Date: 30th January 2012 at 4:23pm
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With only a few hours left in the January transfer window, many fans have been keeping a close eye on the rumours linking us with bringing in a new player. The latest rumour had us linked with a loan move for Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez but any chance of him joining Liverpool have been dashed by Kenny Dalglish announcing Liverpool’s transfer decision for this January.

Dalglish was speaking ahead of the Wolves game and said that there would be no new players coming in or leaving Liverpool this January.

He said: “There’ll be nothing happening here in the transfer window, in or out.

“There’s no need to ask any questions about transfers or speculation or anything else.”

Do you think this is a good idea for the Reds or should we have gone out and signed someone?

It had long been suggested that we need to bring in a new striker but following Carroll’s decent performance against Manchester United, hopefully the giant striker can start firing in the goals for Liverpool and this will coincide with Luis Suarez’s return from suspension.


22 responses to “Dalglish: Liverpool have made a decision”

  1. Johnie says:

    Liverpool needs to sign a striker to end the goal drought. Dalgish is reluctant to accept the fact that he wasted to buy underperformers Carroll and Downing!

    • Bill says:

      Just look to the right of the page and see the poll for M O M. Who is top Err Oh yeh it’s Carroll. with Henderson and Downing not far behind. With supporters like you who needs enemies. Weren’t you the one crying for the sacking of every manager since Souness? Prat patience is a virtue you don’t seem to possess.

      • Stevie h says:

        Big wow cheque book kennys under performers have one good season. Let’s put in every national newspaper. They shud be motm or 8 out 10 every week the amount of money we paid for them. Their resale value would only be half of what kd paid for them now. Prob no transfers as kd can’t be trusted with anymore money and he’s wasted most of it. Bring in mourunho he wants to come bk to prem next season then we will win something major instead of mickey mouse carling cup which even Bham city won last year.

  2. Baah Benard says:

    kenny we need a striker (goal hunter) please.

  3. Chalmers says:

    Heads buried in the sand!

  4. Stevie h says:

    Manchester City have asked anyone who is interested in Tevez must give 25 million pounds. Liverpool offer them Carroll but City reject the offer.Liverpool ask how much money + Carroll will be enough for the signature of Tevez. City reply ”25 million”

    • Bill says:

      Idiot nobody with any modicum of intelligence believed that swap idea. Dalglish said on air concerning Bellamy that if City had any more players the wanted to give away they have his number.

      Some idiot of a manure reporter thought he could make capital out of it.

      • Stevie h says:

        Ur the idiot if u read it properly u can see it was a joke. Someone text me it and I thought it would give a bit of Monday light relief. Didn’t realise a thicko would be reading it.

      • martin says:

        bill calm down calm down ,but seriously i think he should have brought in a decent winger in place of kuyt /maxi ok he scored on saturday but he wont really un hinge any defence with pace or crosses,i support kenny as much as anyone,we need fresh legs on right side,i hope we are not pleading with our big names to stay at end of season for lack of spending a few bob .now all we can do is keep the faith.

    • adrian says:

      Liverpool said that story is untrue dicko

  5. puneet says:

    its really a good news for all of liverpool fans that there will be no kind of transfer activity this winter

  6. F.O says:

    I dont understand this Mr.Daglish o,why are you against your fans?For Goodness sake! everybody knows that we need striker or you being carried away by winning the last 2games,windw is closin d nxt 38hrs before you will know whats happenin.if we ddn‘t qualify champions leaque u cause it all! that‘s it. from LFC FANS

  7. Nehemiah says:

    Pls Mr Dalklish pls bring one best striker to boster the team for goodness sake. Bring carloz Tevez or Demba Ba to anfied. Please………

  8. Nehemiah says:

    Pls Mr Daglish pls bring one best striker to boster the team for goodness sake. Bring carloz Tevez or Demba Ba to anfied. Please………

  9. Chris says:

    Nothin hapnin at Liverpool this window. Kenny must be happy with Carroll the big lazy donkey

  10. Anuraj says:

    Wat r u doing Mr. Dalglish?
    Our team is just average level.
    U must sign atleast 2 or 3 esp striker and winger inorder to finish in top four.

    We r very disappointed with current season.
    Not enough goals r goal scorers, to make u 3 points.

    Tevez could be a perfect signg.
    Pls take him 4 until the end of the season.

    Huntelaar,Benzema or podolski can score enough goals.

    Marin, jesus navas or lennon could be fit for wing position.
    Badluck 4 liverpool.
    It wil not going to happen!

  11. tony says:

    Carroll gives on great pass and kuyt finishes it makes them both improving players .
    They have been very very bad all season and if we really are serious against bolton Stevie gerrrard was at fault.
    and against city and man united started playing better in second half.
    We havent played well in both games manchester is we lost we would be all screeaming for kennys head amazing what two wins does we are 7 in the league and no problem come on really

  12. bizmac says:

    i ll like carlito to cam to liverpool des jan transfer. pls kenny

  13. Chessie says:

    the only thing we can win is the Carling Cup and we will not finish in the top four position and we will not win the FA Cup with the current squad sorry Kenny am not with you on these one.

  14. anthony says:

    kenny i cant believe you lets all down. everyone can see we at least need to 2 other strikers a right winger and a defensive midfielder. tell us the truth! did you have any money to spend during the transfer window or is ur head so far up ur own arse that u seriously believe u can achieve all our goals with players that dont have any passion or desire to truelly help our club move forward. my only solution is to start using glen as a winger and bring henderson into CMF. oh and stop playing 451 or 541 as we only ever concede goals and lose matches with these formations. am sorry to say but if u dont sort it out u will b gone by the end of the season.

    • Stevie h says:

      I think cheque book kenny spent or should I say wasted all the money last year. I don’t think the owners trust him anymore to spend their money even if they have it. If someone wasted millions of ur money u wouldn’t want to throw good money after bad would u. Kk needs to go and bring in mourunho then we will be winning major honours and not the mickey mouse carling cup that even Bham won last season.

  15. anthony says:

    kenny am sorry if i came accross as harsh in my last ad. i was like a lot of people at the end of transfer window pissed off because of the lack of activity during it. but on reflecting on it i realised ur doing great job considering the amount of shit u,ve had to put since taking the job. and for that lad i apologise. as a supprter u can get frustrated from time to time when you see certain players who at times dont seem too committed or botherd to help our club move forward. but on saying that, u no them better than we do. so if u have faith in them so should we. take it easy fella.