Date: 23rd January 2012 at 1:34pm
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We are all hurting today following the beating we took on Saturday against Bolton. One thing every Liverpool fan was calling out in the pub as we watch the Bolton match was how we need a new striker. I think it is a no brainer for Kenny Dalglish, we need more firepower upfront but we need to bring in a quality player.

Last week, Liverpool were linked with a move for Rangers striker Nikica Jelavic. I was so hoping that this rumour would not be true and the Liverpool Echo is reporting today (Monday) that Liverpool have distanced themselves away from the Rangers striker: Thank goodness!!

Now Jelavic has done well at Rangers, he has already scored 14 goals in the SPL this season but he is another average striker in my opinion. We do not need to keep on signing average players at Liverpool if we want to succeed. If we go and spend a couple of million on Jelavic and he flops, that would be more money wasted.

Yes, I hear some of you seeing that he could be worth the gamble as he is a Croatia international and still only 26-years-old but it is time for Liverpool to stop taking gambles on this relatively unknown players. What we need are players who will come straight into the starting eleven right now. With that said, the likes of Darren Bent and Jermain Defoe are possibly the kind of strikers we should be looking at if we are to buy proven Premier League strikers.


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  1. Dale Marlow says:

    So your answer is to sign players who are “average” instead of taking risks on an unknown (who has been successful in Scotland)?
    Hmmm, not sure Defoe and Bent are the sort of players I’d want at Anfield, we need hungry players who will improve, most importantly we need players who’s best years ahead of them not behind them, Sturridge for example.

    • Sanjay says:

      carlos tevez,d.berbatov,sturridge, defoe,aqua and torres back.

    • rassell says:

      couldn’t agree more why would we want rejectes from the likes of spurs…and pay three times the amount, personally i think this guy could work well with suarez as they are both very different…suarez can be creator n this guy will be the finisher.

  2. chambers says:

    To take this guy or not I would think is completely dependent on the price. If it was around £4/5m a good buy. We have no depth in strikers as other teams have and he would add to the “pot” surely?

  3. Osman lopeta says:

    Pliz kkd buy players like torres,ba n saldado.u r blind kk u r leting livers funs dawn or we tell henry 2 sack u n look good warld class coach like j mourhinho.

    • paul p says:

      learn to write

      • neil says:

        i second that. numpty.

        • rassell says:

          listen the guy may have a problem with his english but he is right..why the hell is KK buying all these overpriced and useless garbage just cos they are english (when was the last time england won anything) fair enough if they are in the same bracket as you gerrad or carra, lampard but surely not downing, adam, carroll and henderson….what a joke.

    • pothead11 says:

      torres my arse he cant score we got rid just at the right time its the best bit of business the club has done in a long time and ye want to undo it what is wrong with people he is not the player he was 18 months ago

  4. garath davies says:

    People its not just the players look no further than coach steve keen @ west ham play good cant score he comes to liverpool same thing show the man the door bring back paco

  5. Dan says:

    All we need is femouse players like cavanni even dempsey is ok i dont want any signing at transfar deadline day the night dat alway bring flops like carrol lets buy now to help us achive our goals like carring cup and FA cup and finish top four

  6. martin says:

    everybody is talkin about strikers,im afraid we need more than astriker ,we need a midfielder also. who can give forwards/striker a decent ball.gerrard best days are behind him ,granero has been mentioned and could be useful,even shelvey ahead of adam.has to be an improvement lucas is been missed sorely,4th spot looks as far away as last season if we dont get it right soon.

  7. mcginn says:

    Totally agree with Marlow’s comments. Bent and Defoe are past their best and their best wasn’t all that great either. Lets face it every supporter in the world wants a 100% guaranteed goal-scoring talent to walk into their team every new transfer window. Two or three would be nice too but it aint going to happen unless your Man City, Real Madrid or Barcelona. The realist in me says that a new forward is needed both now and after Suarez’s return. Jelavic from what I have seen of him looks like a hungry and talented striker who could fit well into the current lineup, he can head the ball, has great ball control, improvises when needed, attacks crosses, is great from dead ball/freekick situations and knows where the goal is. I wouldn’t even put Bent or Defoe in the same league as him. He is hungrier and more talanted than most of Liverpool’s current team, with the exception of Suarez, I’d buy him in a heartbeat. If I could have your option of talent walking into the team at the rub of a genie lamp I’d get Keisuke Honda and Ricky van Wolfswinkel into the bargain with a Ronaldo a Messi and a side order of Neymar da Silva Santos, you know one for the Future.

  8. mr average says:

    If he is average he will be miles better than what KK and Connolli the great have signed to date – whats wrong with the Huddersfield boy??

  9. freddy fred says:

    you call Nikica average player and Bent and Defoe as good players.Britain players are the worst players i have ever seen.right now the good players in our team are not from Britain apart from SG.we need players from spain and france.

  10. mcginn says:

    Dido what Martin said re the Midfield, we are top heavy with mediocraty in the midfield. Better delivery and more adventurous players are needed in order to feed the forwards and take the pressure of the defence. Liverpool are toothless at the moment with a soft middle but I have to to also point out that this is a transition year and by next season the wheat should have been sorted from the chaff anyone who is going to improve will begin to show it at the end of this season, the rest should be hacked off. In Defence we still have the makings of a solid team for the future but Midfield and attack are still lacking bite.

  11. David says:

    I do hope “Ron” who authored this piece is not showing the ugly face of sectarianism in expressing such strong feelings about signing a Rangers player. – Liverpool can certainly do without that!
    This Croatian player has proved himself at the highest level in Scotland and would be an asset to Liverpool FC.

    • don;t think so david the spl is not much better than the league of ireland ,thers really only 2 or 3 teams in it every season ,shamrock rovers ,bohs ,same in scotland celtic,and rangers ,and i dont think the majority of liverpool fans go to games because there players are black white yellow .i am catholic, i dont care once a.the player is good enough and b.there proud to wear the red jersey .

      • David says:

        Kenny came down to Liverpool from a certain Scottish Club Michael and I think you’ll agree he did okay?

        Whilst you are right in saying only a couple of Scottish Clubs have won the Scottish Premier League the standard of play there is vastly superior to that of the FAI.

        Have a Google to see how many different clubs have won the FAI Premier League.

  12. Ashfah Ngog says:

    No, not this guy, please! Me, Ashfah would want to “kunkit”with him.

  13. i cant understand why kenny cant blood morgan or sterling there scoreing goals for fun in the reserves thats the way god owen rush started give;em games in the so called smaller teams bolton wigan they have to b blooded some time .

  14. vin says:

    I also agree that Morgan suso and sterling should be given the chance to play as the team lacks creativity going forward.

  15. m kop says:

    Liverpool doesn’t need Jelavic, but neither Bent or Defoe, well they are out of the price range, if not of Liverpool than of Dalglsih’s price range.
    Owners would only alow further big spending if Dalglish shows he is able to take the team to the next level, but we are struggling in the same level as last season.

    Liverpool needs to create a team capable of developing young players that can be bought for less than 15 mil.
    OK, I can understand some English young players have been overpayed, but anyway Liverpool needs scouting team capable of recognizing a player that can succeed at LFC, than it needs a manager, coatching staff and even a whole new philosophy of football that would allow young players to become great footballers at the club.

    If you buy a player when he is already worth 35 or 20 mil. it’s hardly scouting, it’s more like playing football manager on your PC.

    When you are not even capable to continue developing a player that has shown enough potential to be considered by someone worth 35 mil. that’s just wasteful !!

  16. ode says:

    kk i not the man for lfc he complains tomuch he cant even find a solution to our scorin pro just paradin stupid english players who knos nothin he shuld be sackd

  17. arnie says:

    we need pace that all were lacking look at all the best teams (barca) pace players that can go past some1, i mean suarez is class but hes not lightning…get hazard and lucas mora!! boom

  18. Zahir says:

    Premiership proven striker! Just like Caroll, just like a PL proven winger Downing, like a PL proven playmaker Adams and one of the best PL talent Henderson!!! Were you the one who advised KD & DC to buy that rubbish and believe me until now, I rated this site. Silly me.

  19. David says:

    M KOP I don’t know what age you are or if you remember the golden years of Shankly, Paisley, Fagan & Dalglish. If you do then you will know that their successes derived from having the continuity of a balanced team handed down from one manager to the other. In the old days we brought in a couple of players to refresh and improve what was already there and playing well.IMO Liverpool will never win the league again unless they stop changing managers and half their team every three years in their quest for the Holy Grail. Stability and planned succession is the key for success.

  20. Smashin says:

    Jelavic played a few years ago in a small club in Belgium but nobody saw in him a good striker just another avarage foreign player like 100 others in Belgium… So I think Scotish league is very very poor at the moment if a player like that become a top scorer there.

  21. Kevin says:

    Pull out all the stops and get Podolski.

  22. royce says:

    Jelavic is no way good enough for Liverpool but overpriced English talent is not the way to go either Bent and Defoe you are kidding.
    If they were cashed up my picks would be Soldado and Van wolfswinkle definitely better value and its a great pity the club were unable to get Gomez what a season he is having.

  23. David says:

    M KOP You have been very quiet of late. Could you please inform this site how long you have been supporting the Reds and what age you are. – Just so that we may all have some perspective of your experience?

  24. LFC_swe says:

    Darren Bent?! Jermain Defoe?! I’d rather see Liverpool gamble then signing those two. This summer proved that British (english) players are overvalued. 20 million £ for Downing, 35 for Carroll and 16 for Henderson, a sumtotal of 71 million £. Henderson could still prove to be a good signing but Carroll and Downing are rubbish. While city bought David Silva and Sergio aguero for just 4 million more than LFC paid for Downing and Carroll. The scouting needs to improve, and go abroad to find players. You get much more for the money you spend.

  25. G says:

    I am not convinced by Jelavic either, Boyd scored over a goal a game up there and he wasn’t good enough for the Championship down here. Was hoping we would get Sturridge in the Miereles deal but they wisely held on to him. I would normally be against it as I want more from a players game but Bent and Defoe are the sort of player I think we need, they may not look great but they score goals. John Aldridge looked awful on the ball but we would love him now! Only problem with those 2 are the ridiculous fees they would command. 7 mil for either one and I’d take it but thats not gonna happen so forget it. Soldado is a player I have always liked and who knows where the net is but would be a gamble and is no youngster, I don’t know much about this Texeira so I’m hoping its Suarez’s scout that recommended him and not Carroll’s…. As for Carroll, I’m sorry KK, but you ARE gonna be questioned about him and its all very well being angry at this and telling people to get over the price tag etc., but he cost 35 mil. That means he should be world class NOW, not a prospect or a player who needs to find his ‘role’. If we went on performances for Liverpool alone, he is worth what? 5 mil? Is that unfair? He was hugely overpriced at the time (I’d say 15 mil as it was Jan) and has become disastrous. Cut our losses and possibly get 10 for him? Cant really do that after paying so much, we just have to hope he regains his form and becomes the pretty good target man we know he can be… then get 20 for him! (even suggesting that much sounds ludicrous )

    • David says:

      Cannot understand Liverpool supporters talk of £7m & £15m as if it were sprats. Not so long ago £15m was the top EFL transfer fee!

      We must get used to the fact that Mr Henry is a sport loving businessman who gave Kenny a contract and his funding package for the year in the summer and he did not spend it wisely. He was charged with achieving fourth place at the end of the season so if he fails, like the Vestal Virgins who did not maintain the sacred fire in the Temple, he will be history.

      So please be realistic in your demands of the manager. His only option now is wheeler dealing where he loans out his good young prospects to other EPL managers who find them attractive in exchange for a striker and a defensive midfielder.

      By so doing both managers gain short term fixes without losing any highly rated players.

      Please stop wasting the light of our eyes reading about your impossible £15-£20m buys. It just isn’t going to happen!