Date:13th February 2012 at 1:57pm
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This whole Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra saga has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Like the rest of the club, I have been fully supportive of Luis Suarez ever since the charges were laid on him. But following the events of Saturday with him refusing to shake Evra’s hand before the game, I became very upset. Worse still, only to find out yesterday from Kenny Dalglish that Suarez had said prior to the game he was going to shake Evra’s hand and he did not. The club have every right to be upset with Suarez. He has issued an apology but I think a firmer stance should be taken and the player should know that no one is bigger than the club.

It will be interesting now to see what the club does to Suarez. There have been many calls that Liverpool should sell him after all this drama as it has tainted the clubs name and image across the world. Personally, I do not think we should sell Suarez, simply because he is a very talented player and there are very few people in the world you could bring in to replace him.

Many players have bounced back from such saga’s, just look at Cantona coming back after the kung-fu kick or Cristiano Ronaldo following the World Cup drama with Wayne Rooney. Suarez is big enough a player to come back from this but does he as an individual feel he is capable of fighting through what will come his was over the next couple of months from the media, opposition players and fans? Suarez may simply say, “I do not have to deal with this abuse and I am packing my bags and leaving England.”

Suarez now has to let his football do the talking for the remaining part of the season. He has to play out of his skin and show the Liverpool faithful why they backed him up in the first place. He owes us in my opinion.

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