Date: 19th January 2012 at 2:01pm
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Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish was quizzed today (Thursday) at his Bolton pre-match conference about the news that has been making the headlines over the last couple of days, linking Liverpool with a move for 19-year-old Portuguese midfielder Carlos Teixeira.

It has been reported that Liverpool have already agreed a deal worth £1million with his current club Sporting Lisbon for the player many are comparing to Deco.

Dalglish said, “There might be something about that, yes.

“If we’ve something to say we’ll tell you but I think there might be something on that.

“He’s only a kid.”

Now I have no problem with us buying young players such as Teixeira, but my biggest concern is that these young players are not getting the first team chances. I doubt it is a matter of them being not good enough to break into the first team.

Over the past couple of seasons, we have had many young attacking players in the academy and reserves but no one has broken in to be a star of the first team. If memory serves me correct, the last attack minded player to make it through the ranks to the first team and be a success is Michael Owen! Now how long ago was that?

We have had the likes of Martin Kelly, Jay Spearing and Jack Robinson break into the first team but why is it just the defenders coming through? Our biggest problem right now in the first team is lack of goals and creativity in the midfield.

Would this not be the best time to give someone like Adam Morgan a chance in the first team and see how he does upfront? Or throw on Raheem Sterling in the last 20 minutes of a game and give him a run at defenders with his pace and trickery?

With all these amazing young players and great management setup at the academy, I feel we are missing a trick or two in converting all this talent to success in the first team. Maybe I am wrong and maybe I am jumping the gun and these young players are going to get their chance to shine in the future.

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10 responses to “Liverpool confirm interest in midfielder”

  1. Gano says:

    We are blessed with great young talent at Liverpool as we all know, this kid is quality as we have seen at Anfield already. You can’t have too many top players and we have plenty, yes we need a striker but can anyone doubt the quality across the whole playing squad????

    We have commercial deals aplenty and a semi-final to look forward to, let’s be patient as a win at Wembley could really ignite our season!!!!

  2. New Direction says:

    King Kenny lacks Alex Fergusons COURAGE to play youngsters – while he remaind ALL the kida are wasting theit time – This is absolutely shameful – K K wont change – too set in his ways – youth policy is sheer madness

    • Chan says:

      KD not only lack courage but also tactical skill, man management and common sense. The 75 mill paid for a donkey and a pair of mules shows that while our last game against Stoke (just one of many examples) proves his tactical ineptitude.
      He is NOT the man to take us forward, too stubborn and set in old ways to do us any good.

      SACK KD NOW!

  3. New Direction says:

    These kids are Crazy agreeing to join while King Kenny is there – he cannot change – get Brendon Rodgers and watch great attacking – speedy football – with STYLE

  4. Bill says:

    Why has this article been regurgitated from last night? there were enogh comments to fill the Times. Most of which were pointless bickering between posters.

  5. Ashfah Hussain says:

    How good is he? We do not want aonther Chtistian Poulsen.

  6. Brad says:

    If we take the midfield players we have,the likes of John joe Shelvey who has to go out on loan,when are these new kids going to get a game.We have lots of young midfield players.Need strikers, anybody who can score 20 goals a season.

  7. cayceejoel says:

    Honestly,my fear of KD not been the right one to take us to the promise land still remains.Analysing todays match,is it that he lack the tactical know how to read match or its total confidence in his style of play with whom ever he wants to play,when its not working? reading todays match, first half our middle field was nothing today and why would you choose a henderson over kuyt?KD gambled with Carrol.I also agree we should allow the young talent to coming like 15min – 20min boost their confidence,we can’t be waiting until when carrol will click or suarez is back,until we get a striker that will fit into the regular team,we should give chance to the young ones.I still believe in Rafa.