Date: 12th March 2012 at 3:37pm
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It is not good times at Liverpool right now having gone down to Sunderland on the weekend following a loss to Arsenal the weekend before. I had thought that the Carling Cup success would spur us on into a good run for the end of the season but we have not started off too well.

This has left club captain not in the best of moods. “The players need to take responsibility for where we are in the league,” Gerrard told the Liverpool Echo.

“It’s just not good enough for a club like us to be there. We have to find a better level of consistency.

“We need a reaction and there’s no better team to produce that against than Everton.

“It’s important the players put in a performance and get a result for the fans. Everyone is a bit down after recent results but we want to put a smile back on their faces.

“It’s a big week and we want to go into that Cup tie with Stoke on the back of a win.”

Gerrard is right in that this is not good enough! This was meant to a season where we push forward. One can see we have done that by winning the Carling Cup and still being in the hunt for the FA Cup but our league position is not that great.

Mathematically we can still finish in the top four but not if we continue playing the way we are. ask any Liverpool fan and they will tell you how much they want to be back in the Champions League. We may not make it this season but we must go down fighting and not put in performances like we did against Sunderland whereby we did not look like we wanted to win the game.


17 responses to “Steven Gerrard is left fuming”

  1. bleps says:

    Gerrard remembers the good old days when he, Alonso and Mascherano were part of a dynamic midfield and we had the deadly finishing of Torres. He must be shaking his head in disbelief when he looks around the pitch now.

  2. anthony says:

    Well stevie the squad would be doing well if you stopped being so selfish and actually pass the ball to another player who is in a better position to score a goal, instead of taking those pathetic long shots you do. The team was doing well until you came back and thats a fact. We were playing as a team not as a team of individual talents. When other players see you taking pathetic long shots and get applauded for it, they must think well i do the same. Your also blocking other people’s talents coming through because you want to the main man all the time. Suso is better than you as well as jonjo and even aqua man is better than you. And yet none of them can get a game because you dont want people taking your place in the first team. Does us a favour and move on as you aint good enough to wear the shirt nevermind be the captain. YNWA

    • Anor says:

      God, are u serious saying that?

    • john says:

      you talk a load of crap Anthony, you can tell you dont watch a lot of matches, or if you do you dont have a clue about L.F.C. Stevie has pulled us out of the fire dozens of time with his long shots and drives the team on to play better. Dont know what sort of supporter you are, you must have only watched a few games. we can do without people like you on here.
      OH why OH why am I wasting my breath on this IDIOT. !!!!! ?

    • karl says:

      thats not an lfc fan sum man u or arsnal fan just jealous gerrard is well known as the best box to box midfield player of his generation he was courted by every club in the world and stead loyal to lfc would have walked into any team in the world at his peak , he is a little beyond that now but still be class for yrs to come needs legs around him to do the donkey work while he sprays the passes , everyone dont even awnser ppl like that just tryin to get a reation from us

  3. TG says:

    The Liverpool fan wrongly accused of racist comments by Tom Adeyemi, has no case to answer. The CPS found no evidence at all, will the fan get an apology from the player or media…..????

  4. Raphael says:

    Never mind what Anthony is saying. He is a Man Utd fan and just trying to sound as though his mouth change roles with his anus.

    Gerard is surrounded by those not good enough to be on our bench. They are mid-table giants who tend to run around when playing bigger teams. Gerard may not be as he used to; but quality & experience still count as they do for Giggs and Scholes.

    I can’t see LFC, with these crop of players, get top four in the next 3 years. Teams are getting stronger, but Kenny is building for the future lol. There is no future but NOW. Failure batters the mentality and today where is Leeds United or Nottingham Forest.

    We don’t need Hens and Downs, not even an Adam or a Pony tailed Goliath. They’ll come good in the future so dump them in the academy. Buy proven players, Kenny, and stop trying to favour your boy’s scout members. If Argentina could call Maxi, who are you to bench him over Hen or Down? He has scored more goals than both of them put together.

    Why I want Kenny sacked is because he always talk about us not having luck. Is Barca world best club by luck? Did we win at Istanbul by luck? Did Arsenal Immortals go through the season by luck? So lets LFC sack Kenny and find a coach with more luck to provide us with.

  5. Greg says:

    The level of delusion amongst our fans is ridiculous… Dalglish is a below ave manager at best and the quality of talent he and Comoli have brought in is utter trash! I expect at 10th – 12th place finsih at best (although I had predicted 7th at the beginning of the season based on his idiotic summer signings and the fact that he forced our 2 most creative midfielders out of the club) Dalglish has his head in the sand and needs to be fired now!

  6. anthony says:

    I aint no man u fan. I,ll believe gerrard actually believes his own hype. What has he contributed to over the last 4yrs F**K ALL. He gets ridiculous amounts of money for being consistently injured and when is bk he does nothing but take pathetic long shots from distance when thier are people in better scoring opportunities. He is so far up is own arse its unbelievable. Take a few seasons bk when him and torres were injured and everyone was saying we are a two man team. We finished second and that was all down to lucas and kuyt and gerrard had the cheeck to come out and state that if it weren’t for him and torres we wouldn’t of finished in that position when was injured for more than half it. Its about time certain people started opening thier f**king eyes as he,s nothing more than a glory boy. So basically what your saying is i cant have an opinion because dont agree with you and i dont like gerrard. And yes am a scouser and yes am a season ticket holder. What are you?

    • Daniel Miller says:

      Oh the 08/09 season where Gerrard and Torres did nothing. Was that imaginary. Gerrard had 16 league goals and Torres had 14 in 24. Of course you’re a fan, of Everton maybe.
      What exactly did Lucas do that season that got us 2nd?

    • karl says:

      ur a lyin bollox with fked up views and ur not wanted on a lfc site now fuck off u mank cunt

  7. anthony says:

    Believe it or not people am not the only liverpool fan who believes gerrard is past it. YNWA

    • Eddow says:

      It’s sad to see you blaming Gerrard for the bad results. Steven Gerrard is one of the greatest football players ever lived, and some people don’t realise what a unique player he is. He doesn’t play the style of Messi or Ronaldo but he is the ultimate box-to-box player. Summing up his qualities would bring me too far. To the People who write him off already: You don’t have a clue about football. A player can have a difficult time after a long injury but if you know Gerrard you know he’s not past his peak. I’m sure that he will be back at his best at the EC 2012.
      The only problem at Liverpool is the person whose name begins with a K and rhymes with fish. Bring Back Rafa!

      • karl says:

        he is past his peak just gerrard peak is so fuckin high he is still world class for yrs to come he is 31 needs to alter his game still love him to bits as a player for all he done for lfc living legend

  8. matt says:

    while I agree with anthony that Gerrard is past his prime,he’s the biggest f***king idiot if he thinks Lucas contibuted more than Gerrard during the season we finished second. Lucas was still getting booed at ocassionally during games in that season. or maybe he’s just one of many manc scum trolling Liverpool fan sitessites.

  9. Chris says:

    Anthony is a fucking idiot i have ever seen in d world of football. Infact i can bet my life that he is not a liverpool fan,he is one of those Howard webious man utd or arsenal fans i hate 2 fuck around with down here in nigeria. I cant even trade Gerrard for any oda box to box midfielder in d world ,even d best striker,even in 38 there would be only one steven Gerrard so fuck off Anthony d animal