Date: 10th January 2012 at 3:14pm
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Reports coming out of Spain today suggest that Jose Mourinho could be set to test Liverpool’s resolve with a £30million bid for striker Luis Suarez.

Suarez is currently suspended due to the racism saga with Patrice Evra and this has prompted suggestions that Suarez may be ready to quit the English game as he could be subject to a lot of abuse from the opposition fans following the Evra incident.

Real Madrid would see it as an opportunity to get one of the hottest strikers in the game today in their bid to pip Barcelona to the title this season in Spain.

I doubt that Suarez would want to leave Liverpool especially not now. Knowing the player he will want to fight through this racism ban and come back better and stronger. But you never know with football, the abuse Suarez gets when he returns from his 8 match ban may be too much for him to take and he could decide to pack his bags and leave England.


12 responses to “Tuesday Rumour: Real Madrid set to bid £30million for Suarez”

  1. kareem says:

    madrid can have suarez if they can give lfc di maria and higuain

  2. stan howard says:

    yes and £35 million for messi.

  3. Mark Coulter says:

    Suarez wont go to Madrid. He’s already come out and said he wants to play for Barcelona, that being a few weeks after he signed for LFC. They can have him, if we can have Ronaldo. Seems fair. Suarez is young, 24 and fast becoming one of the most amazing strikers in the world. Ronaldo is pure class but isnt he like 27/28 now and peaking? Suarez + 15m for Ronaldo 😉
    Anyone can dream..

  4. stan howard says:

    anyone who thinks suarez is worth less than £55 million is an idiot and anyone ho cant see through this mischief making is an even bigger idiot.

    • Mark Coulter says:

      Totally agree with you..
      Basically i think we all know Suarez wont leave.
      He will see out his contract. We all know he didnt racially abuse Evra. He used racist language but it wasnt meant in a racist manner..

  5. Flying pig says:

    Surely running to Spain will be seen as an admission of guilt. If Suarez truly believes that he is the innocent victim, then he should fight to clear his name.
    I say fukk the booing fans. We are LFC and we can withstand all this rubbish IF Suarez wants to stay.
    Having said that, Suarez has made no secret of his ambitions and may see this a chance to move to a grander stage. Not many players say NO to Real Madrid.

  6. steve says:

    why oh why do you post articles like this. if your not going to be positive why bother writing at all. on more than three occasions now ive read articles of yours saying lfc got it wrong supporting suarez. now your regurgitating crap from spain trying to unsettle suarez(arguably our best player) go do articles for mufc please…im sure youll remove this,so long as you see it i dont care

  7. kotimaramourinho says:

    k good n give us higuain, benzema n alonso…

  8. CY says:

    Its so simple….if they will exchange him for dimaria nd higuain….den fine…we can start talking……dis is utter nonsense Mr….dont write dis sort of useless article here next time.

  9. VinKopite says:

    Not a chance.
    A player needs to man up and take the flack, like it or not. Look at how vilified Beckham was over the early years of his career. How Cantona was when he jumped in the crowd to beat up a fan. Yes they were United players, but we are both massive clubs, so Luis needs to come back, stronger, faster, harder, better and scoring!!
    We have all stood by him, I expect the same in return.

  10. artigas cruz says:

    luis and kenny are two of a kind, no way luis will leave now and 30mill is a facking insult.

  11. Dan says:

    Madrid is stupid by tempting us we wount sale or else they will give us ronaldo and higuien