Date: 13th January 2012 at 6:31pm
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We have all been speculating about who Liverpool are going to sign this January transfer window and the rumours continue coming in every single day.

But Kenny Dalglish today spoke out about his plans for the January transfer window and it sounds like no one may be joining Liverpool this January.

Dalglish told reporters at Melwood: “We’ve got an option to be active if we want to be active, but we said at the outset that we’d be quiet.

“It’s work in progress for us. We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing, and the boys will keep working as hard as they can, and we’ll see where we go.

“If we needed somebody to bolster up, we could do it – but I said right at the outset, we don’t.

“We’re not really chasing after anybody that we want to bring in in January. We’ve been happy with what they (the players) have done since August.”

He added: “I don’t think it is unusual when we said at the start we would not be very busy. I think it’s unusual when people try to invent things, get it horribly wrong and then ask us to justify it.

“We said right at the outset, if anything there will be very little (transfer activity). It’s a wee bit disrespectful to us after trying to be honest and saying there might not be much, that we get accused of not being active.”


22 responses to “Dalglish reveals his January transfer window plans”

  1. sunny says:

    that mean top 4 is not guarantee,with this current squad,no better striker apart frm suarez

  2. Joy says:

    Well then lets just forget about Champions League for one more season .End of the story ,thanks a bunch KD!

    • crazyhorse says:

      Kenny you are having a laugh??? either the yanks have told
      you “no more money” or you are losing the plot?you of all people know what being a top forward and goalscoring is all about, yet we dont have a forward around the first team that scores goals,or maybe just maybe you dont want to go to the yanks and ask for more money for a forward after wasting 35 million on a p…head average player? and if that is the case kenny you will have dropped from the pinacle i have had you on since when i was a 9 year old going to Anfield to watch my beloved reds.

  3. Honeyneny says:

    Kenny Daglish pls dnt give us dt wee discusn,get us a striker to help Andy n Sureaz unless u dnt want our top 4 yet.we nid Aquilani bak or u still get one gud holdn mildfielder.pls dnt disapoint us!

  4. ode says:

    wat is he sayin for christ sak go get a striker kk

  5. Ezeson Geovanni says:

    Is Kenny drunk?

  6. tedy says:

    Thise man is crazy,Bring back Rfa

  7. Dan says:

    Dont mind king daglish he is just leting internet worriors to get their attention away 4rom liverpool he will buy ok i have talk with henry

  8. ,joey says:

    we have now stopped all progress and because of long term injuries and massive suspension.we have no plans to cover we were already thin in decent striker options…season over.

  9. Osman lopeta says:

    Kk is drunk get us back rafa pliz henry we more players in wrld remy is there torres,ba ,harsad,saldado,occampo,kk u dnt see all this players athey animals 2u kk?tell us if u dnt now 2 sellect thats means coachless we tell henry 2look another maneger wo is better than u.u av runmad kk getout n looksme wherelse.

  10. dis our coach must be a mad man, what is he saying self.pls buy a gud striker b4 u wl make anoda terribl mistake as he did last jenu transfr window by buyin potential bushing guy lyk carrol

  11. williams says:

    if kenny realy made these comment then he (kenny)is not ready to take lfc to top 4,and without champions league i dont think that there will be any top players coming to lfc even next season,and am afraid if we (lfc)will ever made it in time to come if lfc dont do it now.

  12. Zunkanmite says:

    Sorry my Lfc fans, we really trust this man b4, but now it seems (he) kk is thinking like a monkey with human skin. You don’t want us to know that you make a mistake of buying carrol. Good it’s known to everybody now and we forgive you. Please buy another proven striker for us.

  13. George Foya says:

    ofcoz’ we dd love him earlyer, but 4dis he just poisoning us. Why doing dis while cash is plenty. Hey don be silly add skillful n’ powerful striker who can score. We mised UEFA champs.

  14. Sacoxy says:

    Kk is stupid by saying this.

  15. crazyhorse says:

    Kenny i hope you have someone close to you reading these
    messages and getting into your head you i hope are not trying
    to cover the 35 million that went walkies in buying someone who looks and plays like a forward for the newcastle and gateshead refuse department( A binman for our overseas fans)
    i am fuming over this!we are struggling to score goals we need a forward…

  16. Kenny pls get roberto soldado 4 us and stop threatning our topfour spot.k

  17. Celsus says:

    I really think this man 2k some rum b4 coming out 2 say this,concerning the past we had in Liverpool this season he has been trying 2 cover up the mess he has done by the waste of 35million he has wasted by using Andy Carrol risking other good player’s 2 sit on bench so that we would either loose or draw due 2 low scoring ability by a player wish no one would want 2 spend 10million on but all his trial has not done us any good as the player continues 2be a mess nw he is preventing the signing of a better striker and a better attacking midfielder 2 guarante our place in top 4 so as 2 give Andy more time 2 take us 2 relegation i think Rafa had an eye 2 sign good player’s i no longer blv on KKD 2 take us even 2 Europa a coach who would keep on selling gd player’s and continue 2 buy and keep low quality player’s in the team unlike the case of Arbeto Aquilani and Raul Meireles.I think KKD should learn 4rm his mistake’s and give us an up front man who can do it. Liverpool of the past had is known 4 hvng fearsom striker’s and not mere toy’s on goalpost pls dont say this get us Saldado,cavani,Llorentes and the rest.

  18. Bj says:

    Fellow lfc fans,i thnk King kenny’s ryt…we have very gud nd capable players… If only they cn all work on the “never walk alone spirit” lyk Steven G.thatz all they need!

  19. geedee says:

    don’t give dalglish any more money. he must be lining his own pockets with these newcastle deals considering his proximity with that club. he is clueless on and off the field. send him back to his ambassadorial role. timer to stop the rot. this evenings selection was an insult to every payting fan and supporter. fuck off dalglish

    • crazyhorse says:

      I hope that people dont think i accusing king kenny dalglish of being dishonest in his transfer dealings,i have to much respect for dalglish for that,all that i was trying to say was
      he has wasted 35 million on carroll,20 million on downing and 16 million on henderson,adam is playing to the level of valuation (pretty poor)though at least the scot has a little bit of heart to make up for his lack of skill,the other three
      on the other hand play like girls it dont say much for north east england men.Kenny has got to put his hands in the air and
      admit his mistake then try to make good his huge mistake not cover it up like a politican and come out saying we dont need a forward,or even worse starting to sound like roy hodgson ,kenny dont treat the fans like fools just to protect your own job mate.

  20. Leverpool says:

    Mr Dalglish has stated that there will be no movement in this window. The success rate during the last window shows a success rate of about 16%. The real question is if the squad is so poor or is it that players are bought who can actually work with the Club’s manager. The Comolli link is also as he was at Tottenham, which was poor.