Date: 29th January 2012 at 1:41pm
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What a result! What a game! It is matches like yesterday (Saturday) that make me proud to be a Liverpool fan. We dream of games like that and they do not come any sweeter than beating Manchester United.

Going into the match, I was confident of a victory especially knowing that United has some serious injury problems. When I saw their starting lineup, I was chuffed as it was a team that we could easily beat without most of their big name players.

But when I saw our starting lineup, I paused for a second a wonder, “What are you doing Dalglish?”

King Kenny had opted to go with three centre backs, Carragher, Skrtel and Agger. I wondered how they would line up and it was clear from the beginning that Carragher was to play as the defensive midfielder i.e. the Lucas role. I was shocked! I believed Dalglish has gotten it wrong and we could have lost because of that.

Many fans though that Carragher was bought in so he could take care of Rooney if he were playing but he was not, thus his job was to look after Paul Scholes and it is fair to say that Scholes had the better of Carragher as he controlled the game. When United took Scholes off, the game changed and we started to boss the midfield. Even if Rooney was playing, I do not think Carragher has the legs anymore to play as a defensive midfielder. In all honesty, Carragher had a terrible game as he never got into it. But you can not blame him, I blame Dalglish.

Thankfully, Dalglish saw his error early in the second half and decided to take the ineffective Carragher off and bring on Kuyt. If Dalglsih had opted to carry on with Carragher in midfield, we may not have gotten the winner and we may have actually lost that game as we were being run over in midfield.

The substitutes Dalglish made in the second half were excellent. I know many fans were shocked to see Gerrard come off for Bellamy but that was a stroke of genius only someone like Dalglish could have done. It was clear to see that Gerrard was getting tired and was becoming more and more ineffective in the game so why not take him off and let Bellamy have a go? In the end if worked out well for the Reds.

It is also worth noting how well Andy Carroll played yesterday. I am not the strikers biggest fan but credit must be given to him yesterday for playing a part in both goals. Hopefully his confidence is up now and he can build on that. He looks a much better player now as his first touch seems to be improving. In my opinion I think he needs to play with another player alongside him upfront. With Suarez coming back, hopefully the Carroll – Suarez partnership we have all dreamed about will finally start working.

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10 responses to “How Dalglish ALMOST got it wrong against Manchester United”

  1. Dave says:

    No pleasing some people!!

    • Donathon Joe says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      Just another arm-chair Football Manager wannabe, who arrogantly thinks he knows better than Dalglish. After the week we’ve had, I understand why we call him The King….all starting with going all ‘dad-like’ and giving the squad the rollicking it deserved after the Bolton game.

      Won’t stop people arguing with his team-sheets, I know, but credit where it’s due….and boy is Kenny due some from all quarters, even our own dans, sadly.

  2. Mike says:

    Jesus wept. After that result, that’s all you can focus on?

    You seem more aware of the injuries affecting Man U than you do of the injuried affecting the team you claim to support.

    We had played a really tough game Wednesday the players only had 2 days to rest before Saturday.

    The tiredness factor as you saw in Stevie Gerrard’s case plus the injuries factor with Lucas and Spearing out and the fact we must play Tuesday after only 2 more days rest means we didn’t have so many options and needed to use fresh legs where we could.

    All things considered Carragher for 60 minutes was an understandable call and not something you should be looking to play the BLAME game over.

    Do one.

  3. mark says:

    mentioned couple of weeks ago some fans have become compulsive moaners.agree with the above,follow some other team because you aint no true pool fan.we in this in good times and cut out the moans or go else where.did we win?yes was it manure?yes then get a grip on reality.

  4. Chris says:

    Unbelievable….. Mate we controlled the game. Okay Utd had possession but they did nothing with it. The only time they looked creative was when Welbeck hit the post. Their goal came from our ONE mistake all match. Jose should have found row Z instead of trying to play football.

    Time and again we broke Utd down on the edge of our box. How many saves did Reinna have to make…. were we ever really stretched in the game. and finally WHO WON !

    Mate, this is a terrible insight as to what happened yesterday. You obviously watched on tele, rather than were able to see the effort the desire our 11 players had on the pitch from the off…..

  5. CY says:

    Whatever d bad comments here about our players are totally rubbish….i hate those so called fans that wont give Kenny and d players some breathing space…..we had a bad day at bolton nd so what?….d most important thing is dt we hv bounced bk really really well……YNWA.

  6. Obare polycarp says:

    If we can get cavani the better

  7. CHESSIE says:

    Thank you Liverpool, Thank you KD now is Britin at home sureley surely a place in the last eight will secured.Give us a cup double and a top 4 position and keep those negative fans away from their credics.

  8. Mckay says:

    I really want to say a grateful thank you to kenny for playing kelly at right back on sat cos giggz was really fustrated at d way he was marked. Downing also did a good job by helping him. I think we also nid someone that can come into the role of leftback in case enrique has injury wc i do not pray for. He was tired also from the tough game against city and maxi wasn’t helping really with the way valencia terrorized im at the back. In case tevez comes on loan, i hope carrol would b willing to learn from him how to channel is strength properly on the pitch.

  9. YNWA says:

    Haha half of this blog is copied and pasted from the match commentary. Ok. I agree playing Carra might have been a risk but for what he’s done for our club, it’s the least he deserves as a bday present. Besides, focus on the positives. Taking off Stevie G for Bellamy-masterstroke, a fresh Downing against a rash Rafael- masterstroke, persisting with Carroll (for 90 min) who will definitely gain confidence and not to mention bring on Dirk for his 50th goal.

    Fact: King Kenny wins trophies. You haven’t.