Date: 4th January 2012 at 12:31pm
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Following Liverpool’s 3-0 defeat to Manchester City last night (Tuesday), Kenny Dalglish was asked if he would be looking at bringing in a replacement player in the January transfer window to fill in for the suspended Luis Suarez.

Dalglish said that the club would not be looking to bring in a replacement strike for Luis Suarez in January as that would be short-term think. Dalglish simply said, “How can you replace Luis Suarez?”

Do you think that Dalglish is right by not going out into the market and bring in a replacement for Suarez? This now means that Andy Carroll is the go-to striker from Liverpool now for the next 8 games.

Carroll did not cover himself in much glory last night during the Manchester City game but he now has 8 games to prove his worth. What more could he ask for? He simply has to deliver now!


9 responses to “Dalglish comments on replacing Suarez”

  1. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Whoever we replace with is still subject to the FA abuse. I hope the FA is good ak “Kunkit” and my sincere “Puki Mak” to them.

  2. Chunky says:

    Not worth the comment!

  3. Robert says:

    i dont think KD was implying that he will not go into to the market and buy a striker but rather he was saying how can you replace Suarez’s class as a player. in the league right now there is no player like Suarez. Silva, Aguero are not as slippery as Suarez is.

  4. Nicola says:

    It means lack of funds and lack of high rated players, willing to play for Liverpool FC. But our problem is not only Suarez ….

  5. Dreamz says:

    Suarez is irriplacible as far as lfc is concern bt kenny should bring in a striker who ‘ll complement suarez during de banned period and who ‘ll partner him after de ban.up livapul

  6. Raphael says:

    I can’t see Liverpool even making top 5 under Kenny. His tactics are sooo pooor! Talking about long term, how long? Arsenal were so bad at the begining due to the loss of their key players. Where are they now? Certainly above Kenny’s head. I thought he said being out of champions league would help. However, Arsenal with all their woes, playing champions league are fully revived and moving upward on a steady fly.

    Shame! Excuses here and there. How long did we give Roy? Jog on to the stand!

  7. Raphael says:

    See what Martin O’Neill is doing at Sunderland. They beat Wigan badly on an away fixture; something we couldn’t do. If it were Kenny: oh! We are building and we need more luck. I guess he went into gambling, lottery playing and betting during his wilderness years, because those are the kind of places you talk about having luck to win.

    Shame! Excuses here and there. How long did we give Roy? Jog on to the stand!

  8. frank says:

    That’s right, it is hard to find another player in the likes of Suarez. However, we should get another stricker in case AC fails to live up to the 35 Million bracket.

  9. Mckay says:

    Who else can i suggest than Callous terrible Tevez, if we are willing to pay for the demands of city, they wil surely allow im to go. Then we can be proud of a terrific goalscorer wt dancible partner as liverpool strikers not a log of wood that can’t control a good pass. Tevez is the only striker that his own club is willing to sell. AC are not willing to pay now except he comes on loan.