Date: 12th March 2012 at 8:31am
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Talk about a bad weekend for Liverpool! When is our luck going to change? We played brilliantly against Arsenal and came way with nothing, we were not at our best against Sunderland but we lost due to a very unlucky goal. What more can possibly go wrong with our club? Losing Suarez to PSG in the summer seems to be likely now.

Suarez has been quoted as saying that he would not rule out the possibility of joining PSG as has been widely speculated by many people.

“Yes, I could go to Paris, like many big teams,” Suarez told French television station Canal+.

“There are many big clubs with such a reputation that want to build a top team and Paris is one of those teams that is recruiting to strengthen.”

“I would love (if Lugano and I) could play together.”

No why would Suarez want to join PSG? In his mind he may be thinking about the whole Evra saga and how he is always being booed by opposition fans and this booing will not end. But Suarez is bigger than being scared away by the booing in my opinion. I think the biggest problem is how is will always be a target for opposition players and referees for the duration of his time in English football. We have already seen that not many foul calls are going his way now as he has been branded a diver. And to make things worse, all of this is affecting the strikers own natural game.

Ever since Suarez returned from his 8 match ban, he has not been the same player. It looks like he is trying too hard for Liverpool and it is just not working out. This could mean that Dalglish and co may decide to let go of Suarez in the summer and get some decent money for him with PGS knocking on the door.

In my opinion, I do not think Suarez’s mind is in the right place and based on his comments about PSG, he already has one half of his mind set on moving to France in the summer so he can start a brand new footballing life for himself away from England.


21 responses to “Why Suarez would want to join PSG”

  1. Bekim says:

    Maybe cos he’s pissed off playing with average players like Adam,Caroll, Henderson and Spearing. THAT’S WHY.

  2. TG says:

    He said yes it would be nice to play with his mates, so what!!!. Cavani said the same thing but neither mentioned PSG directly at all………………….media drivel. KK needs to get back to Wembley to stay in a job, we seem uninterested in the league!!!!

  3. Dang says:

    Bekim just got it right on the set go. Will be sad to see Suarez go but i understand his frustration.

    • Bekim says:

      I will b sad to c him go as well but I would not blame him at all. I just hope that KK if still there next season stops his policy of buying British if they r not good enough. YNWA

  4. sad but true says:

    New owners have decided to sell him in my opinion.

  5. billy nambi says:

    lets him go for 35m.wish him good luck.thank for being part of liverpool team.YNWA

  6. RednRed says:

    Not to worry, I’m sure Kenny with his excellent past signings, will replace hime with another top quality player, like D Bent???……….can’t wait!.

    • Chambers says:

      I have heard that Kenny has his eye on an over-weight, four foot eight midfielder who hopes one day to be half as good as Adam! The good news is that he’s Scottish and would cost only £36M.
      Now that has got to be a steal?

  7. MuscularKopite says:

    6 goals in 21 games…. Suarez is hardly a prolific striker so if we can get £35m and then buy a goalscorer who would have 15 in 21 games we would be much better off

    • Jim G says:

      Re: Muscular Kopite. Good point, except he wasn’t bought as an outright goalscorer. He was bought as a foil for Torres, who promptly jumped ship.

  8. sean says:

    Agree with Bekim – the lad is surrounded by average players and poor tactics doesnt help.He has to contend with being marked by 4 defenders in every game.35 mil worth of nothing sitting on the bench and making cameo appearances along with Hendo and Downing who are about as dynamic as Hodgsons post match speeches.Lets not forget Adam – real world class player can definitely see why we got rid of Mereiles and Aqua.At this stage I’d gladly take Joe Cole back – at least he tried.Sunderland,West Brom and Everton were all struggling and they within earshot of us. Wonder what Moyes would do with R 100 mil ? No worries nxt season Hendo will develop into a David Silva,Adam will get some pace and creativity,Downing will terrorise defenders and Carrol will get Golden Boot.
    Sad thing is it aint gonna happen – u buy average u get average.Lfc has been put back years because of the poor buys and as sad as it is to say ,KD you will always be great in my eyes but as the gaffer you not the man to take us forward

  9. SI says:

    Loads more money, international teammate captain, less vitriol from fans, opposing managers and media

  10. sean says:

    Whats even more sad is the fact that the excuses and the justification are starting to come thru thick and fast.We were unlucky,7 new faces and we won the carling cup-how many teams can do that.Players need time to develop and we have more depth now than ever,carling cup and in the next round of FA cup shows how far we have progressed. For many years now I have listened to a host of LFC managers all make excuses for how bad the team is doing.Truth is we closer to 15th place than we are to 4th.Truth is our squad is devoid of quality and inferior to most LFC squads of the past.Truth is we spent R 100 mil and we struggle to be consistent and beat the likes of the bottom 15 teams.Truth is its gonna cost us a lot of money to fix this mistake.

    • Savs says:

      Truth is, you are a great example of a very knowledgeable, supportive, positive, patient Liverpool fan.

      • RednRed says:

        Truth is SAVS……YOU are in a deluded few, that the KING can do no wrong. Now when I snap my fingers……YAWN!

  11. Paul.Philosophy says:

    More then one subject matter here …

    1. Will Suarez leave this summer?

    2. Have we improved as a squad?

    We can’t answer the first, not yet! Will he go, if we are to debate the possibility, then i could see opportunity for suarez to move due to the racism label and his treatment on the pitch since. The bigger question is can he put the event behind him and improve not only himself but the team, not sure is my feeling, hope so, but not convinced.

    The second point, have we improved … this gets political if you like, some people are pure KK followers, some are LFC followers (the club as one). I’m sure from my long history as a support that most knowledgable football fans understand it does take time for change to bed-in, I would agree KK needs time, although I’m a little concerned by the lack of improvement in the league standings and if we don’t get a grip, we could find ourselves finishing lower then last year.

    The team at times have played some great football, but, and the but is a big one … we have not scored goals, this failure has been clear for all to see, why? could be a lot of issues, I did feel we needed to find a DM to cover for the injured Lucas and the attack force (so called) of downing, henderson, carrol and … suarez have been dispointing at best.

    It’s been an odd season for LFC, players haven’t really stepped up in the manner we had hoped, some buys are looking like mistakes, but hold that thought, we would be best placed to make a call on our future after the last game of the season, if we have not improved from where we are today, then we must ask questions of the club as a whole and that will include the manager and those around him. Support for our club is vital but we must be mindful of blind support. Expectation is also a dangerous beast, so to say I expected us to be battling for a top four place is not make-believe or un-achievable, so I will wait till the last game of the season and if we have not finished 4th (or higher) then as a so-called big club we have failed, yes we can argue about the wembley final and another possible appearance in May but lets not get lost in self gratification, we should be top four, to accept 6th 7th or 8th is not good enough, no more excuses, time for someone at the club to put steel toe-caps on and start kicking players up the back-side or out of the club.

    • sean says:

      Well said Paul.Savs I have supported LFC for 38 years and Managers and players have come and gone.I support Liverpool and will continue to do so.I will however not subscribe to the notion that certain people are untouchable.Yes it is early days with 7 new faces,but of those 7 brought in how many of them are capable of getting us 4th place.If we have progressed in terms of quality of the squad then by all means I’ll accept 7th place.Every other team in the top5 will strenghten in the summer.Commoli has already stated that their wont be major additions nxt summer just a tweak here and their.We have a midfield of Adam,Henderson and Downing,where’s the creativity and the pace?We need a 20 goal a season striker?Where’s the cover for Lucas in the defensive midfield role?Where’s the cover at Centre Back ? Are the owners going to give us another R100 mil.Savs this is my opinion with no sarcasm and open to debate.Feel free to respond but keep the sarcasm and give your views on why you disagree.

  12. suarez says:

    listen MuscularKopite!!! Suarez is hardly a prolific striker so if we can get £35m? this is the worst season in his history, few facts you people did not keep in mind while wanting to sell one of the worlds best strikers: appearances to goals and ratio
    Torres : 435 – 177 40% goal rate
    Rooney : 431 – 190 44% goal rate
    D Bent : 403 – 173 42% goal rate
    Louis Suarez : 270 – 152 56% goal rate
    so please ask yourself the question again! between top striker his the best now why would we sell him for 35 if we sold Torres for 50??? so shut up if you don’t no anything about a quality striker. hes better than all of them and a lot more.

  13. Akash says:

    SACK kenny dalglish and appoint FRANK RIJKAARD…. if not means just closed the club, don’t spoil the club’s name by loosing to underdog teams like sunderland. And dalglish always give excuse if lose any match…

  14. DOGLISH says:

    Ha Ha one atrocious Manager with a Bucket load of excuses!