Date: 5th January 2012 at 12:38pm
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Liverpool need a new striker! It is as simple as that. Kenny Dalglish has come out and said that we will not be signing a replacement striker for Suarez following his 8 match ban but I feel we need someone to come in and replace or support Andy Carroll.

Carroll has simply not been able to do the job for Liverpool but I will not get into that right now as that is a topic for a separate article. What I want to look at today as the speculation linking Liverpool with a £24million bid for Aston Villa striker Darren Bent.

Aston Villa have been quick to come out and say that Bent is not for sale but we know if the price is right, they will sell. And Liverpool are not afraid to splash out money right now as we saw with the £35million spent on Carroll.

Bent is a proven goal scorer in the Premiership but is he the right player for us to bring in? Would he be able to play upfront with Carroll? I do not think so, a Suarez – Bent partnership sounds a lot better to me.

Signing a new striker may actually help Carroll in that it will take the pressure off him for a while and maybe he will be able to flourish with the spotlight being on someone else. The £35million transfer fee on Carroll’s head is clearly playing a part on his performances and we need to find a way to help him get through that. But is Bent that right kind of signing we should be making at this stage? He would be a gamble in my opinion and at £24million it could be too big a gamble for Mr. Henry to take.

As much as we have not been playing well, the fact remains that we are only 3 points of fourth place and we need some extra fire-power in the second half of the season to get us into the top four: and for that to happen we need to score goals and for that to happen we need to bring in another striker.

Would Darren Bent be a good signing for Liverpool?

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19 responses to “Could this be the answer to Liverpool’s goal scoring problems?”

  1. David says:

    Where do they get the figure £24m? Didn’t Bent sign for £18m (potentially rising to £24m) It’s not as if he is banging them in for fun lately like Demba Ba. Sure he’s got 3 1/2 years left on his contract, he’s English, proven blah blah but i doubt Liverpool would bid that much for him, not an opening bid anyway. Suarez was what? £22m? and if Bent hands in a transfer request? the only certainty is that this will drag on for the next few weeks!

  2. Nivster says:

    He can score goals but no way for anything around the £20 million mark and Villa will demand this figure just like they did for Downing.

  3. Dreamz says:

    Add £6m 2 dat £24 2 cash in on podoskì and luuk de jong,leave vila wit their bent en 4get him

  4. csako says:

    I think Bent is a good striker as much Hodson is a good manager. For middle teams. But not for us. When he was by a – relative – bigger team (Tottenham) he was found not good enough.
    I don’t think he is the answer and his price would be too high, cca. 20 M. If we could get him for 10 M than Ok, try him. But we won’t.
    Than I would rather put 5-10 M extra to that 20 M and buy someone really class.
    And because of Luis’s suspension we can’t wait till the last minute of the TW. We need to act today. But unfortunatelly I doubt that we will.
    TBH we would need a big name, a real goalscorer to lift the whole place after Luis’s story. I’m thinking of Cavani, Higuain or torres. If we want to be big than we need to thing big and not middle.

  5. Ezeson Geovanni says:

    Hell no, enough of British signings. I’ve just come to know that no player from Eredivise ever floped @ Liverpool. Get Luuk De Jong (£12.5 million) & Luka Podolski (£16million). We are top team, so buying average players (as we did in the summer) will only make us midtable team. Its high time Kenny look elswhere not british players anymore.

    • Charlie says:

      Babel was a flop, and he was from the Eredivise.

      • red 33 says:

        He’s no flop,it just that he is being play out of position,on the bench as a sub and regularly being sub aswell,How can someone play to their potential if they were demoralize by their manager,If he only get the chance from kenny i’m sure he is a much better player than those high value british flop.

  6. Lar Larkin says:

    Your last paragraph says it all. For all the doom and gloom merchants out there we are 3 points off Chelsea in 4th place. The teams around us are ‘there for the taking’ even United are Sh**e. The exception of Spurs who are the form team at present. We need IMO an experienced ‘loan signing’ to get us to the end of the season. Players in the mould of ‘Anelka’ a Viduka-type…. just look at ‘arry at Spurs and Adebayor. This would give up options until the end of the season. This is your priority Mr Comolli get your ar*e into gear but please not £20M plus on Darren Bent

  7. omar says:

    hi every who support lvpl. I would like to add the squad 4pleyars ,EVER BENEGA. JAVEIR MARTINIES. CAZORLA.AND PODOLSKI. if liverpl need to win and top 4 we must to puy these 4 pleyars .gd luck by.

  8. Dave Rees says:

    Why do we need to sign anyone , he’s out for 8 games one down seven to go , he’ll be playing again in feb this is why we have big squad , to fill in for such circumstances and injuries etc , it really would be panic buying to buy now

  9. jamie says:

    i think we need 3 players firstly diarra at madrid qulity player that we could get for about 7-8mill he could play with lucas when he got back as well, secondly a qulity right midfielder WHO CAN CROSS THE BALL AND HAS PACE hazard is the player everyone wants but i dont we could get him tbh….. so i would go for someone like johnson at city if we could maybe about 10-15mill we would have to pay…. thridly it got to be a poucher a simular player to fowler right time right place player podolski comes to mind and i think couldbe possible at 10-12mill if the owners are willing splash the cash cavani but i think his chelsea bound i would even go for some like shane long at west brom i think he would be a good buy for us as well and would cost about 7mill at the very most…..

  10. Bent doesnt cut it for me. Id rather have Jelavic/Podolski.
    Higuain wouldn’t be a bad option either

  11. Heromanuel says:

    Lfc management has been doing a good work.thanks.Enough of british singing. Daglish and comolli dont sign bent. We need high class players if we want top four.

  12. ZinedineZidane says:

    Hey why not sign me. Although I am retired, I sure can still make an impact that that unshaven carrot.

  13. Sir yang says:

    If liverpool is to make the top 4 then bent 4 even 2m cannot take us there so s**t comoli nd dalglish stop bn racist nd buy beta strykas that are really worth such a price

  14. bleps says:

    He’s too expensive for someone nearing the end of their career. Get Luuk de Jong, Podolski or Soldado instead.

  15. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Another Robbie Keane in the making. Good luck Kenny!Me, Ashfah loves Torres.

  16. DhinoLFC says:

    dis z F**k if v get him…surely v’ll gonna finish out of top4 if once again v get anthr over ratted britsh player..get podolski,luke de jong & dembele othrwise go to hell kenny & comoli