Date: 25th January 2012 at 8:57am
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With the January transfer window set to close in a few days time, Liverpool have not done much. But we kind of expected that as Kenny Dalglish hinted at the start of the month that there would not be much activity from Liverpool during this period.

But with the recent string on low key performances by the Reds, there have been calls for us to strengthen the side during the transfer window so we can mount a serious push for fourth place in the last half of the season.

Goals, goals, goals are what Liverpool need right now and with Luis Suarez set to come back soon following his 8 match ban, there are suggestions that Liverpool could turn to another Uruguay striker to help the side.

Dutch side, Groningen’s highly-rated striker David Texeira is being linked with a possible £7.5million to Liverpool this week, following his great displays thus for for the Dutch team. The Uruguay striker has already bagged 8 goals in 14 appearances and there is good possibility he could he could want to link up with Suarez and Coates at Liverpool.

The second player linked with a move to Liverpool is Real Madrid midfielder Esteban Granero. We are lacking some creativity in midfielder and Granero could just be the player we need to spark us off. Ideally, Liverpool would want to bring in the 24-year-old midfielder on loan for the rest of the season but Madrid are most likely to turn this offer down and rather sell the player outright.

So we could be having a new striker and central midfielder coming in before the window closes. In the perfect world, I would also want to see us get a right winger into the side to offer us more pace in the side. What are your thoughts?

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13 responses to “Could these two be headed to Anfield before the transfer window closes?”

  1. ken says:

    i think we do need a few players but are we best waiting till summer or are we better picking a striker up now to try for a top 4 finish its hard,with carrol looking so bad an the only game he put anythink in was against newcastle,i never thought he was a liverpool player we need another player who it good on the floor aswell as in the air.

    • Dad says:

      Daglish is a load of sh?t he shud buy mvilla, podolski and soldado

      • king says:

        have respect for kenny if u are anyway a red fan i doubt he is the one getting these crap players ie.downing-carroll its commoli and honestly can you see these players u want coming to liverpool with no champions league (no hope at the moment)

    • Chan says:

      Even if we buy players during this window, with KD around our season would be headed down the drain. If he is STILL around next season, we can write that season off as well. He is tactically inferior, has no man management ability and a terrible judge of players, placing more importtance on their passports than their ability. Only Suarez and Enrique saves him from a total disaster. Don’t get me wrong, there are very good British players around (just ask Brendan Rogers), its just that KD is prone to missing them or paying inflated prices for them (Carroll, Downing, Henderson, Adams). Lets see, we need a striker who can score goals so KD (& DC, lets not forget him) paid 35 mill for Carroll who can’t score, we needed creativity and passes down the flanks so he promptly got us Downing (no goals, no assist) and Henderson (no creativity) for a combine fee of 40 mill. We also need some creativity and steel on the middle so KD got us Adams who is erratic at best and made Scholes tackles like Macherano.
      Oh, and in his haste to accomodate all this err..”great players” he alienated/sold those that actually performed for us (Meireles, Kuyt, Maxi).
      Oh lets talk about KD’s tactical ability. Bolton, Spurs (Skrtel at RB anyone?), Swansea, Norwich, Stoke. I can elaborate but i think you all get the point.
      There are many delosional fans outthere (who are more a fan of KD than LFC) who thinks KD is a saviour and can do no wrong. Well he is not and if we want anything good for LFC, we better acknwodledge this fast. KD is a good choice as INTERIM boss after the RH but as i had said so many times, not on a permanent basis, as he is so out of touch with modern football.

      Swallow our pride, sack KD and bring back Rafa NOW!

  2. Abdulaziz says:

    Milos Krasic should be the number one priority!! Milos Krasic!!

  3. Peppe says:

    I have to say that we need a striker and we need a creative winger. Carroll is either not good enough or in a major slump but I really want to bring back Fernando Torres. He is not fitting into the chelsea tactics but fits perfectly into liverpool with gerrard as his supplier. Gerrard + Torres could be said to be as Toshack + Keegan. If Torres comes back we will push for title. Have a look at youtube on Torres’ goals for Liverpool and it will make you smile, it really made em smile watching him smile.

    As for a winger maybe Isla or Shaqiri. Not too sure about that. BUT BRING BACK EL NINO. Its a win-win for liverpool, torres and chelsea.

  4. I think we should go 4 German defoe,podoski,calors tevez,Clint dempsey, this are the players that will make Liverpool move forward.thank u

  5. Ashfah Ngog says:

    O my “Puki Mak”. these two could be our saviour for the season. Me Ashfah loves both of them and wish them well. If not, Kenny also join NATO, NO Action Talk Only. It’s “Kunkit” time now, bye.

  6. chambers says:

    Both would be a welcome addition at this precarious stage of the season. Texeiro permanently and Granero either loan or permanent. He would be able to replace Adam in midfield and thereby give some creativity sadly lacking from a man who is pretty dismally average at best!

  7. Kay says:

    You can’t trust Kenny with money( Carol 35m,Downing 20m, Jordan 18m,Adams 10m). How do you justify,loaning out AA and selling Meireles and bringing in that bunch. We are all tiptoeing around
    Kenny’s racist approach,we want results not British player, but if the British give us results then FINE!! Get was initially brought in to steady the ship and that was a 6mnth job. Now shudder to imagine what Rafa would have done with Kenny’s budget. Bring Rafa back and cut the trash!!

  8. olakunle says:

    I dnt think buying is the problem right coz aw we sure the one we are buying will perform on the pitch buh what I think in my own opinion is that the team needs to be very discipline on the pitch in other to get results buh if we really want to buy then we should try and go for quality. Not quantity.

  9. Brew Daniel says:

    Bring on sterling frm de accademy or buy podolski,granero and llorente.we must spend more if we want to play top 4 bcos thus what city did to build their team.

  10. Francopool says:

    @Chan, thumbs up, couldn’t agree more, Dalglish is not the one to bring Liverpool forward, some fans love Dalglish more than the club, and that makes me sick, Liverpool will not make it to the top 4 with these cr@p players ( Adam, Carroll, Hendo, Downing ) these guys are crap crap and crap if Dalglish is the manager next season, then y’all know what’s gonna happen. @Kay you’re damn right 2+ from here.