Date: 10th January 2012 at 6:00pm
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The Daily Mail is reporting that Liverpool are close to completing a deal to sign 17-year-old Partizan striker Lazar Markovi?.

The Serbian striker is dubbed as the new Michael Owen due to his pace, skill and ability to find the back of the net.

It was thought that he would be joining Chelsea but Liverpool are set to pip their rivals by meeting Partizan’s £8million valuation. A deal may be sealed this January but the player would only probably join Liverpool in the summer.

Not many of us would have heard of Markovi? but below is a video of what the striker is all about.


19 responses to “Tuesday Rumour: Liverpool close to completing £8million deal for striker”

  1. Billy Fraggs says:

    I’ve reported you to newsnow for misleading headlines. You’re conning people into thinking that there is concrete evidence that Liverpool are actually ‘close’ to signing this player. You’ve just lifted the story from another source, which is another breach of newsnow’s editorial standards.

    Keep it up – you will soon be banned from the network

    • lfc4eternity says:

      What is it you don’t understand about the word ‘RUMOUR’?

    • ayoslime says:

      i think you’re the only idiot who got conned into thinking there was hard evidence, it clearly states that it’s a rumor reported by the daily mail. don’t be such a snitch homie

    • Steve says:

      oh dear, the simpleton alarm is ringing!!!

  2. ant says:

    to the guy who said he reported the editor grow the fuck up

  3. craig jones says:

    OMG billy fraggs get a proper job u saddo !! as for this young guy his pace looks immense i would love him at liverpool.

  4. Sylvergreat says:

    Can’t sign him not british

  5. Song says:

    He reminds me more of the Torres we signed from At Madrid instead of Owen…of coz its only the Torres who came to us, not the Torres who left us. 😉

  6. Afangson says:

    To me i prefer a very good striker that can bring more success to the reds not 2,3m player

    • Tony says:

      Sorry mate. Other than Carroll, Dalglish wouldn’t know where to begin to look for someone, anyone who is a good striker.

  7. Ashfah Hussain says:

    This lad is not the finished aritcle yet. Needs a coupke of years grooming. A Fernando Torres junior.

    • Tony says:

      After Dalglish is done with this lad, he would be following the footsteps of Pacheco and Nemeth. After a few seasons in the Liverpool Academy, Dalglish would see to it that Lazar Markovi leaves Anfield as a footballer who is very low on confidence.

  8. Omo9ja says:

    Rumours! Rumours! Rumours! Am tired of it. Daglish and Comoili make it happen.

  9. Karim says:

    All LFC fans know that its all done in house these days. If there is something to report, it will be said once its completed. So until KK / DC have come out and said its done then I wont believe anything.
    There are a number of factors at play – the fee may be agreed with many clubs for their players but its about the personal terms as well. If player A is wanted by Liverpool and Chelsea then they will start a bidding war.
    LFC are only interested in players that want to come to LFC. This is why the Andy Carroll deal surprised me. 1)because we paid about £15m too much and 2)He didnt want to leave NUFC. He was forced out.

  10. Akash@Superstarfc says:

    Liverpool Should Sign:
    1) Higuain (for striker)
    2) Podolski (for left winger)
    3) Ozil (for right winger)
    4) Marco Marin
    5) Eden Hazard
    6) Aquilani (BRING BACK & PLAY HIM) (More better then donkey lucas)
    1) Carroll
    2) Kuyt
    3) Downing
    4) Aurelio
    5) Joe Cole
    6) Charlie Adam
    7) Lucas

  11. Gerald says:

    am happ with de lineups above