Date: 15th January 2012 at 11:51am
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Having watched Liverpool fail to score again yesterday (Saturday) at home against Stoke, the pressure is increasing at the club to bring in a new striker to help us score more goals. Thus the speculation continues to mount on who Liverpool are going to bring in, preferably in this January transfer window, or in the summer to add more firepower to the side.

The People is linking Liverpool with a move for Spain’s World Cup winning striker Fernando Llorente.

The 26-year-old Athletico Bilbao striker has been linked with a move to Liverpool in the past but I think it is now time for Damien Comolli and Kenny Dalglish to up their interest as Llorente is one of those strikers we could do with and could play well upfront with Luis Suarez in my opinion.


25 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Liverpool target £20million World Cup winning striker”

  1. Lion Heart says:

    I agree Llorente would have been much better partner for Suarez, because he is not only good in the air but he can play with his feet too. 20m would be a fair price for a striker of his quality. If he is available then Liverpool shouldn’t waste any more time in signing him and alongside him Liverpool also need to buy a decent winger who can atleast get past his marker few times in a game and is a decent crosser, so far Downing has been very poor signing and if it was not for Carroll then he would have been the worst Liverpool signing under Kenny.

  2. Ashfah Hussain says:

    This is more like it rather than paying a couple of poor man’s Fernando Torres. I hope this third Fernando would be a success.

  3. Richard says:

    Imo downing is the worst signing Carroll is playing the football he played at newcastle we do not play to his strengths. as for llorente its another risk for a big sum of money he is no better than Carroll he is tall slow and imo to similar. I would bring through the likes of sterling and suso to add pace and imagination to our attack and Morgan looks the type to complement Suarez and bellamy.what’s the point in having one of the best youth systems in the world and just throw money at expensive options

  4. Richard says:

    It seems fans these days want nothing more than spend spend spend. we would go bankrupt if ee were fan owned

    • Miles says:

      @Richard: Any club would have gone bankrupt if they have a manager like Dalglish who only buys SHITES like donkeys (Carroll) and mules (Henderson and Downing). Dalglish is a cheque-book manager, yet he cannot even spot a talent even when the player concerned is standing right in front of him.

  5. Honeyneny says:

    Pls King Kenny get dis guy,get dis guy, hes al we nid now in dis difficult non scoring moment.He gud every where with head n foot.Fenando Llorente torres

  6. Crisghana says:

    Pls buy him.he is good in air and can also soccer goals with is feet.we should stop wasting money on british players.we can get the best outside england and him.

  7. Dr Sain says:

    @richard-it seems neither u watch our main team nor reserve team.morgan,suso,sterling all may come good,but not in next 2-3 yrs.
    A striker is a must to get top chance without a decent striker.chelsea and arsenal can score goals,and goals win matches.yes a decent right winger would hv been great,but i just hope dat we sign a striker!

  8. Gokyie says:

    I dnt lyk al dis,if u want 2 gt a player then go on,nt so happi wit al dis draw things,its makin me sad al d time,am getin bored of this al d time lt step up

  9. Rick says:

    I’m not sure that Liverpool’s lack of finishing touch it’s due to the strikers department.
    In my view We’re lacking creativity on the right side, Where We desperately need a natural right wing Who can put good crosses in the box as well as finding the right position to shoot when We cross a good ball from the left with Downing or Jose.
    Sometimes We adapt Hendo or Bells in the right side: They are not natural wingers.
    In add, our midfielders can keep the ball well and playing good long range passes, but their offensive moves are not so good.
    How Many Players Liverpool brought in the opposite area anytime We cross a good ball?
    Yesterday Carroll was the only man in the box and it would be hard to score for many players…
    Look at Spurs, United: They easily score more goals than us because They brought offensive players in the Box.
    We definitely need a right winger, and an offensive and creative player in the middle, Who can ease the goalscoring burden from Gerro as Hendo & Adam can dedicate themselves to keep the ball.

  10. Rick says:

    Anytime a side struggles to score Many People automatically think that the problem is up front.
    I believe instead that We have a problem oh the right side, and in the middle.
    Football is beautiful because anyone can have a personal opinion and perception.

  11. boon says:

    something’s holding KK back on talking abt signing a striker. And the owners’ silence dont help. YNWA…We need a striker and fast !

  12. marcus says:

    Get this guy and Torres on loan with suarez already LFC Rock

  13. Akash@Superstarfc says:

    1) Higuain (for striker)
    2) Podolski (for left winger)
    3) Ozil OR Hazard (for right winger)
    4) Aquilani (bring back him & play him)
    5) Gary Cahill (Defender)
    1) Carroll
    2) Kuyt
    3) Downing
    4) Aurelio
    5) Joe Cole

  14. yusri says:

    sell carrol,henderson,lucas,aurelio and bring back torres and buy david villa and podolski

  15. zihad says:

    kenny please buy a striker without new striker we will lose league champion space

  16. Martin Badger says:

    After his absolutely dreadful signings last summer, do you think they will trust KD with more millions? Do we really want another Caroll or Downing or Henderson or Adam? I certainly don’t. In his first period as manager KD made brilliant signings, this time he’s made crap ones. It’s a simple as that.

  17. BAZIL says:

    this is the perfect striker for big team like liverpool and not defoe and bent…plz why cant they be fast in this deaL…COME TO ANFIELD LLORIENTE..

  18. Abdul kamba says:

    Bring in fanardo bcuze carol have no use.

  19. oz red says:

    Even though Carroll has under performed I agree with some of the commments above that we dont play to his strengths. We brought in players like Downing, Hendo and Adam to provide service to Carroll. So far they have failed miserably at this task. This was super eveident against Stoke when Carroll came on he made the Stoke defence very uncomfortable but our so called service providers couldn’t hit him once. The fact the KK took off Downing (the very man who was suposed to cross the ball to Carroll) and replaced him with Carroll shows just how bad Downing is going at the minute.
    If we were to spend serious money again we need to choose from the proven quality 35-40m players that are Cavanni (proven record in a tough league, champs league and international) Hulk (again proven in champs league) or Falcao (proven on all fronts again)
    Although super pricey any one of these guys will be a guarantee of goals and all will comlement the playing style of LFC and Suarez in particular up front.

  20. Nizam vengappally says:

    Kenny please bring back Torres and sell Carroll.Because the fans expecting atleast the top four spot.we trust you…. Kenny we can do it.

  21. ansen says:

    Dalglish should go before he get sack he spent too much money on donkeys

  22. yes lonrente is gd & get torres in loan if we cant get tevez on loan if we ct get pato azar + banega befour we pla man city & man u& dont sell carrol if we get this players carrol will score

  23. Brew Daniel says:

    We can easily buy david villa or llorente only if we are serious on them as villa not getting much playing time.also bring on sterling to add more attacking on the right wing.

  24. ezekiel says:

    i think kenny shuold go how side there buy good striker.andy corroi he not good enuogh to being liverpool striker pls sell him and buy another attark.