Date: 13th March 2012 at 1:39pm
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With eleven games left to play this season in the Premier League and we 13 points off fourth place, realistically it is unlikely that we will make the Top 4 especially if we do not get maximum points tonight (Tuesday) against Everton. Will the season be deemed a failure if we do not finish in the Top 4? I think it will be and the club owners, management and players would also think so as at the start of the season, our aim was to finish in the Top 4.

So let us say that we fail to finish in the Top 4, what next?

The Liverpool owners backed Dalglish and Comolli in the summer by going out and buying Enrique, Henderson, Adam and Downing. Bellamy came in for free and he is arguably the best summer signing we made together with Enrique. The rest of them: Henderson, Adam and Downing have been disappointing to say the least.

Many fans were not happy with the amount of money we spent on these three players in the summer. I can not see us offloading any of them this summer as we would be lucky to get half of the amounts we paid for them. We can not have this discussion without also mentioning Andy Carroll whom we spent so many millions for and he has not delivered. Even if we do try to sell him, I can not see who would buy him for even £10million.

How then are we going to fix the problems we are facing right now and be ready to challenge again next season? The simple answer is: Spend more money!

But there are challenges that come with spending more more. Firstly, based on comments made by Comolli, he does not believe that the squad needs major changes this summer, all we need is a little bit of tinkering in his opinion. We can not score goals, that is our biggest problem and to fix that we need to bring in a big name striker and those are not cheap! So I can not see why Comolli thinks we just need to tinker a little bit, we need to do quite a bit of work.

We need more creativity in midfield to supply our strikeforce and based on what we currently have, I feel that Gerrard is the only player decent enough to continue staring in our midfield. We need a creative playmaker to come in, we need some wingers who can run at pace and deliver balls into the box. You can not stick Henderson out on the right and expect much from him.

I then ask myself the question, how are we going to get in quality players if we do not have the attraction of Champions League football? You also have to ask yourself, are Mr. Henry and co prepared to slash out £50million plus this summer again? If they want success, they are going to have to. Right now we are far off from being a side capable of finishing in the Top 4 compared to the squads our competitors have. And we do not want to just be in the Top 4 but to also challenge in the Champions League when we are in there and not be knocked out like Manure.


7 responses to “Liverpool have to throw money at the problem”

  1. rigs says:

    I disagree that we need a big money striker. We need someone who can and is willing to provide quality service from the wings. Henderson is a central player and Downing seems almost unwilling. However, if Mario Gomez, Moussa Sow, Giuseppi Rossi or Alexandre Pato beg to come to Liverpool, I’d be just fine with that.

  2. Dave York says:

    Of course it’s a failure if we don’t get in top four , even if we go on and win the F A Cup , in fact it’s the amount of points we are behind city and united that is the gauge of things , 28 pts behind after 27 games it is disgusting , and anyone saying there is improvement is either trying to con the fans , or totally deluded . I’m off to the game tonight and not actually looking forward to it , i imagine there’s quite a few others feeling the same and that’s awful aswell isn’t it ? After the last few months of last season ( jan to may ) even tho we lost last home game to spurs , I think we all looked forward to the new season , then the spend in the close season , we had every right to expect a hell of a lot more . We have been awful , and unlike the end of last season there doesn’t seem like there’s anything to look forward to .

  3. chris says:

    spending more money is not the answer.even if kenny was given another 100 million,will he buy quality players?play youngsters in the senior squad,like sterling,suso,eccleston,amoo,ngoo,darby,coady,morgan,wisdom.if these players do well then there is no need to waste any more money in buying 6-8 players to get back into the champions league

  4. adelany says:

    the problem we hav is striker atleast one big name striker and unknown striker like fernando liorenties or saldado then unknown.

  5. Vipakindele says:

    We only focus on striker when of cause our mid-field is terrible.Gerrad is the only man,and as we can see his age is now showing on the pitch.We lack the creativity in the midfield,no killer pass,no acurate shot.No one to reap Suarez efforts.Gone are those Rafa days when goals from mid-fielders Alonso and Gerrad enter double digits.

  6. Chan says:

    We are 10 points off 4th and a massive 25 points behind our hated rivals at the top, so yes this season had been a failure for us to say the least.

    After 100 mill and a set of new players do we expect such poor returns? KD and DC had been a massive dissapointment and many fans including me of course wonder what demons could have drove them to pay a combine 85 mill for flops such as Carroll, Henderson, Downing and Adams, players who are mid table at best. Compared them with Mata or even our own Suarez for example and you see my point.

    We can throw money again but if i was JH, i would ask myself “I gave this 2 clowns 100 mill, we are 25 points off the top, 10 points of 4th, why should i give them more? Can someone better be appointed to spend this cash?”

    So the answer is clear, Sack KD and DC, reappoint Rafa and see LFC progress