Date: 29th January 2012 at 12:54pm
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Reports this morning in the Mirror are saying that Liverpool tried an audacious transfer deal during the week when they tried to offer Andy Carroll to Manchester City in an exchange for their want away striker Carlos Tevez.

Apparently Manchester City have rejected this swap deal and Tevez himself is not keen to move to Liverpool at all.

Now all of this happened before the game on Saturday against Manchester United in the FA Cup which many fans have said has been Carroll’s best game for the Reds this season. The giant striker has received a lot of criticism from Liverpool fans for his lack of goals but yesterday (Saturday) he may not have gotten on the score sheet but he was heavily involved in both of Liverpool’s goals.

Maybe Carroll heard about this potential deal with Manchester City and thus decided to pull his socks up and put in a brilliant performance for Liverpool.

There is no doubt that Tevez is a talented striker and he will score goals for you but I doubt he has anything against Liverpool and he just wants to leave England and play in a different country.

Who would you rather have at Liverpool: Andy Carroll or Carlos Tevez?

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11 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Premier League striker refuses to join Liverpool”

  1. Dunc says:

    Carroll is one of those players who doesn’t train well and needs games to get his fitness (like one R Fowler). I think he’ll be fine once he’s fully fit and looks like he’s getting there. That’s the only reason his performance improved – more game time.

  2. Luis Suarez says:

    Carroll offers something different to Tevez and we already have Suarez. We should go for someone like Ibrahimovic like Adebayor for example to be able to use the apparent attacking impetus on the flanks from Enrique, Johnson and Downing.

  3. tony says:

    Suarez you know nothing about football zlatan failed barca because he wasnt the only star.
    He is at ac milan because in his head hes the biggest star
    he would not play well with stevie g and suarez because they are bigger players then him.

  4. Yusuf musa says:

    Cavani ppppppppppllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee

  5. kopitefromkali says:

    I agree. Cavani and gaston Ramirez!

  6. Williams says:

    Plzzzz i am appealing to Daglish and his managerial crew to get Cavani no matter what it takes, dat would be the greatest threat on the football pitch of premier league contenders. i.e. A combination of Suarez,Cavani,Bellamy,Kurt,Adam and Gerrard.

  7. JM says:

    It was lost in translation – it should have read Liverpool offer Carroll for Tellies.

  8. A says:

    De Laurentis wants 50m for Cavani now that Napoli are in a CL run. Good luck anyway. Doubt that hes heard of Liverpool.

  9. J J says:

    Should not bring in Tevez no matter how good he is. He clearly has an attitude problem. He will be detrimental to the team’s spirit. No player is bigger than the club even if you are Pele.

  10. rajiv says:

    Only an idiot would want a douchebag like tevez on their team.Ob tevez wont want LFC because he knows he cant do what he did at LFC under the King.