Date: 18th January 2012 at 11:45am
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Liverpool continue to be linked with a move for Real Madrid midfielder Esteban Granero but Spanish football expert Guillem Balague believes that Liverpool will not get their man following Sami Khedira’s injury.

Balague has said, “Granero is an interesting one because he would love to go to Liverpool; he almost signed for them under Rafa Benitez. The problem is that although two weeks ago Real were thinking about letting him leave, now Jose Mourinho has said: ‘(Sami) Khedira’s injured and I want you to stay’. Now he’s staying.”

This will come as a blow to Liverpool as i feel Granero would be a good addition to the side. We all know that right now our main priority is bringing in a striker but we should not forget about our midfield ‘problem’ following Lucas’ injury. We really have not had some one step up and take over from Lucas.


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  1. njanja says:

    This boils down to the senselessness of letting superstars such as Meireless and Aqua go in favor of average players like Adam, Hendo and Downing.

    • Nivster says:

      Aqua wanted to leave but agree with you on Raul. We paid too much for a lot of these players but we can’t turn back the clock. They will have to perform better and hopefully we will sign a decent player to give us that extra kick. We must continue supporting the players as long as they are wearing a Liverpool shirt.

      • ali says:

        aqua didn’t once say he wanted to leave (his agent did tho)also liverpool treated him like shit loaning him constantly he was our best player in preseason and he is has the most assists in seria a for ac milan he has gone to a bigger club than liverpool!!!!!!!! lfc losses out once again and merelies was asked to hand in his transfer request!

        • Chan says:

          True, i did not once heard Aqua and Meireless wants to leave but we treated them like shit and KD is supposed to bring back the Liverpool way.

          KD is a disgrace to all fans and the club

    • adrian says:

      superstars get your head seen to

    • Chan says:

      This is what you get when you are more intetested in buying passports than players. Well done KD.

      Just in case you have not noticed our best buys Suarez (22 mill) and Enrique (5 mill) are non British and much cheaper (combined 27 mill) compared to Carroll (35 mill), Henderson (20 mill) and Downing (20 mill).

      So we are paying so muich more (Carrolls fee alone can buy both Suarez and Enrique) just to satisfy KD’s outdated romance about British players. Mind you, the club and fans like us is the one who have to suffer the consequences of KD’s failed policy. If thinks get too tough, he would always walk. Oh, he did that once.

      So the save ourselves, SACK KD NOW!

  2. chambers says:

    Well according to Carroll today we are well on the way to a top four finish! I can only assume from that that he is going to score tons and tons of goals for us. If that is the case then I can see no reason to buy anyone else ( smiles)…

    • martin says:

      i dont know where carroll is getting this info from.he must know of a new prolific striker comin in ,he .s certainly not up to the task,nor is his new playing mates.i think the nice nice days are over ,kenny needs to start playing players with the hunger .our buys from the summer have disappointed to put it mildly,happy to collect loads of dosh.manager & players need to get their act together rapidly or goodbye 4th place.

  3. Trinity says:

    Pls get us @ least 2 strikers.. Now dat Gerrad is back and suarez xpected to come bak get dis stikers to spark us to 4th place.. Wit d way tins r goin now in liverpool we may not finish 7th.. Pls do sometin now bfor d window closes.. D earlir d beta so u dont go paying anoda 35 million on transfer deadline.

  4. ArmchairLFCfan says:

    Stop whining and give your wholehearted support to the new signings. Be positive, give more words of encouragement and Carroll, Adam, Henderson as well as Downing will shine. Every player wants to impress and more importantly for LFC to do well. They have always given their best on the pitch. Let them do their work and we as fans we give our support. Something good will come out of it. LFC YNWA.

  5. steve says:

    Please I would love it if this can get to Daglish himself,I’ve been a liverpool fan for long,and I won’t like liverpool that has always been the best team in England now turn to something else… We need more player,we’ve not heard anything about signing then they are talking about pitch. Let’s leave pitch for now and concentrate more on the team itself. Now as am looking at it, we need 2 strikers,1 mid fielder,1 defender and maybe goal keeper. Why can’t we go for Eden Hazard and Fernando Llorente/Sinclair as striker,Granero/Ozïl that’s mid field,goal keeper-Vorm. Please let’s make things happen before it is too late. Daglish all fans love u,I hope u won’t do what will mke them hate u. LFC!!!

  6. Dom says:

    all we need is one Striker and a natural winger.

  7. Vipakindele says:

    Some die-hard fans think they know better when other are criticising certain players.”stop whining and give your wholeheated support to the new signings”recently we couldn’t sign deal with adidas cos of recent form.Criticism put players/manager on their toes.We spent milions of pounds on average players,now we ar complaining.Whose fault?If you’re manager will you pay £16m for hendo when you have Shelvey?And if you’re the owner will you still be eager to see your money wasted this January after many unconvincing signings?

    • Chan says:

      If i am JH, i would stop giving KD any cash. The last time he does, KD spent 75 mill on a pair of British mules and donkey.Downing and Mata cost about the same but can you see the difference? Or compared Suarez and Carroll for that matter? And we were haggling about Suarez’s fee.

      We must get rid of KD if we wish to progress as a club and get back to the top.

      If KD refuses to go we could organise a concerted campaign, like the one we used gto got rid of the cowboys to get KD out.

      For a start, stop going to games, stop buying the shirts, at least for the short term. It would make JH see the urgency.

      I know we Never Walk Alone but people who screws our club like KD should

  8. Ashfah Hussain says:

    No, get Fernando Llorente.

  9. njanja says:

    It is only Kenneth Daglish that can still retain that position after all these wasteful buys and disgraceful results.Just sack him and restore Rapha, and we will just be fine.

  10. bright says:

    pls fsg sack dis old man called kk he is killing our team he does not have any quality as manager all what he do is to fold his hands and watch the game not even telling them what to do and he use 100million on player such as carroll 35 olmost cavani and 20 downing for mata and 16 milion for henderson on shaqiri pls fsg do something and sack dis old man

  11. bright says:

    bring back r benitez

  12. bright says:

    all liverpool fans are fools let us look for way and sack dis old man kk