Date:23rd January 2012 at 4:19pm
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I think we are putting too much blame on Kenny Dalglish for the slump in Liverpool’s form and for the lack of goals. I just read someone saying, “More and more I’m beginning to think we made the choice of manager with our hearts and not our heads. Its now showing.” And then another statement saying, “. It seems to me like KD goes into a game with one plan and if that doesn’t work he’s reluctant to act on it. We are becoming very average and KD needs to stop the rot, otherwise him and Rafa will be spending lots of time looking at the classifieds together.” But this is not the case, the reality is we are not a stable club.

Rafa came close to building a squad that could challenge. He made his mistakes and a year later he was out. We claim to be a patient club but how can we say that? We are rifling through managers and already people are trying to get rid of KD. We don’t have the money to build a team in one or two seasons. So we have to have a long view.

It’s frustrating coz as I wrote a couple of weeks back, we were literally 2 goals short of being champions. We let impatience get the better of us. We took a big jump forward then took a half step back. Instead of pushing forward from there we cut off our leg!!!!

As with any team trying to build without megabucks it will take us 4 to 5 seasons. KD is only one year in so there is no reason to believe we would be much better than this. Look at Spurs. Remember the year they lost out on Champions league football because of food poisoning? After that they took a step backwards but then pushed again. Now they are title legitimate contenders.

We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot.