Date: 14th March 2012 at 8:36am
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What a morning! It was a great result for the Reds last night (Tuesday) against Everton. Winning 3-0 is never easy but we sure did make it look comfortable. What irks me is how we can play so well one night and then deliver a performance like we did against Sunderland where none of the Liverpool players seemed interested to play? What we desperately need is some level of consistency in the league.

Having had the pleasure of watching the game live at Anfield last night there are a couple of things we can learn from the game about Liverpool:

1) Steven Gerrard is very far from being a fading force as many people have been thinking. He is Mr. Liverpool our very own captain fantastic and I would hate to think of where we would be without Gerrard. Scoring a hat trick against any opposition is not easy and to do it in a local derby is just priceless! If we can keep Gerrard fit for the rest of the season and hopefully a couple more seasons after that, we are set for a good time.

2) The Gerrard, Carroll and Suarez partnership CAN work. There has been a lot of suggestion that Liverpool should not be playing with Suarez and Carroll upfront and rather sacrifice one of them for a midfielder. But as we saw last night, the two can play very well with each other upfront, it will just take time but so far I am liking what I am seeing. Throw Stevie G into that equation and you have an attacking three that can rival anything else in the league.

3) Stewart Downing is coming good. The hallmark of a good winger is when he has the confidence to knock the ball past the full-back and back himself with his pace to get past him. We have not seen much of that from Downing this season but he is starting to do that which shows that his confidence is growing and that can only be a good sign for us.

4) In Martin Kelly we have a star! I always wonder who is better, Kelly or Johnson at right-back? For now I think Kelly gets my vote. Every time has has been called into the squad he has not let us down. I think it is time for Kenny to give Johnson a run on the right side of midfield as that is clearly a problem area for us which will bring me onto the next point.

5) Henderson is not good enough to be starting for Liverpool right now. If there was a player I would have to fault last night it was Jordan Henderson. I remember how frustrated I was with Lucas a couple of seasons ago, that is how I feel about Hendo now. I am not sure if he is just not comfortable playing in the role Kenny has deployed him in or he is just a bad footballer? I would hate to think it is the later coz we should not have spent 20million on him. I would like to see Henderson play in a more central role and not wide on the right as he looks lost there.


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  1. boon says:

    Suarez, Downing can put a lot of goals on the plate if someone can step up. Fortunatey SG has stepped up but not carroll. Henderson I thot played well. Looks like Kelly should bs striker as he nearly scored and was at the end of a possible slide-for-goal while Carroll stood watching in amusement. For SG’s second goal, Carroll was a distance from Suarez and only SG was there to tap it in. Spearing played his heart out. Adam must be wondering….

    • keith says:

      you thought henderson played well m8 this site is to talk about football not through in the odd joke

      • ben says:

        true should be playing better shouldnt be in the first side yet either.he should do more training rather than messing with his hair-style

      • Karl says:

        Henson did play well , web he gets the ball between the lines he has great vision and is a good passer and he will come good in a tr or 2 he will be a top midfielder if he learns how to fkn tackle , I always think he should go out into the mountains for a month with sourness to be made into a man, dagliah is to blame for playing him outa pos he should be sacked and Martin oniell put in or sum1 else he is a shite manager in every way even with media he is crap buyin players pickin tacs and team selection fkn shite bet I were crucifying Lucas web he was learning now he’s great kop on mate u haven’t a clue

  2. marshall says:

    guys thats what i have been crying for just push gerrard just behind suarez and carrol see the right wing i would love to see maxi .spearing is becoming excellent player next season lucas returning would love spearing and lucas doing twin holding midfield.then gerrard hovering those passes to suarez to downing then carrol finishing then.kenny should buy remy and higuian and mario goetze.we need give coates game time agger they would form best defence in the league.

  3. njanja says:

    What an awesome display by our dear team, ably led by captain Fantastic. The only dark spot is Heinderson who as usual was completely lost and wasteful all through. I strongly believe Sterling and Shelvy, not to talk of Bellamy,Kuyt, Maxi are miles ahead of this flop. It is only KK and his gods know why he should indulge on such a wasteful buy. If not that KK was involved, such buys are more than enough to sack a manager.

  4. Florence says:

    I’m so glad we won the derby last night with Stevie netting a hat-trick on his 400th appearance for the club he’s been a loyal servant to! I’d always believed that things would change drastically if Stevie G is pushed further to a more attacking role just like the Fernando Torres days but there has been a problem doing that now because of our best midfield rock Lucas, who’s out of the season due to injury. Don’t be surprised things went so well with Stevie yesterday! It was because he had a better Jay Spearing in the midfield as a partner, and not a Charlie Adam who cannot mark and make decent tackles, thereby restricting Stevie’s movement to the defensive midfield role. He (Adam) was so terrible against Sunderland. Nevertheless, I just hope they continue in this form especially on Sunday when we’ll be playing Stoke in the FA cup. Let’s reach Wem-ber-ly again and triumph!

  5. Jd says:

    Sort out your website so i can read the text on my iphone!

  6. Harvey says:

    Steven Gerrard in one word – CLASS! I’m speechless 🙂

  7. sean says:

    Spot on article – attacking formation paid dividends with Carrols inclusion taking some pressure of Suares who had more space to operate in.Carrols best game for us in my opinion and KD needs to have this approach for the rest of the season.Still annoyed that only 1 change was made as it was perfect opportunity to give some guys a run.
    Downside is Henderson – For some reason Kenny has blinkers on when it comes to him. Average for the entire season at least.Minimal contribution in defense and attack and poor distribution.Maybe nt his fault as he is clearly nt comfortable in the role KD is playing him.Overall a poor buy as if he is 1 for the future then he has to be viewed in the same line as Jonjo.Is he better than Jonjo – in my opinion nt a chance.

  8. David says:

    Carrol impressed me in this game… his movement, passing was excellent, kept the ball when under pressure – He may just be the class that KD though he was…Suarez is much better as a creative forward as apposed to a striker… My only concern is that SG seems to be the one they rely on for goals… the rest need to start scoring… Downing has been good all season – not sure why people have been hard on him (how many times has he hit the damn post). Henderson is still adapting… He was the worst player we had but I can see he has some qualities – chasing, tackling… Just needs to refine his passing/shooting.

  9. TG says:

    I believe we have a great aquad but we need consistency, 4 scousers in the team and plenty in the academy too…………….things looking good but it will take time!!!

  10. TG says:

    I have to admit Andy Carroll was immense lastnight, tortured the Everton defence.

  11. Ashfah Ngog says:

    Chi Bai lu, we are still 10 points behind Arsenal to challenge for 4th placing!