Date: 6th January 2012 at 2:27pm
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It is no secret that Andy Carroll has had a hard time at Liverpool ever since he joined from Newcastle a year ago. Having signed for £35million, we as Liverpool fans expected a great deal from the striker but all we have gotten is a mere 5 goals in one year. You can not help but to look at Sergio Aguero who cost £30million but has banged in the goals at will for Manchester City.

Andy Carroll is still young (23-years-old on Friday) and we can say that he will get better with time but time is something Liverpool do not have right now. We need to be scoring goals! With Suarez now suspended, Carroll is the player we turn to to find us the goals.

Not many people feel that Carroll is good enough right now to lead the Liverpool front-line but Steve McManaman believes that the return to fitness of Steven Gerrard will bring out the best in Carroll. I tend to agree with Macca.

McManaman also goes on to compare Carroll to Cristiano Ronaldo is saying that Ronaldo had a very bad start to his United career when he joined, something similar to what Carroll is going through. But look at how Ronaldo turned out! Where I do not agree with Macca with this comparison is that Ronaldo was new to the English game. The change from Portugal to England is massive especially for a young player. Carroll does not have the excuse, he has had Premier League experience under his belt so he knows what life in the EPL is all about.

McManaman said, “It’s far too early to talk about make or break for Andy. Liverpool spent a lot of money on him, and there’s a lot of pressure on him, but give him time.

“If Carroll and Gerrard both play against Oldham, as I would hope, I think Andy will do well, because Stevie is the king of assists.

“Liverpool have missed his passes, which unlock tight games. They have missed his set-piece delivery… and nobody has missed him more than Carroll.

“Gerrard will help him a lot. In the same way that he helped Fernando Torres a lot.

“His ability to deliver telling passes and crosses at the feet of Liverpool’s strikers has been arguably their greatest strength for a decade now.

“Carroll’s price-tag has exacerbated all criticism of his record since he joined Liverpool, but I’m a realist – he’s still only young, and he will only improve technically, and we all need to be a bit more patient with him.

“To wear the No.9 shirt at Liverpool, and follow in the footsteps of Ian Rush, Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler and John Toshack is a huge responsibility, but good players will always shine in the end.

“When Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at Manchester United, he came with a reputation for being the best young thing since sliced bread, but it took him two or three years to develop.

“Look at him now.

“With Suarez out of the picture for a month, hopefully Carroll will get a run of games in the side to find that consistency.”


9 responses to “Comparing Andy Carroll to Cristiano Ronaldo”

  1. M. says:

    Great comparison – donkey vs stallion

  2. ALLAN says:

    Macca! Macca! Macca!

  3. frank says:

    Appears like :The Tortise and the Hare. AND, at the tape, it was the Tortise that won the race. We hope that AC would be like that !

  4. Towson Tom says:

    Carroll needs games and when given them will improve but he won’t if left out all the time. However we do need another top class striker to complement him. I dont think Suarez, Kuyt or Bellamy are out and out strikers but are still worth a place in the squad.

  5. Betrand says:

    Not so bad

  6. Al says:

    I was at the Oldham match and saw Carroll come on in the 86th minute. 3 minutes later he scored a cracking half volley with his left foot…but the best thing was the passion in his celebration. This man is determined to be a success at Liverpool, and I think he will be. The 8 match suspension for Suarez will be good for Carroll if he’s given game time. Gerrard and Bellamy to always play with Carroll!

  7. jamie says:

    When ronaldo joined man u he wasnt exactly 1 for the future, he was sh*t, another squaddie
    i remember every club even us was lookin at quaresma.
    comparing carroll with ronaldo is wrong, andys shit and older

  8. timo says:

    comparin carroll with ronaldo hahahaha
    suarez with ronaldo is way off bt may be getn sumwer but with carroll thats a joke
    compare carrolls age with ronaldo in 1st season, ron much younger and had discipline, also carroll wayyy over hyped alcoholic. jus coz we bought him for 35mil dsnt make him world class, we cudv gt aguero, hernandez, falcao, villa, hulk 4 tht price