Date: 24th January 2012 at 8:55am
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I think we have to be honest with ourselves. Liverpool is no longer a big club on the pitch. As seen our results show it. The only way we can be big again is to rebuild.

Arrogance will prevent us from making clear diagnosis of our club. Between 1991 and 1998 we were in freefall under Souness and Evans. Houllier came in and built the squad up to challengers again. In 2001 we won a cup treble and finished 3rd. He fell ill and by 2004 he was out, thus ending our first rebuild. Rafa came in and started another rebuild. He gave us an early boost. He built the team up to league runners up in 08/09 season. The team struggled one season then he was out. Instead of giving him the chance to push once more we dismantled. Hodgson came in and lost the dressing room and a pile of matches. Now Kenny must come in and is expected to fix everything in the 1 year and 15 days he has been here!!!

To summarize the above. We have had 2 good teams in the 20 years since 1991 – the 2000/2001 squad and the 2008/2009 squad. Both were dismantled within two years of being assembled. From the dates it took from 1991 to 2000 to build a squad that could challenge again. It took from 2001 to 2008 to build the next team that could challenge.

From that two things are clear:

1. We need at least a decade of stability at all levels of the club to rebuild a squad.
2. We have to avoid flinching at the first sign of hardship.

If our misery is ever going to end it will be when we start acting like a big club, i.e. sticking to a plan long enough to see results. Look at Chelsea now. They were on their way to world domination but fired their coach. Since then they have been in gradual decline. I know you are all tired of hearing this but we had our world class coach in Rafa. But we got impatient. Now we have to hope KD can do it and that he is given the time to do it.


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  1. SusoSterling4FirstTeamFootball says:

    I’d have to agree. Unfortunately, I think Benitez was more in tune with the modern game than Dalglish is. Just based on the kind of players he has signed. Don’t see a lot of light at the end of this tunnel. I think it may take a while to rebuild as you suggest.

    • Bomber25 says:

      I totally agree with you SusoSterling. Benitez should never have been sacked in the first place. Dalglish has wasted over 100 Million Pounds on average to poor signings. We need a manager who has a winning mentality. Dalglish has steadied the ship. It is time for him to go.

    • DaveWestAus says:

      I agree with you fully,Benitez was the best manager LFC had since Paisley,When KK took over,haha!,he brought back Paisley to oversee him(for 3yrs). Rafa is the best tactician the club have had while I have been supporting them(since 1952).Shanks & Sir Bob were great managers but RAFA has been the best tactician!
      I take note of fans who have called him arrogant(wrong word – replace with resolute/adamant if you like but never arrogant.)
      The best thing that can happen th LFC RIGHT NOW is to bring him back!And guess what – 75% of supporters would have him back TOMORROW. HE IS WAITING IN THE WINGS FOR A RECALL!

    • Chan says:

      I think the only way forward for us is to bring back Rafa, now! Now i have got to admit i was no big fan of Rafa (with his rotation policy and the way he handled Alonso) but he is miles better than KD with better understanding of tactics, players in the market and in general the modern game.

      I do not have any expectations on KD simply because i know he can’t do it. Rafa for example would not pay 35 mill on a donkey and are more intetested in the players ability than their passports. Tactically can any of you imagine KD can pull it off at Istanbul against Milan? KD lost to relegation threaten Bolton, drew with Norwich, Stoke, etc.

      Give 75 mill to Rafa and watch him do wonders. Gave the same amount to KD and watch him buy a pair of mules and donkeys. Don’t get me wrong, there are many good British players (Swansea for example) it’s just that we could not trust KD and DC to get any of them and at a lower price.

      We must be decisive unless we want to see LFC be another Everton. If KD refuse to go, do what we did against the cowboys and drive the pair (DC and KD) out. Don’t be fooled, KD and DC is just as dangerous as the American pair, if not more so because there are in charge of day to day onfield affairs.

      There are of course so fans who are more of a KD fan than a LFC fan and are blind to his faults. Ignore them as we need to to what is best for LFC and not KD who clearly is more concerned about his own intertest than that of LFC. To these bunch of fans, please set up a KD fanclub and get out of our club.


      • Kay says:


    • Chan says:

      Did i mentioned that RAFA love LFC to bits? He is still holding out for us to bring him back you know?

  2. Martin Badger says:

    You’re right – I’m tired of hearing we had a world class coach in Rafa. I couldn’t stand the man’s insufferable arrogance, which was based on the fact that Steven Gerard won two trophies for him. Still, at least you adopt a new approach in saying “let’s wait ten years…” Usually it’s “Let’s give so and so a year…”Maybe soon it will be “Let’s forget about the next twenty years and think about 2030.” Liverpool fans are sick and tired of waiting while other teams win all the trophies.

    • Bomber25 says:


      “You’re right – I’m tired of hearing we had a world class coach in Rafa. I couldn’t stand the man’s insufferable arrogance”

      If he is winning us trophies I wouldn’t care how arrogant he is.

      • DaveWestAus says:

        Well there you go ! Benitez DID BRING TROPHIES! Which includes the biggest of the lot,5th European cup!!! say no more!

      • pothead11 says:

        thats the problem he wasnt winning us trophy’s 5 years since we won 1 so give kenny a chance this is his first full year in charge.we went 11 games unbeaten when lucas got injured.he sold most of our best players and i have to say he bought a lot of rubbish in his time here.i for 1 would not like to see him back.

  3. Felderkirk says:

    Totally agree. With everything. Good work and well said.

  4. kROSS says:

    Liverfail will never win any major trophy. You guys just dont have what it takes haha totally clueless. With insular fans that are so dismissive of international fans, word will spread. Liverfail will still have the Anfield Roader core, but with this team devoid of good players how long can Liverfail rely on its name itself. you’re doomed and you know it…see ya and im not sticking around for the sh!!t to hit the fan. Liverfail will always live in misery haha losers

    • Ezeson Geovanni says:

      Only a fool will exchange words with you.

    • DaveWestAus says:

      Your name should be ‘DROSS’ not KROSS !

    • pothead11 says:

      see that might be the reason we might be “so dismissive of international fans” as you put it im not from england but find liverpool any time i go as a great city.your not a true red at all why dont you buy a city shirt you plastic fool,liverpool dont want or need “fans” like you.rant over

    • MoKo says:

      The site is for Liverpool SUPPORTERS. I think you may have logged on to the wrong website

  5. stop me if im wrong isnt that what dalglish did when he walked out on an old past it l/pool team,then expected souness too fix years of dalglish neglect,he is a bad manager unless he has inherited a good team,or bought one with b/burn,what did he do at n/castle or celtic,nothing!!! which is exactly what he will do on his return,,he is tactically useless,,he’s gotta go!! should have gone for O.Neil,,,

  6. vilz says:

    i think that if rafa had the funds kenny has we would of w0n alot more but that is the past now and we have got to deal with the here and now .we do not attract big players anymore and the way things appear we wont for a long time to come unless we start getting results

  7. Kay says:

    Only one team was feared both in Europe and at home and that was Rafa’s. Lets swallow our pride and take him back.

  8. Chessie says:

    Rafa will take over Madrid at the end of the season so stop going on about him, we have KD now until other wise he is resposible for the foot club he just need two more signings then top four is secured.