Date: 4th January 2012 at 11:06am
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According to talkSPORT, Andy Carroll could be set for a loan return to Newcastle this month following his poor first year at Liverpool. Carroll has failed to crack it at Liverpool following his £35million move from Newcastle last January.

Newcastle manager, Alan Pardew has said that given the chance, he would take Carroll back.

Pardew said, “You never want to lose great players and we never wanted to lose Andy. I’d take him back if I had the chance.

“If the fee offered by Liverpool had not been so high, he’d still be here.”

With Liverpool having decided not to appeal Suarez’s 8 match ban, it means that Carroll now has to be the go to striker for Liverpool for the next 8 games thus eliminating the chances of Liverpool allowing Carroll to go back to Newcastle on loan.


2 responses to ““I’d take him back if I had the chance””

  1. Ashfah Hussain says:

    What f—ing rubbish is this Pardew. You took us for a ride for 35 million and you have the nerve to ask us to loan him? I never heard of this stupid arangement in the whole og my life. Eihter you reimbure that sum of money of forget it. Me Ashfah dont love to “Kunkit” Pardew.

  2. 5times says:

    if we play wiyh this bum up front .. say by by to 4th place