Date: 6th January 2012 at 12:23pm
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Despite Aston Villa manager Alex McLeish insisting that Darren Bent is not for sale at any price, Mirror reporter David Anderson has tweeted:
“An Anfield source says Darren Bent’s move to Liverpool is done.”

Now to me this sounds like a shot in the dark by the reporter just to get some attention and to get us Liverpool and Aston Villa fans to start talking.

Until there is more concrete information coming from either clubs about this potential trransfer we just have to continue treating it as a rumour.

It is interesting to note though that on the poll we ran yesterday asking you if you thought Bent would be a good signing for Liverpool, the majority of you said no!


9 responses to “Friday Rumour: Darren Bent’s move to Liverpool is done”

  1. Ray says:

    Would Bent be a good signing?

    We have to consider a number of variables:

    We are not champ league entrants or likely to be in it next year. The latter I believe will be fought between Chelsea and Arsenal.

    Can we afford to pay players £200 a week? No we can’t.

    Is Bent proven in the premiership? Yes.

    Nothing can be worse than the signing of Carroll on the last day of Jan last year. £35m for an unproven player AND we were not facing relegation, champ league place fight or even God forbod a stab at the league. I.e. we were not in a rush to buy, yet we did rush. We’d been better asking Chelsea for Anelka on loan as part of the Torres deal (or something along those line).

    For me Bent is in the Aldo mould and will run on to balls from the likes of Maxi, Bellamy, Suarez etc. He will also be there in the box for rebounds. Something from what I’ve seen Carroll isn’t capable of.

    Signing top tier players is out of the question until we can offer them what they want – the biggest games and trophies.

    For me Bent is a good signing based on these factors and will probably help us get in the top 4 mix again.

    • TAYO says:

      Great points. I’d like to know how much we paid for Bent if indeed this rumour proves to be fact.

    • Koptalk7 says:

      Points well made. Agree, we need a player who has an eye for goal. Neither Carroll nor Suarez are the type of goal poachers who get on the end of a low drilled cross, a parry by the goalkeeper, or shots off the post. On this note, I’d actually like to see Bellamy played through the middle until we buy a striker- he’s got that energy to unsettle defenders and give them something a bit more unpredictable to think about than 2mph, 5 minutes to turn on the ball Carroll!

  2. Bill says:

    Just a little reminder to these people who appear to be suffering from memory problems:

    New Liverpool owner John W Henry has vowed to put a stop to the club overspending on older talent in order to shift the focus onto their new youth prospects.

    Bent is too old and not worth the asking price, haven’t we given Villa enough for their crap players already?

    • corey says:

      darren bent is only 27 which means he has at least 7 more years of top flight football in him to play for liverpool

  3. Ezeson Geovanni says:

    Kf the owners do this businees, then I take them to be jokers.

  4. Dr Sain says:

    @BILL- And xctly when John W Henry said dat?i am a following kop since last 12 years,and i can assure u it is totally wrong.
    In Bent context,yes if you dont have UCL,we cant attract big name players like higuen,tevez,ozil.we hv 2 follow d same path dat man city followed(they bought adebayor,bridge,santa cruz,kolo to get to top 4,then they bought silva,aguero,dzeko,baloteli),first hv to buy players who can get us top 4,then we can target big players.Bent is my opinion is good enough at present.

    • Ekonate says:

      I agree, Bent gets goals and that’s what we’re missing. I’d love to see the likes of Hazard and Higuain joining in the summer, but it aint going to happen unless we get top 4

  5. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Have not learnt enough of the lesson in the past? Buying half baked players and then expect miracles to happen. Bent is not the Liverpool type of player just another Robbie Keane.