Date: 17th January 2012 at 6:40am
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The Mirror is reporting this morning that Tottenham are demanding 20million pounds for Jermain Defoe this after they were quoted 22million pounds by Marseille for their strike Remy. So from a Spurs perspective it is simple: sell Defoe for a high fee and use the cash to buy Remy.

Now I do not think that Liverpool hould pay that much for Defoe. Yes, English players are over priced but I think we have learnt from our mistakes. We over paid, in my opinion, for Carroll, Downing and Henderson, simply because they were English. Now Tottenham are probably chancing it now with Defoe after they heard we are interested in him and have thus inflated the price because it is Liverpool that want him.

Do you think we should pay 20million for Defoe?


55 responses to “Tottenham demand Liverpool pay £20million for Jermain Defoe”

  1. art says:

    i’d tell them to eff off. i don’t think he’s even worth 10MM GBP.

    • Chan says:

      With a mega i**** such KD in charge, we could not rule this out, however stupid this may sound.

      KD overpaid not once but 3 times for Carroll, Henderson and Downing. This is a clown who is hell bent on trying to prove his theory about British players right at the expense of the future of LFC and would not learn from mistakes nor humble enough to admit to one.

  2. Sajin says:

    Why be such suckers? Why not just pay that sum for buying Remy??
    At his age Defoe is not even worth 10£m, his initial price as was quoted in the news before.

  3. Marco says:

    If Andy Carroll is worth 35 million and Torres 50 million, I’d say that’s Defoe is worth 85 million – he scores as many as the two combined even though he plays less than half their time.

  4. Eddie says:

    Defoe is a very finisher n i think if lfc is much interested in him,they can pay at least £10m-£ give carrol back 2 newcastle.Defoe n Pavlynchenco can be our(lfc) best strikers signin.

  5. jass says:

    No, Not at all, He is not worth more than 10Million. I think Ba is a better option

  6. dboy says:

    If Andy Carroll is worth 35 million,Defoe should be around 50 million,because he can find back of net

    • Dan says:

      You don’t really understand factors in sales values, do you?

    • Chan says:

      If Defoe is so good, why is he not playing for Spurs?

      • aqaljuta says:

        Simple…! B’coz Harry is so in love with Adebayor… and he is too scared to bench Van der Vaart…and JD is just a victim of circumstances. Remember when Harry was so madly in love with Crouch-Defoe pairing last season? and Pav hardly start a game (eventhough Pav scored more than the two clowns combined?).

        Hope that answers your q.

  7. Jack says:

    No way, defoe is off the redar for that fee. If lfc will buy him, it should be £3m

  8. Alabi Jacob Oluwaseun says:

    I don’t think defoe is the right man up front for lfc. We need somebody like: Fernando Liorente, Luuk De Jonpg, Mousa Sow and if possible we should go back for Fernando Torres as well. At least we need to sign two of the strikers listed above.

    • Ali Parker says:

      Even if LFC wants Torres back he might not come cos they way he left and response from LFC fans wont be very welcoming. However, he surely will score cos Gerrard know how to feed him…

  9. grant says:

    This is total nonsense, i’ll will Defor with single figure. Looking at his age

  10. Mustapha says:

    Defoe worth 7million

  11. chandan says:

    I dont think defoe will be that coast…if wan gv 20m for him better we buy remy for that price and he still young as our owner interest young player. Dont do the same mistake as wht we did to F**K HENDERSON…He is the waste player at liverpool. if we can ignore him from our current team we still can do the best coz now lfc play with 10 player if he in 1st eleven coz he just play a role as wall in our team and wan escape from do mistake just get the ball and pass only. what a fuck player….

    • zer0logy says:

      you can’t have remy cuz you cant offer champions league football, ever think about that 7thpool?

      andy carroll 348 minutes per goal
      jermaine defoe 130 minutes per goal
      dirk kuyt infinity minutes per goal

  12. JOHN ADAM says:

    No, I do not think we should sell Defoe. He has been scoring vital goals for us lately which Adebayor has not been able to do. He is an asset to Spurs and he should come in earlier in a match when players like VDV and Adebayor are under performing.

    • Chan says:

      It’s ok Adam, we do not want him either. You could keep Defoe, especially for the 20 mill quoted. We would get Remy.

      • zer0logy says:

        NO YOU WOULDN’T cuz you’re not a big club, he’d be better off at marseille, and at least he wouldn’t get racially abused

  13. abe says:

    This is rubbish. Do you think Spurs will let Defoe go to a major rival, especially for peanuts. Levy got like 6 million for Mido. Also Defoe says he wants to play. Can you see him playing when Suarez comes back. That leaves him back to square one. The reality is that even half decent strikers are in demand – that is why Liverpool paid that crazy amounts for Carroll. Even if Spurs do get 20 million, who will they get in at this stage. It is fine to say Ba and others – but that is all pie in the sky, and even those guys will need some time to acclimitise. So this is quite simply the press taking Defoe’s comment that he wants to leave and looking at Liverpools current situation – and making something up.

  14. Paul says:

    Levy won’t sell defoe for £20m Spurs don’t need the money. its that simple.

  15. NUFCELITE says:

    Top price hes worth is 5 mil tell old floppy red face to jog on

  16. steve says:

    I don’t think Defoe worth that price,I don’t even like him as a player. Right now in lfc,we need good 2 strikers more. Daglish has been bidding for many players like Remy,Granero,Llorente,Defoe,Sinclair,Zaha,Ba,Bent,Kalou,Villa & more players but we’ve not heard any news about signing this players. Sow is ready to come to lfc,why can’t Daglish sign him before Bolton match so that he can have enough time to think about who’s next

  17. steive says:

    in my mind if liverpool and kenny still searching about players like those we will still waiting 100 years to bring the 4 place … Why we aren’t looking for players like tevez and forlan and ozil there are many stars that we can bring like luis…in the past we were facing money supply problem from bad owners but know we have money so what the problem?if dalglish still searching for talents and young the team will wait years to get what they want … Liverpool should knotice that they are not a small club like wigan or sunderland or villa to be linked in players like bent and defoe … Go get tevez and higuan … Bring stars that we can get a goal every game

    • zer0logy says:

      ozil? HAHAHAHAAAHAHhahahahhaahhAHHAHAHHahahaha


      *catches breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAAA

      Real madrid – 1st in leasgue, with champions league football,

      Liverpool – mid table no europe for years, racist. stand by and support racist players, racist fans, wierdo manager, cult like fans, laughing stock,

      maybe you should buy Messi?

  18. NUFCELITE says:

    these spuds surporters are defo on something see 1 of the idiots think hes worth 85 million lmao get off ya crack pipes you spud doughnuts

    • red69 says:

      The point he was trying to make was Torres and Carrol cost a combined total of £85 million and Defoe scores more goals than both of them put together!!

  19. Chris says:

    No chance if we would part with £20M for Defoe we could part with £22M for Remy !!! Simple

  20. David says:

    Harry’s tax return is due by 31st January, coincidence?

  21. frank says:

    defoe is class, if you dont think hes worth that youre an idiot

  22. Ashfah Hussain says:

    20 mil. pounds for a poor man’s Torres? You have taken us for a ride on Robbie Keane. Enough is enough!

  23. steve says:

    I don’t buy the idea of buying Defoe,but if Daglish is really going to buy any striker let him make it snappy

  24. steve says:

    Daglish….. Please decide on which player u want to sign…. Please we are all waiting…

  25. bam says:

    if carroll is still worth 35m, then defoe is worth at least 20m, altho he doesn’t have much of a sell-on value. but i doubt he’ll sign for lfc, seeing what u guys did to robbie keane.

  26. Crazy says:

    Why would he go to liverpool. A bunch of mediocre mid table wannabees. And Dalglish is a freaking clueless wierdo

  27. Chessie says:

    Defoe is old he will be good for a season or so, and they want 20M that is crazy, Demba Ba is the perfect player to play with Suarez as top man. KD must sign in January other wise we can forget about that 4th position with the current squad we have.

  28. Fadi chahin says:

    Buy Remy or get torres bk.. He will work for us again..
    Yes we overpaid clearly for what we bought!! Carrol is practically useless for us if we havent figured that out yet.. Henderson is ok but needs few more yrs and certainly not ready for action at the level we need him to perform now, downing is good but been a bit unlucky..
    Get players like Cavani, falcao, kaka, villa..etc where we know they will deliver and much better than carrol & company..

    • zer0logy says:

      oh my word, you boys are delusional.

      Edison Cavani? falcao? david villa? HAHAHA

      you should buy yakubu, he’d be more in your league. even Rory Donnelly chose swansea over you

  29. Glen H says:

    of course ‘pool should pay 20mil for Defoe. Even at 30mil he would represent the best buy the saviour has made since his return!

  30. m kop says:

    I knew this will happen. Why even bother to trying to get Defoe? Not exellent, not young enough, and you know he is not going to be cheap.

    20 mil. can buy Adebayor. Liverpool should go for Loic Remy if they are willing to spend as much, or for Tevez.

    But it may just unsettle Defoe, not that it matters.
    “Play me or sell me” plea from Defoe would be in orde given his chances to play this season and Dalglish’s seriosnes when buying English players.

    English yes, but not overpaying a single player any more !

    I think LFC has their base of British based players and I don’t think it would do much in terms of marketing and shirt sales to get another Englishman.
    Better to get someone like Honda, quality and you know he sels shirts.

  31. Oliver says:

    It’s all paper talk and irrelevant, Defoe himself sais on national tv on christmas day that there is absolutely no chance of him leaving Spurs.

  32. Ray says:

    When are you dunces going to realise that anything written in either the Daily Fail, Mirror, Sun or any low class rag has to be taken with an extreme pinch of salt because it’s all made up bulls**t. Just because Defoe’s new agent is complaining that his client isnt playing enough games is basis for the whores in the press to put two and two together and come up with three. It’s all baseless crap. Why on earth would Spurs sell Defoe at this crucial time especially to a rival fighting for a Champions league place. I have no doubt that Spurs would rather sell Pav before Defoe. FFS wake up you clowns.

  33. bahyor says:

    I’m just tired of all the speculations.KD should get some1 fast asap.ywnwa

  34. shane says:

    what kinda fool would believe this all u have to do is look at the spelling mistakes to see that a muppet wrote this its all bull about defoe anyway and if they were to buy him he certainly isnt worth more than 8-10 mill he is injury prone coming out of his prime age and doesnt start for Tottenham………

  35. Bill says:

    At 30 years of age he should only be on a free. plus he’s injury prone. levy can stick him were the sun don’t shine.

  36. anfield says:

    i dont thin we need any enlish striker any more they are too expensive they dnt now how to play you can imagin carroll dat doe not ve any european experecen and now defoe for 20, i dont ever like dis guy for de first place livepol should go for liorente terror or pato dis re good finish