Date: 8th January 2012 at 2:00pm
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It may be a Sunday newspaper story but when I picked up today’s Daily Star and turned to the back page and saw the headline “£30m Suar Race” then read the story about how Suarez is a wanted many by the top clubs in Europe.

The article is taking on the angle that Saurez may be ready to leave Liverpool after the racism saga with Patrice Evra which has seen him getting an 8 match ban. When Suarez returns from his ban, he is going to be a target of many opposition fans and as his mother also fears he could become targeted by black players. Thus Suarez may decide to leave the English came and continue his playing career elsewhere.

If this were to happen, it would be a huge blow for Liverpool as he has arguably become our best player. But then again, £30million only for Suarez? Surely he is much more than that!

Suarez’s career has been blighted by many controversies and this latest racism one is probably the worst. The Uruguay striker was banned in Holland for biting an opposition player and then he was Africa’s worst enemy during the 2010 World Cup when he deliberately handled the ball to knock Ghana out of the tournament. Can the striker take on more controversy after this?

I certainly hope he can. There would be nothing better than seeing Suarez bounce back from all this drama and continue helping Liverpool to success.


44 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Suarez set to leave Liverpool?”

  1. Luke says:

    Seriously if Liverpool let him go for anything like 30million they are crazy. 38+million easy! It says alot when EPL managers are saying they would sign him even if he had his 8 match ban still to run!

    • chip says:

      Well, ofcos they are crazy…not only that..they are also racists…becos Suarez is not British they wont Hype him like Carrol…the vegetable..hahahahahaha

      • chris says:

        what are you talking about he’s only banned by the english FA, i hope he’s stays, if he want to go we cant stop him but 30 mill would be a joke!
        Just for the record; Prem’ League arrests for racist chanting 2010/11 –
        Aston Villa 4
        Bolton? 4
        Chelsea 2
        Man United 2
        Arsenal 1
        LFC 0
        liverpool arent at all arent racist neither suarez hes just culturialy diffent and can use negro in his country if you cant accept that your the racist one

        • Paul says:

          You might want to update that

          • Darksec says:

            Why would he, Racist ARRESTS?
            Suarez has been charged by the FA not the police. And its not direct racism at that but abusive offensive language, he has only been deemed a racist by other fans of rival clubs and the odd black person who doesn’t stop to look at facts.

        • commonsense says:

          Deffo Chip the racist one there.

      • liam kay says:

        hoe can you give anyone abuse , your obviously mentally disabled and know shit about football. shut up you dirty milkman and i bet your nan gets bullied at bingo

  2. Rack the stack says:

    Well, one of Liverpool owners is Le Bron James, I dont think he takes racism too lightly. Lots of the owners hedge fund clients are black too, do they want to be associated with owners who until now not have taken a FIRM stand on the disgraceful happenings at the club?

    They want to build a brand, they want to make money directly and indirectly. To risk all this because of one man, who without a shadow of a doubt is a great liability and a loose cannon is just absurd in business terms. It doesn’t really matter that he is a great footballer.

    I am fairly sure they are not to happy with King Kenny and how he handled this case either. Sure he probably had the best of intentions, but his behaviour was just naive and unprofessional at best.

    The owners might feel they have to take a stand, and letting Suarez go would show that no player is bigger than the club, and no player can mess with the values of the english premier league nor the great Liverpool Football Club brand. Let’s just not hope that KK puts his ass behind Suarez on this one too and gets fired in the process. That would just be like a great greek comic tragedy.

    • Conrad Lodziak says:

      Football is first and foremost not BUSINESS. Where the f**k has business got anybody? Parents are losing their kids in Greece because of investors/business. While we are at it don’t talk about ‘brand’ in relation to Liverpool FC. Brand is relevant to corn flakes and sh*t like that. If you are genuinely thick don’t write stupid comments.

    • redtum says:

      Typical Manc comment.

    • razor says:

      mate. your a wanker .you havent a clue.we dont need supporters like you.what happens on the field should stay about we get you a dress to wear

    • Darksec says:

      What are you smoking…………have you read the full report………..he is not a racist get that through your thick head.
      He dropped a bollock using his homeland slang without thinking of the consiquences or alternative meaning. Let me guess, Man U or everton mate?????

    • crazyhorse says:

      Who gives a toss about le bron james,he dont own liverpool the fans own liverpool the yanks are only looking after them selves,its called making money.

  3. Luis suarez is not going anywhere. Even if he is to go, he worths more than 30million euros. He is worth 58million euros plus. But if he goes, that means liverpool fc has no champions league ambition. Okay. But we wont let him go.

  4. rick says:

    I think that Luis owes a huge debt towards Liverpool fans for the way They are supporting him tick and thin under the storm. No, I won’t definitely think that Suarez leaves the Club

  5. All i want is another striker to pair with him upfront like astonvilla’s striker darren bent. Is that okay.

  6. Even if kenny dalglish is being sacked. It doesnt make sense. You saw without kenny we won the uefa champions league in 2005. On rafael benitez’s tenure. So leaving luis suarez to walk away from liverpool fc shows that we have no ambition. So we need him for at least more 4 or 5 seasons at liverpool fc. All we know is that luis suarez is not for sale at any price. Well thats a rumour, so no qualms my dear liverpool fc fans.

  7. RAY says:

    What you doing reading the daily star, You should be wiping your arse on it, or using it for soaking water up. Believe them, i feel sorry for you.

    • Bill says:

      I second that motion and follow it with the Mirror and Mail. Mind you I’d be worried about catching some disease using them as arse paper much better as compost.

      • crazyhorse says:

        Why stop there?all the papers are zionist controlled
        propaganda tools!nevermind dont buy the sun,dont buy any paper!all this about one black player(suarez)calling another black player (evra) negro,as ricky gervais would say in extras,”are yer havin a laugh?is he havin a laugh?” you dont hear the media going on about racsist genocide thats being committed in africa
        and in iraq and palestine ?its ok for british boys to
        kill and maim dark skinned people under the banner of nato,not one word about this,so you know who the true
        racists are in this country and it aint the little south american who runs around anfield kicking a ball.

      • liam kay says:

        you sound like a complete bellend, all you do is read articles and shit thats wrote in the paper . i bet you believe everything thats siad in the papers and tell all your mates about it afterwards , complete gullable arsehole

  8. patrick says:

    35 million for Andy That still hurts whenever I think about it smh. We should have a real quality player in the team and this year would’ve been so much better. Suarez is worth about the same as City paid for Kun. I hope Kenny learnt his lessen about buying English players or we’re finished as a top club.

    • liam kay says:

      kenny knows more about football than your whole family mate , i bet ive got more gcses than your entire family

  9. Yuntighyg says:

    What abou Demba Ba from Newcastle? If he has a 10 mill release in his contract surely he would be a good buy, I rate him higher than Saurez anyway.

  10. STEVE says:

    Well I don’t think Liverpool will want to sell him he’s our best asset and I don’t see him wanting to go other clubs as yet, because Liverpool supported him throughout the saga.

    Btw he’s definitely worth more than £30 million, considering Carroll cost £35 million haha…

  11. Gerrardious says:

    I bet u also rate Frimpong above Lucas ……..or Howard above Reina. afterall, he has scored a goal

  12. downesy boy says:

    i think get rid of suarez and buy that downesy boy he is the best thing ive seen since pele amazing baller dont need ennyone beside him can do it himself

  13. gus says:

    let him go.sign two wingers and defoe with the money.

    • liam kay says:

      your obviously retarded and know nothing whatsoever about football mate, i bet you dont even know the offside rule

  14. nothing better to write about... says:

    NONSENSE…HA HA! even if he does leave it’s not like players from other areas of the world won’t know what he’s done. especially with the amount of attention the racism issue is receiving. He’s not going anywhere and Evra’s is a crying baby (remember the world cup?)besides, I’m sure Suarez wouldn’t have insulted him for no reason. Suarez just happens to be the most passionate footballer seen in a while, and passionate footballers react without thinking sometimes but that’s what makes them great… I’m thinking of cantona or zidane!! as for this ridiculous rumor…is there really nothing better to write about?

  15. Sylvergreat says:

    The worst article of the millenium.

  16. williams says:

    sorry this are fake rumours no matter what happens suarez is not in position to leave lfc,he loves every thing at the club and he knows how he’s loves by every one in the club, pls papers should look for some other thing tell us not all fake stories.

  17. David Aris-Sutton says:

    I keep having to say this and its getting old but once again for the hard of thinking

    Suarez was not convicted of being a racist, he was not accused or being a racist, he is not a racist.
    The judgement concluded that he used language that is likely to cause offence and that IN THE UK what he said has racist connotations.
    The media’s handling of the situation and the club loyalties that are involved mean that people only get from the incident what they want.
    LFC fans are going to offer their support, he’s one of their own and says he made a genuine mistake, we will give him a second chance, by the same token, he is bound to be hated by fans of other clubs, he’s a great player and he doesn’t play for them, therefore he gets no benefit of the doubt.
    Lets move on for gods sake, if there is any repeat (with real evidence) then he should be kicked out of the club and possibly the country but until then, he will never walk alone

  18. Greg says:

    If he does leave it will be another example of us having an incredibly talented player and then failing to support him with any decent talent around him…. another example of how Dalglish is still managing like it’s the 80’s and doesn’t get it.

  19. John says:

    I think he may have a £30m break clause in his contract, like Ba’s £10m clause, hence the low price tag.

  20. Ashfah Hussain says:

    What 38 mil,pounds? If Real Madrid can pay 80 mil. pounds to scums for the diving Christiana Ronaaldo why can they pay us the same, if not more! ME, Ashfah loves Suarez.

  21. Josh1 says:

    No suarez deal?But if madrid n psg re so rich 2 buy suarez den it £50m.But i dnt suarez wnt 2 leave,rumor

    • liam kay says:

      obvious chav , get a life mate and go out and find a job instead of robbing tax payers money