Date:12th March 2012 at 8:31am
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Talk about a bad weekend for Liverpool! When is our luck going to change? We played brilliantly against Arsenal and came way with nothing, we were not at our best against Sunderland but we lost due to a very unlucky goal. What more can possibly go wrong with our club? Losing Suarez to PSG in the summer seems to be likely now.

Suarez has been quoted as saying that he would not rule out the possibility of joining PSG as has been widely speculated by many people.

“Yes, I could go to Paris, like many big teams,” Suarez told French television station Canal+.

“There are many big clubs with such a reputation that want to build a top team and Paris is one of those teams that is recruiting to strengthen.”

“I would love (if Lugano and I) could play together.”

No why would Suarez want to join PSG? In his mind he may be thinking about the whole Evra saga and how he is always being booed by opposition fans and this booing will not end. But Suarez is bigger than being scared away by the booing in my opinion. I think the biggest problem is how is will always be a target for opposition players and referees for the duration of his time in English football. We have already seen that not many foul calls are going his way now as he has been branded a diver. And to make things worse, all of this is affecting the strikers own natural game.

Ever since Suarez returned from his 8 match ban, he has not been the same player. It looks like he is trying too hard for Liverpool and it is just not working out. This could mean that Dalglish and co may decide to let go of Suarez in the summer and get some decent money for him with PGS knocking on the door.

In my opinion, I do not think Suarez’s mind is in the right place and based on his comments about PSG, he already has one half of his mind set on moving to France in the summer so he can start a brand new footballing life for himself away from England.