit of aharisma to g-up the players and it worked for a while. Now he got found out. He’s no good for liverpool. just look at the way he handled the Suarez debacle. took liverpool back years and they’re expecting the G man (pensioner) to score all the goals. Rock on next weekend. HWTL

    • Monkey says:

      Is that cause without Carroll we now play more like Liverpool used to play, n r now better than them??

  4. ballerfan2 says:

    Do you really think that Newcastle would be desperate to bring back Carroll to replace Ba. Or that Ba would wish to leave a young, rapidly improving team with a strong French vein through it for a poorly performing side who are, what – currently 8 points behind the Magpies. Toon fans were long regarded as deluded …..

  5. Matt says:

    Yes, because it’s as simple as that. What drivel.

  6. Kehins says:

    We need top striker like soldado, huntela, cavanni and lorente

  7. DMAG says:

    Did you even read this before you published it…

    Why would newcastle downgrade their strikers and why would andy carrol take a wage cut…we aint gonna give him 80,000 a week.

    The carling cup win this year does not hide the fact that liverpool are in decline…

    Newcastle have spent less that a 20% of what yous have and are 8 points ahead of you….

    I wounldnt give kenny any more money either…you might end up payin 20 million on carlton cole…or mabe crouch wants to come back…

  8. bo11ocks says:

    “Some cash”? I hope that you’re kiddin… otherwise u r a moron.

  9. footy fan says:

    and why would newcastle want carroll back to replace demba ba and people call the geordies deluded

  10. Elroy says:

    Lets not jump the gun here. Liverpool has been playing bad at times collectively. Give Carroll quality ball and he’ll produce the goods. Henderson is not a right half/wing. Kenny should stop playing him out of position, and rather play Downing and Sterling on the flanks…. I re-iterate myself… Carroll is being hard done at times. So another season, can’t do no harm. Lets rather get two winger and an additional striker in.

  11. Klu Klux Kenny says:

    Can’t see why Ba would want to join a club lower down the league to be honest, not to mention he’s the same colour as Evra.

  12. Griff says:

    Demba Ba is a crock who failed his medical at Stuttgart, then at Stoke, then at Newcastle. Pardew took a punt on him because they were desperate at the time and he was available on a free. Pleased for Newcastle and Ba that it’s worked out for them this season, and I hope the lad manages to keep playing as long as possible, but he’s not what we need regardless of whether Carroll stays or goes this summer

    • Alan says:

      Failed his medical at Stoke only ya moron, at least we didn’t pay 35 mil while he was crocked unlike you bin dippers paying that for Carroll, you’ve spent over a hundred million and the scary thing is ya need double that before ya’s challenge for the league again. Ignorant deluded RACIST pigs.

  13. jerry beadle says:

    who ever wrote this must be the only person in england with half a brain that does’nt know Ba has a £7 million release clause, so why would liverpool pay cash and Carroll you idiot.

    Caroll’s only 23 and will only get better

    Plus Ba has a dodgy injury thats certain to reoccur as soon as he moves to play for a big club

    • KK says:

      love the move to a “big club”; you’re living in the past mate … LFC are no longer the force they were; get over it .. you cant even get the support the Toon get – only in armchairs.

      • MACKEMSLAYER says:

        My sentiments exactly. Ba aint going anywhere – he’s on decent money but Newcaatle have just offered him a bumper deal worth £5m over years – roughly £24k a week on top of the £35k hes on. Also he’s playing with a fellow international and has truck a good partnership in a team that is on the up in a club that is financially sound. Liverpool – you are a joke at the moment, Carroll was a great player before he went and you dont become a bad player overnight.

        • stevein texas says:

          shame that a team with so much pride wouldnt be talking about dumping the racist striker you have before you throw more cash at the toon ba will kill suarez stick to your house cleaning dont buy bloack if u wanna keep the spaniard better stock up on dummys greetings from toonland

  14. BlackNWhite says:

    Your problem isn’t with your team, it’s with your manager and Commolie (who is a useless scout).
    You’ve a scout who seems to look at FIFA 2012 and goes into buy players off of their stats, and KK who has players who he doesn’t know how to player to their strengths.
    For a stupid sum of money we will gladly sell players, but where we are at the minute why would they want to leave for a team who are living off their past glories? Poor Article

  15. Demba Ba says:

    Go to Liverpool? LOL

  16. UTD111 says:

    As stated by others here – your main problem is that Dogleash isn’t up to the job – he was the bloke who sold David Ginola ffs!! so we know.

    Ba won’t be for sale – he’s currently negotiating a new contract without the get-out clause. United are on the up – Liverpool will continue to decline as long as Dogleash is in charge. Has any crowds over 50k yet? LOL!

    • Bendy Bob says:

      Yep Dogleish is a howl long may he continue, when at Toon in a managerial master stroke sold Ginola and replaced him with the household name that is: DES HAMILTON I REPEAT DES HAMILTON in another Toon managerial master stroke splitting the most prolific premier league strike force up when he sold Big Les Ferdinand, when Shearer got injured – Dogliesh is a joke of a manager

  17. Chuck says:

    The problem is not Carroll!
    You got a manager who is stuck in the seventies, playing an outdated tactical game, plus a CH/scout who,s judgement is obviously questionable.
    Probably using the “money-ball” approach to buying players, Stats & U-Tube,instead of going to games and judging for himself.
    With the amount recently spent on players, Liverpool should be challenging for a top spot, instead of trailing the best of the rest.

  18. Toonarden says:

    “Ba has a dodgy injury that’s certain to reoccur as soon as he moves to a big club”.
    It’s arrogant, deluded and totally ignorant comments like that that helps to make Scouse fans so despised.
    Don’t worry mate, Demba’s injury is holding up really well considering he’s already playing for a massive club.
    Meanwhile enjoy all those goals going in from your £35 million striker and don’t forget to keep watching our new number 9 – he’s something else.

    • John says:

      The only thing big about LFC at the minute is Kennys spending Haha

    • corner lad says:

      too right mate–liverpool fans long regarded as witless arrogant and deluded–still living in the past Shankley etc just listen to them whinging on and on and on and on evry Sat on 606 talking about “back where we belong”. Well ive news for you guys you get what you deserve in this world and so far the Toon work harder and our buying policy spot on- we dont want or need Carroll back and Ba will stay here where hes liked and respected. Liverpool big club my a…..

  19. Steven GJ says:

    Funny thing here is you guys actually believe what Mark Lawrenson says he’s a bigger idiot than Dalgliesh (The racist Scotsman)

  20. williams says:

    no carroll will not be sold,player to be sold are adam,henderson,pepe reina,downing,these players are not fit into lfc style of game,also kenny dalglish is not a good manager who will change things around for lfc.and for pepe reina it’s totally flop keeper a keeper who can’t make saves of balls that came to the post.

  21. stuofthetoon says:

    Not sure Carroll would get a game at the Toon now! We play a different brand of football. Could make it as an impact sub, bit like Liverpool try to use him (but without the impact!!!).
    Not sure Demba would want to go to Liverpool. Great club, great tradition, great fans but going in the wrong direction for me. Love to see Andy Carroll come good but his strength was ‘playing for the badge’. Not sure he wants to do that at Liverpool.

  22. King Kenny the C**T says:

    You can keep Carroll, he’s a judas C**t hope he rots in your reserves for the next 4 years. Looks like Kenny is doing for you lot just what he did for us when he took over from Keegan. He sold Ferdinand, Ginola, Asprilla, Albert and replaced them with the ageing and decrepid , Barnes, Rush and Pearce as well as Stephan Guivarch, Des Hamilton and Andreas Anderson .
    He’s just as good as the Pr game too, the way he handled the Suarez affair was just as good as the way he handled the toons FA cup game against stevenage – appalling!
    Long live king Kenny i say- keep up the good work- you dour T**T

    • JP...from The Rock says:

      EXACTLY!!! I couldn’t have put it better myself. It surprises me the amount of people that forget-better said try to forget- that Dogleash sold Ginola and signed RUSH and BARNES FFS!!!! This guy was living in the past then and is living in the past now. This article has made me laugh just as much at seeing ‘record signing Judas’ and ‘King Kenny’ taking Liverpool down the league. Long live the King!! hahah what a clown, get out of the 70 Dogleash and you might have a slim chance of turning it around. It will make an interesting game this Sunday, it’s a real shame Captain Coloccini is out injured.

  23. Nelson Mandella says:

    We want Carroll, Henderson, Adam all gone. Dalglish is so so poor. I’m a better coach than him. He is lightyears behind Rafa Benitez. We need a quality striker and obviously Ba is not a solution, he’s just average. We need players like Llorente, Soldado, or Dalmaio from Brazil. We can’t afford to get it wrong this time again. We need a defensive midfielder, an attacking midfielder and a right winger as well….. Gaston Ramirez or Afellay would do… Thanks

  24. NuFc says:

    Are you stupid ? Newcastle are 8 points above Liverpool (soon to be 11). Why would Ba leave all his Teammates, we have built a team around Demba Ba, just like we did with Carroll.

    • MrM says:

      Demba Ba has a £7m release clause in his contract, of which he is entitled to 50%. There are therefore 3.5 million reasons for Ba to leave Newcastle in the summer. I very much doubt he will go to Liverpool, but leave Teeside he almost certainly will.

      • Done said it all says:

        You sir… Are a burk!

        You mean to say TYNESIDE?

        Also Demba Ba has just been offered a bumper £5million bonus on top of what he earns now. Meaning that any £3.5 Million 50% sell on payment is rendered null and void…

        I also don’t think Ba would play for the Scottish Alf Garnett!

      • OhSholaAmeobi says:

        Bearing in mind his fellow senegalese pal plays alongside him now, he’s a devout muslim, and we are quite likely to finish above liverpool in the league, get into europe and therefore have the money to offer ba a new contract, please don’t live in the past and say liverpool are a big club, they don’t get our attendances.

      • toonpete says:

        I just love it, when people put a post up trying to seem so superior,and just makw themselves look like total tools, lol.

  25. Okey says:

    Anyone who criticises dis article is a bigger cunt than he can possibly pretend to be. Fact is, carroll is no good. Even when in newcastle he was jst average. I wept wen i learnt we bought him. I dont care if demba ba comes to lfc or not. What i know is dat unless we get a new striker-a goal poacher at dat-and show carroll d way, next season might even be worse. I dont know but i still have a gut feeling dat kenny might turn out well. D problem is commoli breathin down his neck.

  26. TOOOOOOOOON says:

    LFC fans, I’ve got an idea. What you need is to buy some more distinctly average players for £20m each! That’s bound to sort you out. I’ve heard Kevin Doyle’s got a £30m release clause, go for it guys!

    To whichever of you think Carroll’s no good (and that he was no good at NUFC), his goal ratio at NUFC was 1 in 2. He got in the England team while he was there and was an exciting prospect. Your club ruined him, simple as. Someone like Demba Ba isn’t coming within a million miles of your club, unless it’s to teach you some skills, just like he will this coming weekend.

  27. Andy says:

    The sheer arrogance of Liverpool fans who think they can just poach any Newcastle players they want makes my blood boil. Newcastle have built a brilliant squad with little money, and now they are reaping the rewards. Liverpool have spent 100million on piss and for some reason they think the solution is to buy more of our players. Get this straight you bindippers, we are NOT a feeder club! You however are heading that way…

  28. BRUTOON says:

    Typical arrogance and notion of self-entitlement from LFC fans. Fact is you haven’t got the pull for players that you once had. Players look at Liverpool as an option and see a spent force with a Manager who is as out-dated tactically as he is in his views towards racism.

    ‘King’ Kenny is your problem not Carroll. Carroll is a good player (if a bit one-dimensional) but KK has no idea how to play to his strengths as he is too busy pandering to the needs of ‘Stevie G’ and the rat upfront. Good luck with your summer – it surely can’t be as bad as last year’s.

    As for Demba Ba – did you watch us yesterday. A front three of Ba Ben Arfa Cissé that you can only dream of who were in sublime form yesterday. Why would he want to leave a club who could be on the brink of something good for a club that is still reflecting on their success in the 70’s/80’s. I wonder if José Enrique and Mr Carroll regret their choice….

  29. Daglish the clown says:

    Glad to see you are finally waking up to Dogleash, an absolute desperate clown of a Man with ridiculous excuses! He undid all the rapid work KK did @ Newcastle where we rose rapidly, the players he sold and the calibre of players he brought in was absolutely terrifying. Ask Celtic fans what they think of him as a Manager. Daglish the Clown, wish he was at 5under1and!

  30. Desperate Scouselives says:

    Arrogance beyond belief, you`ll not make the CL and the players you`ve brought in on ridiculous fees and wages thanks to that utter joke on a Man `King` Kenny will ruin you. Not long now – Tee Hee!

  31. Desperate Scouselives says:

    Forgot to say – Hey Daglish! You can have Shola Ameobi for £20M & Williamson for £50M……….deal? Chortle!


    Came on to give my opinion on Dogleish, Lawro, and the general arrogance of LFC fans, but seems like you have it covered lads. Good job.

    Interesting fact about Mark Lawrenson – Gary Oldman, Shaun Edwards, Stephen Graham, Frankie Dettori and 10 other celebs have scored higher than him on the BBC’s PL prediction league. Expert pundit? Expert at nowt but hiding in his closet the old queen.

    Interesting fact about Kenny Dalglish – he’s a cunt.

  33. Desperate Scouselives says:

    Good post mate!

  34. Johntooon says:

    Ha ha ha ha ! We got ba because we were desperate ???? We happened to get him for nowt nothing zilch you dope ! where’s the desperation in that ? Your illustrious ass wipe of manager paid £35 million for an unproven prem player ! Now that seems more like desperation to me lol. The whole football league is laughing at you’s and that sad old dogleash is you’re only problem. Long may he continue to do to you lot what he did to us.

  35. Sun Reader says:

    How about we get Des Hamilton, Brian Pinas, Silvio Maric, Carl Serrant & Andreas Andersson out of retirement for you desparadoes?

    You sould`ve stuck with Hodgson! Ha Ha Ha

  36. It`s never your fault says:

    Get real, you`re not an attraction anymore, get used to it.
    I really don`t know who you lot think you are, it`s hysterical!
    Tell you what………I`ve heard Messi wants to join you! Ha Ha

  37. JP...from The Rock says:

    LOL!! It’s fun to read all these posts 🙂 Hilarious stuff and absolutely correct. King Kenny is a clown, he destroyed NUFC after KK and I will never forgive him for that…well that’s unless he keeps pulling the same stunt on Liverfool haha

    King Kenny
    Long Live The King!
    fcuking clown lol

  38. BillytheFish says:

    All Liverpool need is a New manager….End of.

  39. kenny the clown says:

    there are some great posts on ere!!!
    Dogliesh is the same as the little spanish wanker of a striker you have…….. a RACIST…….. he shamed your club with his handling of that affair!! he dismantled the TOON and he will do the same to you bindippers… long live the king.. ha ha

  40. kevin keegan says:


  41. Demba Ba says:


  42. Josh NUFC says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! You say it like NUFC dont have a choice in it, are you serious? You can keep Carroll & Enrique, you can have Williamson for 10 mill to this summer if you like?

    Mind the gap boys, Howay the lads!

  43. Lyle says:

    I thought you Scousers were supposed to have a sense of humour so we sent you two of our clowns Andy and his playmate Enrique. It didn’t take you lot long to work out Andy was funny, but a little longer to find out Enrique was too.

  44. Terry 66 says:

    Liverpool are a joke and their fans live in the past. The Toon have moved on and leave clubs like liverpool to pay crap players £60k a week.

    Sheer Arrogance

  45. Len Smith says:

    LFC have got Carroll for the next five. No one else is going to pay his wages and he won’t take a cut. Good business Freddie Shepherd style. He went there for the cash and he is most probably quite happy to sit on the bench and collect. Andy Marcellino …. Andy Marcellino …. Andy Marcellino ….

  46. Kevin says:

    Hahaha, I’d hope this is a joke.

    Why would Demba Ba consider joining Liverpool – a whole 8 points behind us in the league and a pending disaster.

    You can keep Carroll, and trigger that clause dishing us another £5m please 🙂

    Ba, Cissé & Benny – all for less than wor Andy.

    Already taken Enrique as well, might be time to change the clubs you scab off 😉