Date: 25th January 2012 at 12:14pm
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The Metro is reporting that Liverpool have opened talks with Dutch side FC Groningen about Uruguay striker David Texeira. It is no secret that Liverpool need to bring in a new striker before the January transfer window closes if we are to start firing in more goals.

Luis Suarez has been out banned for 8 matches and the goals of really dried up without him. £35million striker Andy Carroll has not been able to deliver since he signed from Newcastle and we can not continue hoping and praying that he will finally come good one day: we have no idea when that one day will be, if it ever comes.

So for now it makes sense to me that we spend a bit of cash and go out and buy a striker who can help score goals for us. Now, not many of us have heard of David Texeira before but he has done very well thus for in the Dutch league having notched up 8 goals in 14 appearances. He may not be the ‘star’ striker that many of us want to see at Liverpool right now but let’s face it, which world class striker would leave their club in January and come to a side fighting for a fourth place finish?

A player like Texeira could just be the answer to what we are looking for. He is still only 20-years-old and has already shown us what he can do in Holland. A fee of £8million is being banded for the striker who could potentially link up with his fellow country man Luis Suarez upfront at Liverpool. If Texeira can come in and do half a good a job at Suarez has done, I would be happy as it would be a far better return than some of the current players we have now.

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18 responses to “Wednesday Rumour: Liverpool open talks with new striker”

  1. Chessie says:

    What we need is someone who can put the ball in the back of the net if he can do that then we can get him on board.

  2. Williams says:

    Plzzzz sign him, by his physical looks he look a trait to any defence. He will be a success with the kop.

  3. dennyeric says:

    we should get dis guy and a descent winger like jarvis/shaqiri/sinclair/hoilett.

  4. keith says:

    why not give ngoo or adorjan a chance they would of played with more heart against bolton than that 100 million waste and disgrace of space,

    • NonEventHorizon says:

      Have you actually watched Ngoo play? He has problems against youth teams and is fairly slow…. At the moment the only thing he has going for him at youth level is his size. He was absolutely bossed by the Blackburn youth defence in the last reserves game. He’s not ready yet

  5. Ashfah Ngog says:

    Still No Action Talk Only. Kenny has oined NATO.

  6. Leverpool says:

    Texeira, De Jong, Shaqiri, Isla and another winger please. Come the end of the season you can then see who is to stay and who is to go. Some of our younger players could also be looked at.

    • Watcharapon says:

      Santa was iurejnd this season as he was when he payed in the German league. Not sure he will do well physically in the EPL. However, I agree he is quality when fit… Another one to think on is Zaki from Wigan. perhaps a head case or is it just the longing for more money and a chance to play for the big boys in the big games!

  7. Fernando says:

    All of lfc are cryin out for a striker wth pace skill and finishing to match weve been goin on about it before suarez ban hope the board and kd take note of the supporters plea cause it seems like our cries falling on deaf ears

  8. williams says:

    am tired of reading all this lfc going for one player to another,what we need in lfc is atop finisher that can give us the goals that’s all and if TEXEIRA is the one then he’s welcome onboard.

  9. Snupi says:

    Although it could have been written better, the major point personally was,
    ”which world class striker would leave their club in January and come to a side fighting for a fourth place finish?”

    However, regardless of whether you are a Liverpool Fan or not, this could be seen as either a glass half full or half empty opportunity.

    If history shows us anything, big money moves are a HUGE gamble, for example, Shevchenko and Carroll.

    If you look at players like Gerrard, Owen, Fowler etc these were players that were bred into stardom through playtime at a young age.

    Getting that playtime gave them a chance to go back to training and graft to correct weaknesses that they themselves experienced in a realtime environment. How many sports stars have ended up being just overrated youngsters?

    If Dalglish found some true grit he would start giving players like Raheem Sterling , Morgan, Silva etc cameos to increase their exposure and boost their experience of the beautiful game?

    The best example of this strategy, for Liverpool, would be Gerrard who is an icon in todays team.

  10. orville says:

    get his tamemade tadic he his a very good winger at 6m he his fantasic

  11. am says:

    hope not another forlan at manure…why not get tevez…

  12. Amaku sunday says:

    Let go for him, i see him has a good strike we have to buy him than make of him.

  13. Suarez Ayala says:

    We should get Robbie Keane on loan as mitigation plan. The link up between him and Bellamy would be lethal.

  14. The Don says:

    As crazy as it sounds. Why dont we get Tevez as previously mentioned. No expanation needed, just throw him into the LFC mix and see, 4th position would be a definite reality. Get him on loan till end of season. Man City would know that LFC no threat to them as going for 1st position, 4th position best for LFC. Both sides should be happy on this proposal. We need him till end of season only.

  15. Dad says:

    How can kean come on loan wen hes on loan at villa. We need this guy or bent and a holding midfielder and winger