Date: 23rd January 2012 at 4:19pm
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I think we are putting too much blame on Kenny Dalglish for the slump in Liverpool’s form and for the lack of goals. I just read someone saying, “More and more I’m beginning to think we made the choice of manager with our hearts and not our heads. Its now showing.” And then another statement saying, “. It seems to me like KD goes into a game with one plan and if that doesn’t work he’s reluctant to act on it. We are becoming very average and KD needs to stop the rot, otherwise him and Rafa will be spending lots of time looking at the classifieds together.” But this is not the case, the reality is we are not a stable club.

Rafa came close to building a squad that could challenge. He made his mistakes and a year later he was out. We claim to be a patient club but how can we say that? We are rifling through managers and already people are trying to get rid of KD. We don’t have the money to build a team in one or two seasons. So we have to have a long view.

It’s frustrating coz as I wrote a couple of weeks back, we were literally 2 goals short of being champions. We let impatience get the better of us. We took a big jump forward then took a half step back. Instead of pushing forward from there we cut off our leg!!!!

As with any team trying to build without megabucks it will take us 4 to 5 seasons. KD is only one year in so there is no reason to believe we would be much better than this. Look at Spurs. Remember the year they lost out on Champions league football because of food poisoning? After that they took a step backwards but then pushed again. Now they are title legitimate contenders.

We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot.


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  1. Stevie h says:

    Dalglish should do the honorable thing and resign before he is told to do so. I never wanted him back as he is yesterday’s man. He was also instrumental in getting the dressing room to turn against Roy so he would strengthen his own position to get job. But he has proved in a year with a load of money to spend that he is not good enough. He was arrogant to think he could do job better than Roy but he has been found out. I say what goes around comes around he should be sacked legend or not. If Roy has spent that money and team ate were they are now fans and media would be calling for his head ages ago. Why should KK be treated any differently.

    • keano says:

      because he is a good manager, he will get it right, and generally we have played really good football.

    • donlfc says:

      only been a fan since istambul,why dont you support man city they are top of the prem……..

    • MoKo says:

      King Kenny led us back from the brink of a relegation battle last season. He’s had just over a year and already people are calling for his head.

      We have become an unstable club. Too many changes in owners, directors, managers, coaches and players. We need a stable foundation.

      You can’t build by taking apart!

      • Stevie h says:

        He led us from brink of relegation coz players decided to play for him and not Roy. He helped split the dressing room so Roy would go and he wud look gud big wow. Roy saved WBA from relegation and we wouldn’t have gone down anyway.

    • Jevon says:

      yes FO and support City they only took 1 billion and 5 years to get where they are right now……weve barely had 50M spent so far…catch a fookin wake up sunshine.

      • Stevie h says:

        Iv supported liverpool through thick and thin for 40 years now and that entitled me to my opinion. Too many on here that use their hearts and not their heads with Kenny and are over protective to him. Instead of stating a case for him it’s just childish abuse like fo and support man city. Grow up. I am still a Liverpool supporter even we got relegated all I am saying is that I dont rate KK and iv got the bottle to come out and say so. That dosnt mean I don’t respect the king for what he has done in the past for us but he isnt delivering now in the league just like Roy didn’t and he was got rid of to.

        • MoKo says:

          Stevie H.

          It can be quite out of hand on these threads (I know as I’ve been on the receiving end many times) but your opinion is worth respecting as a proper fan of 40 years.

          At the end of the day we are all fans desperate for Liverpool to get back where we should be…the Top

      • adrian says:

        Stevie h your no fan of this club kenny is the king

        • Stevie h says:

          I am a fan and it’s blinkered views like urs while he is still here and we r going nowhere fast.

    • Sanjay says:

      100 % sure now king must resign and sign again king Rafa who was not a great footballer likes(jose maurino,sir alex,gus hiddink,
      arsene wenger,a.v.b but great managers of all time and we should have been greatfull when maurihno was stealing the news of anfield from pako and the same rafa asked to pushed out and to punished him.Great players are never great managers.The only error of Rafa was Aqua ad it was not too much error compared to think 100 times the supporters and the owners.??????????

      • Eamo says:

        The ONLY error of Rafa’s was Aquilani? Have you been hiding under a rock the past 5 years? Rafa’s got rid of Crouch, Bellamy and Alonsonall while signing utter muck like Voronin, Degen and Ngog. Kenny gave young players a chance (Spearing/Kelly) and the only real problem he’s having is to get his midfield playing football. People like you shouldn’t support a club when all you do is blame the manager.

    • Dmitri says:

      Ha ha, Dalglish’s cunning plan of making the team so bad that everyone stops talking about Suarez has worked!!

  2. Vialli says:

    Build without megabucks ?? Kenny has spent over £100mil. Look at the players we are linked with in this window, its massively important to regain european football of any sort. Jelic, we’re up against QPR and (Championship) West Ham for this one.
    It is not good enough. Look at the players (ok, not KD) we didn’t sign Bale, Vidic, Olxade-Chamberlain. We aim low and acheive.
    Who’s to blame? Kenny? Commoli? both?

  3. Red says:

    I remember Rafa’s final years at Anfield and the morons who backed Hicks and Gillett betrayed him.

    I remember that most of them thought that Keane was the man to return the title to us.

    I remember they thought the team lacked spirit because there weren’t enough British players in it.

    I remember they wanted a British manager with a British manager’s fighting mentality.

    I remember the most stupid among them thought Mourinho would take the job. Cretins.

    I remember many of them wanted Hodgson… a safe British pair of hands.

    Now it’s time they looked a little bit more critically at themselves and asked how it was that under Benitez we qualified year after year for the Champions League.

    They got what they wanted and in fact have now got British players and not one but two British managers including the crowning glory that was Joe Cole.

    Afer all that these Sky watching S*n reading scum want Kenny out.

    How much more do they need before they get us relegated?

    Speaking as a Red of fourty years these scum make me puke my guts up.

    • rick says:

      Are You backing Kenny or not?

    • Swifty says:

      I agree with you for the most part, though i must say that gettin rid of keane in that january period and not replacing him lost us the league that year as torres couldnt stay fit, so a blunder by rafa. I think people forget that although keane wasnt scoring many goals we were still top of the league while he was playing up top by himself.

    • rick says:

      Rafa has had six yrs, SIX YRS.
      Some “fans” are calling for Kenny’s head after four months.
      Is it the same story?
      I supported Rafa with full of my heart, because I did like him.
      After six years in charge, it was my opinion that maybe it was a right time for a change, but I never asked for Rafa’s head.
      If Rafa had decided to remain, I would support him and the Club like I always did.
      But not many remember that Rafa left the Club with mutual consent, MUTUAL consent.
      Why a transition chairman like Martin Broughton would have sacked a manager before a take over?
      It was a Rafa’s decision to leave the Club, but I can guarantee that my place at Anfield is safe, with or without Rafa. I’m there for Liverpool, not for Rafa.

      • dj says:

        Total rubbish, Rafa was sacked while on holiday don’t change history, and it was Purslow who did it.

  4. rick says:

    Firstly, Liverpool spent £60ml this summer, not £100ml. £100ml is the wrong figure of the “supposed” great british newspapers. Look at the Club figure, not “Telegraph figures”.
    Second, How in the hell Kenny got the dressing room against Roy?
    Dalglish is a respectable man, and during Roy’s mess He was the only Who came out there to remark that Liverpool were in a transitional season. He tried to protect Roy, He was the only to protect Roy!!!!.
    Roy and Kenny are good personal friends: it’s a well known fact!!!!!
    He was Kenny to suggest Roy for the hot-seat!!!
    Dalglish many times underlined that it will be a quiet transfer window: the newspapers rumours are unfounded!!!
    How many managers will be thrown out to satisfy the fans anger??

    • Jevon says:

      fook the fans anger its a minority…..just like some of the fools on here. Let them scream blue murder…..just ignore.

  5. sq says:

    I have to disagree with you there. You cant look at the big picture and form theories every time. The reality IS that we are a stable club. Is Saddam Hicks and Gaddafi Gillet around? Are we insolvent? I dont think so, mate. And Kenny is the FIRST manager in over 20 years that was given the opportunity to buy SEVERAL players over the 20 mill pound threshold. Gross spend was around 100 mill. Nobody is demanding the trophy this season but have we regressed or improved? Now, that does not make me a less of a fan than anybody,im stating the obvious, the truth here. There is always potential and the situation can be fixed, and that starts NOW, TODAY, not TOMORROW or in 5 years. That my friend, is what held this great club back. Too patient with Souness, for example. Patience is a great virtue, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Football has changed of course, like it or not, no big team can afford to give 7 years grace period like back in the day when Manure afforded that to SAF. But if the team is improving, thats an exception. How do you judge that? Simple: Results. Look ever forward. YNWA

  6. Coops89 says:

    I think whilst kenny is no doubt a good manager, he isn’t orld class. I think he was the right man after Hodgson went but should really have stepped aside in the summer to allow ayounger manage with fresh ideas to step into the breach. Having said that, since he has been back he has mastrminded 3 wins at Stamford Bridge, a win over Man united, 2 wins over Cty including one at the Etihad, a first ever win at The Emirates so it’s obvious he has tacticl know-how. However it’s the inability, whether him or the players, to get psyched up for the so call lesser matches like Wigan, Swansea, Norwich, the list goes on and on. I think we all agree he has made mistakes with players, I personally believe Suarez, Enrique and Bellamy are the only success stories, however Coates, Henderson, Carroll all have time to change that. It’s frustrating for us all this season, I just hope we can add a striker or 2 this month bcause quite frankly our goals for is woeful.

  7. rick says:

    Henderson —> £16ml
    Downing——> £20ml
    Coates——-> £7ml
    Bells——-> free agent
    Jose——–> £7ml
    Adam——–> 7ml

    How much is the sum? £100ml?
    On January 2010, We bought Carroll after selling Torres for a Club record fee of £50ml, so the full operation, was a “sell to buy” move.
    We bought Suarez on January 2010, but not many fans remember, than under the blue noises’s regime, We sold Mascherano for £18ml of pounds..
    I do now want to say that anything is white, but We’re not in a doomsday scenario like the so called deluded fans They’re trying to picture.

  8. Sam Wanjere says:

    Touche. Stay calm and walk on. Siempre es posible. YNWA!

  9. Ashfah Ngog says:

    Obvoiusly, buying British First is a recepe for disaster, Malaysian former premier advocated the BUY BRITISH LAST policy and it aid dividends,

    • rick says:

      Again. Kenny brings Jose, Coates and Suarez at The Club.
      No problem with players from abroad, if They are World class Player.
      Kenny is not a racist fucking God, like me.
      I’m not a racist, I’m only a person Who wants world class players or bright prospects in the side, instead of average players like Nunez, Kromkamp, josemi or Riera.
      I’m not a racist for that. No problem with foreing players if They are players Who match Liverpool’s standards like Xabi alonso.
      Instead, which are your problems with british players?
      Are You racists?

  10. Ezeson Geovanni says:

    Oh no!!! where did yiu kkep your faculty while writing this? How can you say we don’t have the money to build a team in one or two seasons? How much did we spend in tge space of a yr & how much did those little clubs having a go @ us spend since last two yrs even?

    • Jevon says:

      Man City spent 100;s of millions dude……so did Tottenham so did chelsea……the difference for all you slow fooks out there is they ALREADY had a team with expensive players WAKE UP COMMON SENSE PLEASE.

  11. Tommy says:

    Everybody is moaning about this and that with liverpool saying that dalgish should be sacked and that he should have signed this player or that player and yes liverpool have spent alot of money on average players but you expect world class players to come to us without the prospect of european football which isnt going to happen. Everyone one needs to lay off daglish because kd is doing the best he can but saying this I do believe kenny needs to sign a striker with a proven scoring record plus a winger and I think loaning carroll out might benefit him

    • Ezeson Geovanni says:

      Well said, but I beg to deciphere from ur opinion with my own facts.
      Top players can join LFC even without CL football. We already have many inspirational players like Stevie GENERAL, EL PISTOLERO, AGGER, CARRA, LUCAS, KUYT. All are top players. In my own opinion, money can bring one or two important top players. Its better to spend on two top players than six average ones.
      I think we can get players like Fernando TORRES ILLORENTE. He ain’t in Europe & would have moved to a better club like LFC than plying his trade @ Bilbao. Where Kenny got it wrong is just on transfer. If that is corrected, he’ll take us to places.

  12. Bobbygaff says:

    I’m fed up of these 5 minute fans who are trying to dictate when and who appoint as manager as LFC. Do we really want to end up like Chelsea, bringing in manager after manager to try and win the league. Teams are built not bought, including Man city. Man city have been throwing money at their squad since being taken over in 2008. They have invested big money in every transfer window since then. Their team was not put together overnight, it has been put together as the team have progressed. Liverpool don’t have the money to throw at players, Liverpool cannot tempt players to anfield by offering huge pay packets. Liverpool must build in each window, steadily improving the squad window by window. For once we have a transfer policy. The squad being slowly assembled by Kenny can play together for years, and will improve with a few tweeks. People look at spurs and think wow, how good is there team. Yeah its very good but again its been assembled over time and with huge investment. Stop moaning and get behind the team and Kenny. We had 2 terrible final seasons under Rafa and a horrible 6 months under Roy. Kenny has steadied the ship along with the owners, yes we’ve hit some troubled waters but as the song goes ‘At the end of a storm is a golden sky’!! Have faith and cheer us on to Wembley on Wednesday.

  13. Ezeson Geovanni says:

    KEANO & DONLFC, sorry to say but you guys should know that not every great players turns to be a great coach. Kenny was our player-coach some 20 yrs ago. Loads of things have changed since then. I give KKD my whole respect as a legend but to back him now as a manager will be blindness on my side. FRANKLY, I kicked against his return b’cos I know his legendary will come into play if he is not doing well. What do you have to say when in the actual sense he has done the worse transfer business ever for liverpool. He had a go on the players he is managing, shifting the whole blame to them forgeting that a bad workman quarrels with his tools. Believe you me, Kenny ain’t taking us anywhere if we the fans keep being taking it easy with him. I know he is KKD but I think LIVERPOOL FC comes before any of such is given due consideration. Please, shun been biased & sentimental. ONLY THE TRUTH CAN SET FREE. YNWA.

  14. sq says:

    Rick, Rafa did not leave liverpool by mutual consent. There is such a thing as forced out of a job. You would know this if you’ve worked in a corporate environment. And no, it was not the right time for Rafa to leave. And, you’ve conveniently left the Carroll 35 million figure out. 100 mill quoted by fans is the Gross figure, not net spend.

  15. Jevon says:


  16. kross says:

    we always had a transfer policy. just that its not really working. article is trying to deflect blame from kenny. he is the manager and the buck stops with him. I support the club and Kenny by the way. But the manager has to take responsibility. Im sorry.

  17. Jevon says:

    yes but a manager is not judged after his first season!!!!! Some of you are ignoramuses

    • sq says:

      the owners are the ones to decide that. not you or i that should decide when a manager should be judged. but a manager has to take responsibility. Oh dear, Jevon have you ever worked in a professional setting? youre not that dumb are you?

  18. sean says:

    KD will always be the king and will always have my admiration for what he has done for LFC.Responsibility for our teams current postion however has to lie squarely with KD and Comoli. Hendo,Adam,Carol and Downing were average signings and did nothing to address what Liverpool needed.We needed out and out pace , a creative general for that stubborn teams and a proven goalscorer.We lack pace and creativity and are easy to defend against.My criticism lies in the simple truth – the players signed are not performing , bench them ,give them an opportunity to find form out of the spotlight. Change it up ,do something different.The fact is hoping things change whilst doing the same thing is madness.Kd’s got to change it up. Sometimes the best wake up call for a player is to bench him. We made a huge mistake in signing these players and the sooner we admit it the better for LFC.KD seems obliged to play them because we spent so much on them , pick the team on form.

    • Stevie h says:

      Well said sean. Most people on here just doing their best to absolve KK from responsibility. It is his team and if his signings had cum of he would take credit for that and rightly so. Time people stopped moddy coddling him and realize that just coz he was a great player dosnt equate to him being a great manager. Kd is average at best.

  19. Chris says:

    Get him out. Bought all this shit from poor English clubs. We haven’t got a single player who is exciting bar Suarez. Dalglish is boring. Spending all our transfer money on slow boring players like Carroll downing and Adam. You wanna get a grip Kenny wer getting smashed off teams at the bottom of the league every week. Lowest scorers and draw experts. I went the game at the reebok on sat DISGUSTING! worst Liverpool team ive ever seen

  20. Fadi chahin says:

    KD problem is letting his ego influence the players decision, cant get over the fact that he d let mreles, and aquilani go away where we clearly much need them!!!
    We hv loved Kenny as a player and manger, just spend big bucks on big players so they can deliver for us shortly after not like corol and henderson may or may not in several yrs!!

  21. Steve says:

    Lets give’s this man k D a chanse to prove himself at least he has never spent more than a year compare to sir Alex ferguson spending 25 years in manegerial role and 4 him to win a troph we all know the years he spent. So let be patient. Never walk alone.

  22. Erin says:

    Guys. Open your eyes. Please! I don’t want kenny out of the club but our transfers have been a dissaster! Carrol no longer looks like a footballer. Downing is plain average. Our midfield looks awful without Lucas.
    Tottenham spend hundreds of millions? Really? How about arsenal ?
    We spent a fortune. And NO, it won’t happen at this scale again. Had to be carefully spent but we wasted it. We have regressed with this buy English / British policy.
    Look at the players who have failed and answer how many are rafa players. Then look again who is not performing.

  23. keith says:

    its about time we all got our heads out of kd arse and started looking at the facts ,beaten by one of the leagues crappest teams ,,100 million on average players,,seven draws at the once feared anfield,,no midfield at all,,players out on loan are now playing like men possessed and enjoying there football,,that match against bolton was the turning point for me,,i,ve had enough of it, its our love for kenny thats blinkering the bigger picture one that if it was hodgson, souness,houlier rafa we would all be seeing things a lot differenty,the truth is fourth spot is gone for another year and kenny was brought in to steady the ship and get us there,

    • Stevie h says:

      Spot on Keith too many of our fans are up kds arse. He’s not really improved us at all especially with money he’s had to spend. He is a cheque book manager as he was at blackburn but what worked then (ie buying good English talent) dosnt work now. Martin o Neil did the same at villa overpaid on mediocre British players like Richard Dunne, downing, Zat knight, heskey, Collins etc and look at them now. He only got them to 6th and that was with spurs and man city out the equation. They are still paying for o Neil’s waste of funds and we are going same way under kd. O Neil was bullet proof at villa an overhyped media darling and kd is similar in that respect.

      • keith says:

        with the money kenny spent i could of got a top four team reina kelly agger skrtel enrique bellamy gerrard silva mata suarez agureo and before anyone states these where players we where mentioned to be interested in before they moved in there current clubs and would of cost us less than we footed out for carroll henderson adam downing

  24. Gano says:

    Let’s win the League Cup and kick on from there, some of the players these days couldn’t care less. KK must be furious with them, they are a disgrace……………..Back the boss rather than spineless players, he loves the club but they do not, I trust KK so should you!!!

  25. Effect says:

    kk waz suppose 2 b temporal and not permanent manager. We need a good and a creative coach, who can play good football, buy d right players, give us titles. And that person is Frank Rijkaard. He has d experience, he is behind d new look barcelona dat every1 now admire. We need him, and we need him now! We also need creative players e.g, Eden Hazard, Coutinho, Lucas, Tevez or Llorente or Torres. Champions league is our birth right, so lets go 4 it.

  26. Harvey says:

    Firstly, sell all the english flops. Another overhaul needed to make space for better players. Secondly, ask yourself if you want Liverpool to win the league or KK to stay. Clearly u can’t have both as is evident from the transfer buy. Why? coz buying players is the manager’s job and if he’s bad at that, says a lot doesn’t it? Thirdly. a new. more aggressive younger manager is needed in today’s footballing world. Finally, wanting change doesn’t make you less of a fan. In fact, i feel one should be open to other possibilities than just the one handed to you. It doesn’t mean that i’ll stop supporting the club even if we get relegated but it also doesn’t mean i want them to stay there. If something’s wrong, let’s try to fix it and not just let it pass by. That’s why LFC never walks alone!

  27. Dr Home says:

    It is hard to face the facts, especially when the one you are blaming is a legend, a living one.
    But with that said, I believe that head in sand tactic wouldn’t do us any good.

    1-Why we are wasting so much chances?
    2-Is it the coaches fault that some players can’t control the ball when we are in the most of need for possession?
    3-KD didn’t tell Carroll to fall in every single bloody air ball, or to #@%! up every pass or semi-organised attack.

    This is just a sample of what seems to be righteous ” KD is not the man to blame” claims.
    But as much as it hurts, he is the man to point the fingers at.
    He chose them players, and he is supposed to know their capabilities.
    we can say that a player failed a coach, but when 5 players fail simultaneously, then its not their fault at all, its you fault KKD.

  28. Kay says:

    Someone help me! How do we get a petition to BRING RAFA BACK!?