Date: 16th January 2012 at 6:00pm
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Liverpool striker target Moussa Sow has come out and said that he would jump at the chance of playing for Liverpool.

“I am at Lille now but as we all know I want to play in England one day,” he told Sky Sports.

“Liverpool, well, that is a dream club. Anyone would be happy, scoring goals in front of the Kop can be the highlight of a career.”

Lille has in the last couple of days come out and said that they will not be selling anyone this January so a move for Sow may only come through in the summer. Liverpool seem to be in the drivers seat with this deal as Tottenham are also reported to want to sign Sow but based on his statements, he would turn down a move to Spurs and come to Anfield.

With Joe Cole also still on loan at Lille, we could be set to strike a deal with Lille which will see Cole remain at Lille on a permanent basis and Sow coming the other way.

Sow is currently away at the Africa Cup of Nations with Senegal and it will be interesting to see how well he does there with Demba Ba, another Liverpool target. But remember the last time we signed two Senegal stars Diouf and Diao? That was a nightmare! Hopefully Ba and Sow could do the job for us.


35 responses to “Striker set to snub move to Tottenham and join Liverpool”

  1. Jevon says:

    Ba??? He is not even in the frame lol

    • Daniil says:

      tprlgiawabee on November 7, 2011 Not to be a troll, but in my PERSONAL opinion…I think neopets is funner when you don’t cheat ever 8 seconds. Its funner earning the Neopoints.

  2. Mark Magimbi says:

    If fans had to sign players for the clubs, liverpoolfc could be the dumping zone for toothless players in the whole world I think we leave it to the people concerned to business

  3. Shegs says:

    Bring hm on let walk on

  4. LFC_Fan says:

    No thanks, you don’t get starter Centre Forward for a CL aspireted club for £8mn. We have enough good players to seat on th bench. We need someone to start every game, if fit & knock 20 EPL goals in a season – last time whom we got cost another club £50mn & rightly so.

    However, he is a African-French & “Black”, & our Manager is KD – how many think that it’s going to happen?

  5. lfchris says:

    We will be buying nobody this transfer window

  6. NikoReds says:

    You guys must remember that wont do the swap deal business right now simply because now they only pay 40% of joe coles salary.why would they lose one striker and add one in their pay roll(which is maybe the highest in their pay roll)???doesnt make sense…

  7. NUFCELITE says:

    ba a liverpool target in ya dreams lmao

  8. NikoReds says:

    You guys must remember that Lille wont do the swap deal business right now simply because now they only pay 40% of joe coles salary.why would they lose one striker and add one in their pay roll(which is maybe the highest in their pay roll)???doesnt make sense…

  9. Matth aguey says:

    Please dalglish sign sow.

  10. Gano says:

    1) Liverpool have a good defence,
    2) Liverpool have massive youth talent,
    3) Liverpool have good attacking players,
    4) Liverpool have hit the woodwork nearly 20 times,
    5) Liverpool are nearly in the League Cup Final,
    6) Liverpool are 4 pts from 4th

    Sign a striker and things will come right towards the end of the season, no doubt about it!!!!

    • judgestevep says:

      Well said mate

    • Rob says:

      @Gano: You failed to include a vital statistic… Liverpool play pass and move football. The opponents ‘pass’ the ball and Liverpool ‘move’ aside to let the opponents through.

      • Mez says:

        don’t kid yourself, we’ve got one of the best defences in the league, we’re so tight defending our lines there’s barely any time or room for opponents to “pass” the ball towards our goal.

  11. hatetosaythis says:

    Massive youth talent were humiliated by Sporting Lisbon – that is where we should be buying – Swansea youths also beat us easily – dont be too optimistic – Amoo , Eccleston etc wont make it and Morgan is also very dodgy

  12. CHESSIE says:

    Gano you are the man i read everything and you are the one who are amking realestic comment rest my case.

    • Gano says:

      It is a good situation at Liverpool, to win you need a good defence and to keep the ball. Liverpool do both well, yes we need a finisher but people are going crazy without thinking. We have excellent players at all age groups, anynone saying otherwise is just negative.

      KK has done a good job quickly and we will enjoy Wembley if we get through, look at the big picture and see how much KK has to do over the next 3 years. We do 90% of what is required to win trophies, week in and out, we need goals but that is all we need the rest is already happening!!!

  13. Azeez kayode fadeyanka says:

    Pls sign moussa sow and get good winger like aron lennon or junior hoilett pls kenny and camolli sign sow

  14. adelani says:

    hurry and get him l believe he will play his heart for the kop pls KD.

  15. barney says:


  16. Godwineo says:

    Gano you speak football, i bliv Sow wud do us gud we jst nid 2 sign him 4, he has d zeal n optimism wich minz he wud luv 2 b celebratd therby playin his hrt. Add Adam Jhnson, De Jong 2 our squad KD, and evrytin is ours YNWA.

  17. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Another poor man’s Fernando Torres. No French player has ever done Liverpool proud, not even Cisse.

  18. Matty K says:

    Theres too much passing & not enough movement off the ball. Stevie G must get Pi**ed off when he constantly plays a key ball & runs into space anticipating the ball back but instead it gets passed to another flatfooted player …often backwards!! The team available is good enough to beat anyone as proven(with Suarez) but if theres any signings lets go for the real deals – Hazard, Mata, Iniesta even Honda is a livewire – why do we keep hearing about players suitable for a team fighting relegation. This Liverpool has dominated the best teams & only needs to cash in more points at Anfield to be No 1….

  19. Wekaweka says:

    { Raina } johnson skartel agger anrique
    gerrard modric
    downing hazard podoliski suarez

  20. Remy says:

    Kd pls we need two more good striker and two more good midfielder….we cant afford to stay back this season.