Date: 13th February 2012 at 10:37am
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The pre-match Suarez and Evra row on Saturday had ramifications across the globe. In South Africa we are learning this morning (Monday) that an inmate was will by another inmate following an argument about the Suarez and Evra row which caught the attention of many football fans across the world.

Suarez has since apologised for refusing to shake Evra’s hand before the match but the damage has already been done, including the loss of someones life.

The reports coming out of the Sowetan newspaper in South Africa are saying that an argument broke out between two inmates: “It is understood that the pre-match scuffle between Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and United’s Patrice Evra sparked the argument, eventually leading to Mazuwa killing the other inmate.”

The police are now going to launch and investigation and try find out exactly what happened.

Many Liverpool fans are caught on two sides now following Suarez’s snub of the Evra handshake. The club have said that they are upset with Suarez as he had promised to shake Evra’s hand. Based on the statement issued by the club, it sounds like Suarez has been slapped on the wrist but a harsher punishment should be handed to him for going against club orders.


58 responses to “Inmate killed in South Africa following Suarez – Evra row”

  1. Abby says:

    I don’t think it is quite wise for a liverpool website to publish this kind of news, if anything this will only alert outside media to investigate more and dig bad PR about Luis Suarez and Liverpool. It would be wiser to delete this post.

    • chrissie says:

      Well said this is just ridiculous .Suarez will get the blame now for someone getting killed.Madness the lot of it .

  2. They r all fergie pet

    • rassell says:

      couldn’t agree more mate, this is beyond a joke, we live in such a fake society, where people are forced to shake hands with others.

      We got these fergie arse lickers blowing the whole thing up, two reasons for this:

      One, Fergie couldn’t handle it we have been kicking them off the park in the last few games and never mind on the park even off the park with the sponsors we been putting them to shame…now he is trying to destroy the sponsorship deals with something small as this.

      Two, he couldn’t handle we lost a world class striker and replaced him with another, firts chance he got and god did he take it…even evra admitted suarez is not racist and prbably wouldn’t have taken it so far if it wasn’t for this old joker pushing him. Suarez said what he did because evra said somthing about his sister to start him off. Yes suarez was wrong to react but thats what the hot blooded south americans are like.

  3. Asian says:

    why is it that fergie can get away with everything and anything and yet he is consider an angel by the media, FA, the referees etc.

    he can even tell another what he shud do with the player. of course, he would love to see LFC sack LS so that LFC would be in trouble without a quality striker since they know we cant depend on AC.

    so can you all see how evil that SOG is? to him, as long as he is worshipped and win the price trophy, others dont matter to him. they are rightly called the DEVILS !

  4. nobody round the world gives a damn only the media,the people dont care,so stop telling lies,,

  5. Jevon says:

    Based on the statement issued by the club, it sounds like Suarez has been slapped on the wrist but a harsher punishment should be handed to him for going against club orders.

    Oh please dont make me laugh…..since when did the club order him to do ANYTHING? Bollocks

  6. Chesie says:

    Ferggie must keep his mouth shut! he had Eric Cantona what did he do about it, so he must not get carried away and forget were he is coming from.

  7. mark says:

    cantona kicked a fan in the head with intent to do harm and he was not punished in accordance with the crime he committed. The scum have and always will have the league wrapped around their little fingers. it is just amazing how nothing has happened to evra for inciting crowd violence with his celebration. we have just lost a lot of fans in the incident in egypt, this should be fresh in the minds of the football powers that be.


  8. Kenny says:

    I am appalled by your decision to re-cycle this story. And as for the comments in the main body of the text – if you took away your banner and replaced it with a Red Devil, I wouldn’t have been surprised by the content.

  9. steve says:

    well said. this site is anti lfc. jamie kanwar is a deciple of fergie pretending to be lfc fan.i urge everyone to boycott this site. he constantly gets on the case of kenny and suarez,just glad others are now seeing it too….

    • crazyhorse says:

      Well said steve mate! a little while back i was so angry about
      an article by this jamie kanwar that i called him a p…k and a manc because thats what my gut was telling me about this guy
      and he banned me from his site when i accused him of being a manure fan.He is a wrongun dont read this guys articles again
      i have now banned him and so should every red!

    • Cal says:

      exactly, mate. boycott this site and liverpool kop as well.

  10. Hehee says:

    What an embarrassment is this? Defending indefesible, no shame in face. Who is this Suarez, anyway?

  11. The Don says:

    I am from south Africa and never heared of the story. It is just a hoax
    just like the rest of the manure team, trying to upset LFC. Furgeson probably knows the league should be going to Man City, so his only glorification is to upset LFC with all this nonsense for this season. What an asshole. I never knew anyone that hated Liverpool so much. Can’t we see that he is single handedly trying to break LFC before he retires, a true devil in the sense. But he will not succeed as Liverpool and KK will get over this scenario. BTW Suarez going nowhere !!!

  12. Jon says:

    Firstly, I live in South Africa and I’ve certainly not heard anything about this. Secondly, with South Africa’s murder statistics, if it wasn’t the Evra/Suarez debacle which caused this “alleged” death, it would have been something else – we don’t need excuses, especially in our prisons. That being said – I don’t think it appropriate for something like this to be put on an LFC related website – true or not – Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot.

  13. emmanuel says:

    Liverpool fans divided my foot! come on idiot! we will be behind Suarez forever,what do we get from him shaking Evras hand.To hell poor idiot!We only want him to help us hit fourth,not Evra’s hand…

  14. joe says:

    Life goes on as normal after Suarez Evra row too, so what else is new. This controversy about the row is so overblown it’s unreal. If any knows what really was said between the two players, please tell me, because all i’ve read and seen lately is sheep complaining and claiming to know exactly what happened, proof being they made accusations against the man without any proof only the hearsay of others. Society turns pathetic when it relys on the News International for the truth. Suarez isn’t racist, end of…Start prosecuting outwardly racist individuals instead of scapegoating undeservid of an extreme witch hunt

  15. will says:

    soooooooooooooooo whaaaaat!!! what the hell has that got to do with suarez! you journalists are honestly the scum of the earth and you feed off of peoples misery! write about your own life!

  16. jackie says:

    Liverppol fans should look a for the video that says
    this, Keane and Viera fight in the tunnel,WE have video proof of both Keane and Scholes refusing to shake Patrick Vieira’s hand before the match, I guess he say a different tune that day? or did he believe those two should never have played for Manchester United again?
    So Sir Alex, worry about your own club and their actions before you worry about our’s.
    YNWA Luis Suarez.
    Tthe video can bee found on the AnfieldRed

  17. NUFCELITE says:

    To be honest after watching the game meself i thought both players acted like babies,you player should of shook his hand in my opion,but on the flip side of the coin felt evra made a big deal over nothing meself,after watching evra at the end of the game felt he was trying to provoke the player meself,but at the end of the day if he told the club he was going to shake hands he should have done what he said he was going to do.

  18. Gary Byrne says:

    FFS!!! I SUPPOSE HE’S NOW GOING TO BE BLAMED ON WHITNEY HUSTON’S DEATH AND PROBABLY THE TROUBLE IN SYRIA. This is a non story! You should be ashamed of yourself for even putting this on your site! How are we ever supposed to move on if our alleged own supports keep coming up with drivel like this!

  19. john lfc says:

    After all this bollocks I wouldnt shake his hand either,hes a nasty piece of work Evra and no,its got fuck all to do with the colour of his skin.Hes caused so much trouble for over reacting.He would have more dignity to deal with it himself instead of playing the race card.READ THE REPORT,EVRA THINKS SUAREZ IS NOT A RACIST.I don’t get it.The sooner this is over the better for everyone,there’s too many if this if that,its a fucking pantomime fueled by the media, papers and journo hype.
    ynwa Luis.

    • Stevie h says:

      Even though evra said he his not racist he did make a racist comment. Suarez is a good player but a PR disaster he lied to the club re handshake so people will assume now he lied about evra. I personally think the club will sell him in the summer as no one is bigger than the club and from a commercial point of view we cannot be linked with someone who has admitted racist comments.

  20. Darren says:

    I think it was wise of LFC, KD and Suarez to issue an apology because of the media hype against us! but to a certain degree I think Suarez was right to snub Evra. If you don’t like someone you wouldn’t shake their hand! Suarez was found guilty by the FA not by a Judge or a Jury in a court of law. Evra’s actions have now torn Suarez’s reputation around the world without any real concrete evidence. They only found him guilty because he admitted to saying the word negreto (spelt wrong) which translates to black. In my opinion it’s not for a footballing governing board to decide cultural differences! Because and I’m no expert on this but it’s appartly not a racist term in Spanish. How else can you describe someone’s colour of skin?? It wasnt wise of Saurez to describe Evra as a black man especially in the uk as it usually is said in a racist way but how can they really say he was being racist?? Answer is you can’t! Only Suarez knows whether he meant it in a racist way or in an attempt to wind Evra up! Ps why publish this thread! Seriously have a look at yourself! You telling me that by Suarez snubbing Evra he got someone killed! Idiot! YNWA One World One Race “human beings” it’s about time the world stopped letting the colour of someone’s skin be an issue!

  21. Ashfah Ngog says:

    Blame it on Evra, he stared it all.

  22. jackie says:

    It is Saurez fault that the euro is failing in Greece, and all the bad winter weather coming fron eastern europe,also his fault that downtown shops are closing down, if anything happens in the world blame it on Saurez if fergy shits himself blame it on Saurez

    • fuwee says:

      N let Baby Evra lick his shit n milk him from Fergie’s bottle. Would that make him less ashamed of his color if the milk from Fergie lighten him a little ? What a sick family of devil hiding in red !

  23. marty says:

    i believe the fa are to blame they could of dealt with this whole issue a lot better ida banned both players with warnings .i do think its now turned into a witch hunt on luis suarez .patrice evra knew what he was doing saturday ida respected him more if hed of let suarez walk on by. he wanted more media press and keep this rubbish up with suarez u can see it by his reactions again both players are to blame .i really dont know why when kenny asked fergie for a meeting to get this sorted out fergies reply was its not needed well now he knows he was wrong in not having the meeting between liverpool and man utd so much hatred between the clubs again .

  24. Kristian Johnson says:

    Well said. Despite his top drawer performances, he’s been an embarrassment to the club in the last few months. Suarez is now on very, very thin ice.

    • Stevie h says:

      Agree kristian he is a PR disaster and I think will be sold in summer as this could kill us commercially. I know il get slagged of for this but dalglish hasn’t come out of this 2 well either his virtual denial after spurs game and rant on sat is cringeworthy and embarrassing. He has lost a lot if credibility IMHO. Football has moved on since his day and racism or alleged racism is not tolerated like in the 70s he has made himself look an out of touch dinosaur and stupid enough to play into media hands when he cud have put this to bed as well. Add to that Norwich are just behind us on a shoestring budget and we are likely to finish 7th than 4th so can see him resigning in summer to. Unfortunately we have to distance ourselves from both player and manager as sponsors etc will drop us.

  25. jackie says:

    Marty you now know the reason behind fergy not wanting a meeting, fergy again the wiseman, Liverpool are again made to look the fools, Manu takes the moral high ground once again, it is time the back room staff at Liverpool said enough is enough and tell Manu to get stuffed fergy is making little boys of them on and off the field

  26. vin says:

    Why should someone shake hands with his enemy. Evra has taken advantage of this situation to show that he was the victim while he admitted abusing suarez. Was suarez banned because he was a liverpool player and evra was from man u. why ferguson has made comments regarding suarez that he is a disgrace and why was evra jumping all around the field. What manu want to prove. Has ferguson treated cantona ,kean and giggs for what they have done, the same way. i tell you ferguson keep your mouth shut. I am black and i will support my liverpool club till the last day of my life and i tell you suarez never shake anything with any manu player.

  27. Ian says:

    If i was ina room with a gun, 2 bullets and Gaddafi, Bin Laden and Evra I would shoot Evra, twice. I think what he has done here is stir up trouble and played victim, most sickening thing about it is they charged Suarez with no video evidence yet John Terry is milking it even tho hes on camera sayin “Anton.. Anton.. U fucking black bastard.. Fuckind nobhead” Terry will get a £2500 fine and still go to the euros. Patrice Evra has stirred up trouble a number of times before and this is just the tip of the iceberg for me. Im not defending suarez saying he didnt do it or whatever im just saying that Saturday whether he shook Evra’s hand or not was irrelevant, I wouldnt shake the cunts hand either and i wouldnt shake the hand of a man i hate.

    • fuwee says:

      Evra is a C**T without a doubt. Playing victim. In have black friends and we call our races even when we’re pissed at each other. Are we racist ? He should shoot himself for being ashamed of who he is. Go get the manule from Michael Jackson to bleach his skin if being black or a negro is so low. And Ferguson is a trus devil. He is evil. Only one with such evil characteristic can last there. Sorry, not at the real RED side but one that has deveil in it . Shake Evra’s hand ??? I’d love to see baby Evra getting a slap from Suarez instead !

    • Stevie h says:

      Ian more fool Suarez for fooling for it. He said a racist comment and has been punished. He also lied to dalglish about handshake and totally undermined kd. The fact he lied to his own manager will be picked up by the media and make him look even more guilty now.

  28. gary says:

    i stubbed my big toe on the corner of my door, man that suarez character its all his fault

  29. adam says:


  30. adam says:

    was thinkin the same gary..
    it’s a joke that this manc tries to spread shit that even if true is something that could not be forseen.

  31. geeloo says:

    why on earth wud ferguson made a stupid comment on suarez.they are afraid of suarez ability.fuck u man u and sir fucking ferguson.why nt blame what happen in sudan and somalia on suarez

  32. adam says:

    Cantona knowingly could have blinded someone with a stud, or broke a nose.
    Suarez refuses to shake the hand of a twat, unknown to him that 2 ppl in africa are gonna argue over it.

    100% intent.
    0% intent.

    shit happens.

    Fucking mancs…

    • Stevie h says:

      But cantona got banned for a year so
      didnt really get away with it. The analogy is different here as its to do with race which is a very emotive subject. I’m sure if evra had called Suarez a greasy wop and then said it was acceptable for him to say it in France there would be uproar and rightly so. Suarez would be livid if evra or anyone else called him that. I blame KD. To a point for trivializing it when he should of just let it go. Suarez was punished and should of been the bigger person and shook evras hand like he said he was going to go. If he had done this then the media etc would be talking about the game instead of dragging the story on to sell their rags.

  33. charles says:

    Devil take u fergie! Ur son wouldn’t do better than suarez. Suarez is a superstar, u can say he made Adam to accept the forbiden fruit from Eve and that would never stop him! Evra is a fool, he proved it when he was jumpin around the pitch lik an insane monkey.YNWA SUAREZ!

  34. Kuben RSA says:

    This is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read. I live in RSA and never heard of such nonsense. The person who put this article on LFC website, is definitely one of Fergies lap dogs. And by the way Evra will never be a genuine sportsman, because what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch.

  35. Kamar says:

    What d hell 4rm fergi. Can u fergi shake a man who try 2 add a bad nickname 2 your name, suarez is now describe as a racist player which evra add 2 his name. Evra has changed luis suarez 2 racist suarez and u expect him 2 shake suarex hand fergy u are tru evil which pple call u. If I happen 2 b suarez i would have blow his hand

  36. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    All I can say is that it is a shame it could not be ass licking reports killing each other, one lives in hope! scum bags.

  37. Mohamed says:

    I am a Pool fan(more than 40 years) and live about 10 km’s from Soweto, in an area called Midrand. The gunshots and killing in Soweto are quite frequent. Whomever got this ”news” is obviously looking to paint South Africa and Suarez in a bad light. So please take this article with a pinch of salt. As for murders in prisons, that happens everywhere, even in the UK. So please dont believe this journo(must be an ex-Sun reporter). YNWA – Suarez

  38. dave herbert says:

    What kind of prison has the match on! I can’t even afford sky sports! Joke aside! I have read a few articles from this muppet and thought he can’t be a true lfc fan! This proves it! I weren’t ashamed of suarez like some fans have said! Just pissed off, its same old same old boring not important news! Just hope the apologies will now let every move on! And let us get back to winning games! Winning the 2 cups and most importantly getting 4th place! Because chelski, gooners and even the geordies r giving us the chance! Going on form sunderland or norwich have a better chance of getting 4th! Y..N..W..A!

  39. keith says:

    fergie says suarez is a disgrace for not shaking cry babies hand isnt this the man who wouldnt speak to the bbc for years ,,and refused to even give them time of day and sent this right hand muppet phelan out instead,,

  40. John says:

    Never believe the media. Never! No matter what site or what publication. All devils even the ones that claim to have a side. All of them are out for views and ratings. There’s a point in life you get to when you realize there aren’t any grown ups. Just kids who think they have ideas. You’re all morons. Just kick the ball and shut the hell up.


  41. Daniel Khoo says:

    Shouldn’t Evra be charged for trying to incite fans after the game? Guys who branded Suarez racist do not know what racist is all about. It is not as simple as using the N word. So shut the f… up if you have nothing else to add.

  42. mikky says:

    Suarez should be put on a manslauter charge for this. quite clearly it was definatly him that caused this to happen. he is also guilty of the nuclear disaster in Japan, and the starvation of the third world. He should never play again for liverpool

  43. jackie says:

    Liverppol fans should look a for the video that says
    this, Keane and Viera fight in the tunnel,WE have video proof of both Keane and Scholes refusing to shake Patrick Vieira’s hand before the match, I guess he say a different tune that day? or did he believe those two should never have played for Manchester United again?
    So Sir Alex, worry about your own club and their actions before you worry about our’s.
    YNWA Luis Suarez.
    Tthe video can bee found on the AnfieldRed

  44. Kurt Ellis says:

    Guys, where is this news from??? I am from South Africa and follow the news and there is no news of this?????

  45. Well Done Suarez says:

    The whole Suarez saga is BS, The term negerito is commonly used in South America and thats the term suarez was caught repeating apperently 9 times, Suarez’s father is black and players like Glen johnson had Suarez’s back throught this whole ordeal which makes it so obvious he is not a Racist. Ferguson knew the FA were looking at cracking down on racism and they targeted Suarez and knew they would get away with murder on this. Not only have they tarnsihed his name , the 8 game suspension was ridiculous and it was all to do because Ferguson was involved. Suarez never shook Evras hand because if you knew you were right, took an 8 game suspension for no reason then had to shake a guys hand for putting you in that mess – forget it …… well done Suarez and its odd all the black suporters chanting Saurez’s name during the europa match against united , they must not know about the racist story or they just dont believe the BS hype.