Date: 16th January 2012 at 6:17am
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You can be sure that there is going to be a lot of striker transfer speculation this week at Liverpool especially following our blunt display at home on Saturday against Stoke where we failed to score.

The Mirror has gotten the rumour mill going already this morning by suggesting that Kenny Dalglish is set to bid £10million for Tottenham strike Jermain Defoe.

Harry Redknapp insists that Defoe is not for sale but the striker himself has reportedly become frustrated at the lack of opportunities at Spurs and thus wants a move to another top club where he will get more game time ahead of Euro 2012.

The speculation linking Defoe with a move away from Tottenham grew when it was reported that Redknapp was in the stands scouting French striker Loic Remy playing fr Marseille. If Redknapp does indeed make a move for Remy that would open the door for Defoe to leave Spurs.

Do you think that Defoe would be a good signing for Liverpool?


53 responses to “Monday Rumour: Liverpool set to bid £10million for Premier League striker”

  1. rowbot says:

    more over rated english dross. kenny’s last role of the dice, he ain’t getting another season if we don’t get 4th

    • Chan says:

      We would not get 4th but Kenny would get another season. JH is too timid and just like KD, lack understanding of the modern game to sack KD, which is what LFC really need really.
      Consider this, even HR does not rate Defoe and KD is considering.
      Last weeks game is the one game where i thought our donkey would do well to start considering Stokes towerinf defenders and what does KD do? Left him on the bench.
      It’s clear we need to replace KD, i consider this season a write off, just like previous seasons and if JH is serious about 4th and be Champions, he better act and sack KD NOW!

    • clint says:

      That’s ridiculous. It will take EVERY new manager and EVERY new team some time to get to where they want to be. Benitez finished 5th in his 1st season, Mancini and City took a while to get going. Ferguson took 3 years. Wenger has taken 6 years since his last trophy. Just because they all spoke the same language doesn’t mean they’ll instantly be a top 4 team. How long has it taken Spurs to get where they are? Should we not share the same patience Spurs fans showed going into this season having last UCL and kept their manager. Look at them now. Would they be there if they gave up on Harry so easily? We spent a lot of money, but on a 20 y.o., 22 y.o. And blackpool player, a player fond of suspension and a left winger lost in right midfield. Top 4 was a chance but not crucial. We’re still rebuilding post H&G, and our outrageously fresh squad is still gelling. We’re undefeated at home and almost in a cup final. All we need is a right winger to take the pressure off Downing like Young did, and buy a proven goal scorer – like Bent. He’s nothing special, but he scores goals. Suarez is our special, Carroll is our big, we need one more forward that does nothing but score. We need pace and a crosser on the right for balance, a goal scorer up front, Lucas’ return and we’re a very good team, not just a good defence. For RW I’d sign Hoilett.

      • Rick says:

        Well said Clint, this is the right attitude.
        Im’ sick of these patethic “so called fans” Who has the “Football Manager” or “Play Station” attitude.
        When it comes a bad moment, THey jump on the “Sack manager bandwagon”.
        Bunch of idiots.

        • DaveWestAus says:

          The owners have said very little about the recent goings on at LFC,(in regard to: Suarez/racism,and reaction from the manager etc./transfers/,and so on?????
          But people can rest assured that they have been taking note and will make decisions in the closed season! So don’t be supprised at one or two departures.

        • Gano says:

          Liverpool have been fantastic this season, a Defoe would be perfect at finishing the many chances we create!!!!. Liverpool are a very good side and even the moaners know it, we are close to a real top team now!!!

        • Josh says:

          Buying British is the wrong way for us to move forward as they are shite and if we ever want to move forward we need to be buying better quality. Also I always knew that we would struggle this season with the players KD signed in the summer, would you of seen City,Utd and Chelsea sign such players like Downing,Adam and Henderson No you wouldn’t so why do we.

        • Chan says:

          One bad moment? Rick you are not only delusional like your hero KD but can’t count either. Spurs, Blackburn, Swansea, etc, ring any bells?

          Idiots, talking about yourself and KD?

          Make up your mind, you want to support LFC or KD? We are LFC supporters just to remind you and the club comes before any individual

      • Chan says:

        Clint good post but you hit bulls eye. KD is NOT new to LFC. He had managed LFC before and he was with LFC prior to his appointment as manager. That is our beef with him, he is not new, unlike Benitez, Redknapp at Spurs, AVB at CFC. KD need no or very little learning curve, that was one of the reason he was given the job.

  2. Joy says:

    Kenny is still living in the 1980s things have changed which he doens’t seems to realise,We are not going to qualify for the CL this term for sure already lost on too many points.The probable top four will be City, Manu,Spurs and Chelsea .Had high hope when Dalglish took over but he is turning into another Rafa making mistakes and not learning from them .

  3. Jass says:

    Yes, It would be a nice buying. He is having the ability to score goals. We can sell Kuyt to buy this fellow. I think we are still in race of top four because, Not only us Chellesa and arsnal are also not doing well. We are not on the downword wherein u can see clearly that chelsa and arsenal are now on the downward.

    we definately having a chance therefore, we need a class striker who can finish. swaping of Carrol with Bent was also a good idea. from february onward sourez will also be available therefore, our thrust will be positive.

  4. Tony says:

    Kd is a stubborn he goat. He has sacrificed all our aspirations this season for his selfish interest. Certainly, judging by his mentality, we cannot quaiify for top 4 this season. He must be sacked at the end of the season.

    • artigas cruz says:

      blaming kenny is not the remedy what has to happen here is carrol has to start scoring gerrard has to start playing a hell of a lot better coz yesterday of old wont do what his been doing, center mid is not to par adam is a screw up in my opinion the one problem i see with kenny is that he is not consistent with the line ups but the man may have one fault and that is on how to motovate the players, but lets get real here the players aren’t doing their job not enough hunger…

    • Chan says:

      Well said Tony execept the part where KD should be sack at end of season. HE SHOULD BE SACK NOW!

  5. E. Olawale says:

    I also agree d fact KD is makin lots of mistakes getin Carrol on set was whr Liv got it wrng.No CL 4 livpk wit d situatn ryt nw n i think getin 2 strikers who can take on any dfence n get d goals & 1 creativ midfid playr dis Jan trnfa wil do Liv lot of good.We can’t cntinue wit dis run of poor form xpecialy@Anfield.It‘s embarrasin we can’t consider ourslf as a contender anylongr!

    • Jules says:

      Your point is exactly right. Kenny making lots of mistakes and Carroll being the biggest so far. The only problem is, is that it took me ten minutes to decode your post. It was as if I was trying to read a text message from a ten year old nuisance youth. Our poor form is as embarrassing, frustrating and hard to understand as your use of weird text abbreviations.

  6. allen says:

    kenny should be sacked its as simple as that…people say we need world class players but i think we need a world class manager first…and lets stop defending kk just because he is a legend it wont do us any good..cause we are now on the losing side..i wonder if rafa had 100m for transfers…i think he would done better business than the one kenny did..kenny sold raul,aquman on a long loan we lost quality and brought in average…while rafa was going for aguero,silva,torres and villa….our legend is going for bent,carrol and now defoe…sack him for heaven sack…

  7. josh says:

    have any of you actually played football , you dont no what your talking about. sack kenny ? and get who ? how well did we play at the end of last season? with the same players as hodgson, we are playing fantastic this season, were 4 points of champions league playce, and wev dropped 14 points at home, we have the best defense in the league and have created the most chances and hit the woodwork nearly 20 times, once we start taking our chances we wil be winning most games 2,3 or 4 -0 . every person we signed in the summer was the best player for their clubs, and every body agreed when we signed them, but now they are rubbish players ? have a day off and go watch another sports cos you dont no what your talking about

    • DaveWestAus says:

      No problem RAFA will come back without a worry!

    • Gano says:

      I agree 100% mate you said it perfectly well…………….we are a good side simples!!!!

    • SouthAussieRed says:

      Josh those excuses of “hitting the woodwork 20 times” and “once we start taking our chances we will be winning most games” are absolutely rubbish! they were the same excuses Kenny was using after our home draw with Norwich. i am sick of hearing the same crap! Yes we only four points off fourth but Chelsea are only going to get better and we are going to continue to not score.

  8. GM says:

    More overrated Brit crap.. but I guess that’s all Dalgish knows how to buy… how xenophobic is he anyway???

  9. Zanz Kedah says:

    So now look like Kenny want to make another waste buy again.Kenny is good manager but the problem is he don’t know to make good signing and chasing the right player to LFC.example : why he able to pay 35milion for andy caroll,while with that amoun we can get Gonzalo Higuin or others good calibre player?He only British Crap Talent = BCT,to help him solve the problem.BCT very expensive will come with non logic dealing.Only several player can prove they are good talent can make impact for the club.Please choose the correct player kenny

  10. Effect says:

    Kenny should b sacked. We need Frank Rijkaard. Kenny is not doing us any good. We r champions league team. We should b buyin stars n not scraps. We need a gud defensive mid-fielder (Ever banega, Tiote), play makers(Eden Hazard, Coutinho, Lucas), striker (TEVEZ, Llorente or Torres) and we r back on track. Downing, Carrol r not wat we need at all.

  11. simon says:

    I totally agree with josh. We are playing well we just ain’t scoring. It will soon come hav faith boys.YNWA

    • SouthAussieRed says:

      Thats what everyone has been saying since our draws against Norwich and Swansea. Everyone is getting frustrated after three months of the same crap.

  12. CokkMatt Kedah says:

    YES…Kenny is blind manager.He only know to buy BCT.How long our fans must waiting for his experiment?Untill now we can see the failure and failure.The money already gone with bad result.Avery i watch LFC game but not interesting.When Rafa Benitez incharge LFC win or lost,LFC play with the best skill,strategy,technical and team spirit.But unfortunate that times,owner LFC very stingy to give good budget to get good talent.Mr Bean(Roy Hodgson) only the very cheap manager they can hired and destroy LFC with bring many joker or deadwood into LFC.I hate to seem LFC situation now.Kenny is try to continue Mr.Bean agenda but with diffrent story.Only Suarez and Enrique now the best buy now.

  13. Angel says:

    Fully agree, Josh!
    We are back to the old Liverpool style – nice pass and move football, which difer from the teams of Houllier and Benites. Yes, they both were great managers, but I didn’t quite like their football. We need some more goals and the mood will be high again. Suares will be back soon, although I think one more class forward will be good addition. We will be in the Champions League next season – believe me. But believe in King Kenny first!

    • sean says:

      Wow we need more goals,absolute genius who would have thought that was the problem.Did we not buy players to increase our depth and to win more matches? Oh hang on,we play a centre mid out on the right,who contributes zero,we play a winger who has scored 1 goal for LFC so far, a CM who is so slow I’ve seen milk turn quicker and a striker who cant even find his hair net.
      And we blame the woodwork..

    • DaveWestAus says:

      Benitez got results against all the best teams throughout Europe! Barcelona,Real Madrid,Bayern Munich,Man U,AC Milan etc;RAFA is willing and should be brought back,and probably will come back in the closed season.

  14. Gokyie says:

    Am so sad rite nw,coz time is nt on our side any more

  15. valsnoop says:

    please KD give the fans what they want…TEVEZ HAZARD..or at the end u will b sack.

  16. Rick says:

    People still trust in “FIFA 2011 standards” or “football manager standards” and They think that World class players from abroad are still there waiting for a Liverpool move.
    They are a bunch of mercenaries like Juan Mata, Who’s only looking for CL football & the greatest wages and it’s not Liverpool Who can guarantee CL’s football (and it’s not his faulth, but Rafa & Hodgey’s faulth: fact) and greatest wages.
    Kenny has bought hunger players with strong motivations and tried to give them a football style, the Liverpool’s way, after the mess of H + G & Last Rafa’s season & Hodgey and it’s not an easy & immediate process: rebuilding needs time in football. Football it’s not like your favourite videogame.
    Many People think that Liverpool should do like Citeh, but They failing to realise that Henry is not Mansour.
    If You prefer a Club like Citeh maybe You should support City: We don’t need of You. You’are costantly and blatantly prone for knee jerks reactions…
    Despite early struggles to gel the side in the first true season in charge, Kenny is edging closer to give a day off down Wembley to all our fantastic fans and it wouldn’t be so bad. It’s still possible to end the 6 yrs trophy’s drought, IF WE SUPPORT THE CLUB, THE LADS AND THE MANAGER.
    On Kenny: How is it possible to think that Kenny is a not a leggendary manager? You don’t know the history of Liverpool and certainly You don’t know the history of british football.
    LIVERPOOL ARE BRITISH FOOTBALL and if You don’t know Liverpool’s golden decades then I doubt of your love for Liverpool…

    • Chan says:

      You are right that Henry is no Mansour. So why did KD went and blew 75 mill on some donkeys and mules? How many 75 mill are we going to get?
      We support the club yes but not a wayward manager however big a playing legend he was.
      I supported LFC for 26 years when LFC are winning trophies and when we are not and yes we know the history of the club and love the club. Yes the CLUB, NOT THE INDIVIDUAL. GET IT!

  17. paul p says:

    should be going for remy. we really are sliding down the list of influential teams. it painful to watch and hear.

  18. Kehins says:

    What i know is dat kd is gud d problem is dat he get katamol he no day follow advice wil need gud striker and winger and milfield

  19. Francopool says:

    Another British crap player? Hahaha Kenny, you’re not the right manager for Liverpool I knew it from the beginning, Liverpool will not make it to the top 4.

  20. bains says:

    these numpties calling for KDs sacking are the typical modern day fan. do you have a solution? do you know which manager you want at the helm? how many world class managers are there right now? probably about 5 – most of who would not come to LFC. please do not fall into the same trap like many did last time with Rafa – demanding his sacking and then getting RH.

    Poeple saying KD is stuck in the 90s – how do you come to this concusion? this makes no sense

    The fact is defensively we have been good. The style has been good. The finishing poor. But this will improve – it has to – if we were a negative team then i could understand – but we are not – we are a positive attacking side – so its just a matter of time before the ball starts hitting the back of the net. it would be great if we got 4th position, but if we dont – dont cry and demand KD sacking… we have a core of young players who are growing together, getting vital experience, playing with a some top professionals. Believe in them, dont do what many did to Lucas… Keep Calm and Walk ON

  21. Marty says:

    another mediocre signing.. this is actually starting to get painful.. 🙁 why are we constantly looking at the so called best players from below par teams (eg Charlie Adam), and rejects and benchwarmers from the top clubs in the EPL???? we are slowly but surely turning into a ‘below par’ team with the constant signings of mediocre overpriced british players.. we need a few special signings instead of constantly shopping in the EPL… the signings we are making are a joke tbh… i mean if we make it into champions league, we are not gunna get anywhere in it with carroll and defoe as strikers :/ and after spending money on them, KD isn’t gonna leave them on the bench and buy new strikers….. he’ll try and go with them, which is just plain sickening….

  22. kd wont be sacked, but lfc don’t need defoe . If you look at it he doesn’t even make spurs 1st 11 and then if suarez was fit he would drop down to the bench and he is at a wrong age anway. One selfish striker that is a mecenary and would only make a desperate situation worse.

  23. Divine says:

    If lvp need to finish 4th, they need atleast two signing to make. One sharp strike like cavani or remy and a sharp winger, combined wit suarez and gerard we r were we wanna be. KD sign spanish nd live england player ooo.

  24. nigel says:

    We are doing well this season over all. Too many ‘knee jerk’ reactions all the time! We have no problem getting to the opposition box, but then we don’t have the guile, skill, change of pace/direction to hurt the opposition. That’s our current problem.
    Away form is splendid. Enrique is the buy of the season. Skrtel is finally looking the type of bullying, reliable defender we hoped he would be. Our defence on the whole is commanding and solid.
    I’m just not sure we have what it takes right now in midfield and up front to really make the most of the possession we have in the opposition’s half? Downing hasn’t been what we hoped, playing right midfield a lot too. Having said that, it his style to cut inside more often than not. So why we bought a winger like this when Andy needs crosses, I don’t know.
    Andy’s first touch is off, but without the service I can’t see what else he can do? He is only 23 and will come good if we can get him quality deliveries.
    For me Adam shouldn’t be our first choice midfielder. He can be ponderous on the ball. Takes too long to see a pass sometimes. Gives away too many silly free kicks also. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good play but LFC should be recruiting better calibre players even without Champions league football.
    Henderson definitely has potential, but again not a first team player. Kuyt has been a great loyal servant for us, but he too I think isn’t working out. Maxi has been good when played. These are squad players. We do need another striker or two as we only went into this season with two recognised strikers.

  25. Neil says:

    I am a lifelong Liverpool fan and it is making me cringe to read these posts sack a legend of this club after 12 months !!! and why because he has only taken us from 13th with a negative goal differance to 4 points from 4th and leading in a cup semi final. Get real he inherited a side imploading and is rebuilding, this is not football manager its the real world and things take time. We have only lost 4 games all season the issue is draws but you have to staedy the boat before you push on.

    • Gano says:

      Excellent post mate, 90% of Liverpool’s play is good. If we conceded loads of goals and did not create anything, then we could worry. So much is going well yet idiots whinge every week, we are very hard to beat now but need to find a balance between defence and attack.

      People slagging KK are stupid, he needs a reliable striker then it’s happy days. SEE YOU AT WEMBLEY!!!!

    • Chan says:

      Since when you can rebuild with donkeys and mules?

      • Bains says:

        People need to realise that the majority of these talented players you want at anfield are not gona come unless we pay ridiculous wages.we are not in champ league…why would someone like cavani leave Napoli for us at this moment.they are playing champ league doing well in serie a and are creating history and are looking to build..just because we love LFC it doesn’t mean these foreign players do.

        Apart from downing and Bellamy the signings have been young.
        We are in a state of transition. Finally LFC is looking to the future instead of quick fixes. We are buying young talent because when the club invest in the new stadium…there will be hardly any money for players… don’t realise this….we will be spending less n less until the stadium is up and running.we need young players to ride us through that difficult times ahead.downing is key to our short term success…but at he moment he is playing too safe.he needs to grow some bolls and I reckon it will benefit the whole attacking dimension.

        I for one am more interested in seeing a healthy stable and prosperous club in years to come rather than only looking at the short term. Support what the club is trying to do…it won’t all be smooth sailing and NESV and KD can’t fix things in 12 will take about 3years to be fighting at the top IMO.

        10years ago our fans were clearly the most knowledgable….but since rafa delivered Istanbul some of our fans have lost all reality…..forcing rafa out…booing our own players…and now talking about sacking KD. Bet all these ppl were booing Lucas not long ago. Support the club, the manager and it’s players…..if you are desperate for success go and support city united or Chelsea.