Date: 15th December 2011 at 4:00pm
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A year ago Liverpool lost one of the clubs most fame-worthy strikers. Fernando Torres to Chelsea. But it’s fair to say that although hearts may have been broken, that was eased with the £50million price tag. The once goal-happy striker, had dipped in form over the previous seasons and since being at Chelsea things seem to have gone from bad to worse. With only 2 goals in the league this season Torres seems to be slipping out of the plans of Chelsea manager AVB. But with only 541 minutes played out a possible 1350 has Torres really been given any time to shine?

As Liverpool’s ability to finish chances seems to have dried up I have heard calls for Kenny to go out an buy a real goal poacher in January. Someone who is there in the box, finishing chances. The good news is that today we hear rumours that Chelsea are going to be having a January sale. The offer? An out of form striker with £30million knocked off his buying price, reduced from £50million to £20million. The question is would you take Torres back? Whilst the cost of £20million sounds steep for someone with only 2 goals in the league, it would represent a £30million pound profit. But then there are the wage demands, Torres is currently on £150grand a week, would you want him coming to Liverpool if that were his wage cost, or would he have to take a dramatic wage cut?

Financial arguments aside we come to the real question. Could Torres rediscover his form at Anfield? After all Suarez was bought with a striking partnership with Torres in mind. But would Dalglish be the man to stir up that passion Torres had in the first few seasons. If you remember before he left us on deadline day, Torres had started scoring again, albeit it a shadow of his former days, but he was scoring none the less under Dalglish. Another question is whether the dressing room would want him back, would the players want to play with Nando again? With Gerrard injured (and the worrying silence over an expected return date) who else would give Torres the service he needs as a poaching goal scorer, I think Suarez could do the job?

A closing thought…were ‘El Nino’ to return what would happen to our current number 9. The form of Andy Carroll is another question for another article.


24 responses to “Torres’ return to Liverpool a possibility?”

  1. Lol says:

    lol u a just a simple liverpool fan just as us wondering if torres return is a possibility. i will advise u to stop writing these kind of articles and leave it in the hands of the prof journalists coz u are nt giving us liverpool fans any new info, instead just losing our time

    • Alec says:

      Sorry but I thought the ‘prof journalists’ new how to spell. And anyway, the article wasn’t suggesting Torres will come back, or that he should come back, it was asking – would you want him back?
      Would love to hear what other Lpool fans think. We know he isn’t coming back because AVB has squashed any rumours, but the question remains, would you take him back?

  2. Aravind says:

    Yes… I would love to see El Nino back at Anfield… He along with El Pistolero will terrorise the premier league defences… YNWA

  3. Iraqired says:

    I will take him back, as I believe he will do amazing things if he comes back. He will gain the confidence, als o the fans will be right behind him once he scores. And just image what an amazing partnership will it be with Suarez. I have always believed there might be a day when he will be back.

    But if it happens, then I wish that it will have nothing but positives for Carroll.


  4. Mike says:

    Yes I would have him back.

  5. Vishnu INDIA says:

    Plz bring him back kenny u ‘ll get maximum out of him and he will get maximum out of our Little Prince Gerrard…… so plz bring him back Rushie did it Fowler did it so can Traitor torres will also do it……

    • Alec says:

      Interesting point about Rush coming back, fowler wasn’t as successful in his second stint under Benitez, but Rush is a great example, though it was under different circumstances

  6. adewale says:

    i will love him back at anfield.

  7. mirolph says:

    1st. Torres ain’t gonna leave CFC, he’s not on sale stop believing that news that Chealse put him on sale for 20m it’s BS,(Drogba and Kalou out for Africa cup) Anelka is gonne, chealse gonna be out of strikers for that period, they need him!
    2nd. we have same problem as chealse, with Andy Carroll, so we should try to solve this problem and not take further risk with torres to bring him back, also his salary is too damn high. I would not take him back, noway. So LFC should work with Carroll the same way that Nufc worked with him. Not just is Carroll on game and we should play high ball’s. Carroll is a Target Man, but I think we shouldn’t play him as a TM, IMO.

    • Alec says:

      I think we know now that Torres is staying at Chelsea as AVB confirmed today,
      But how do we get the best out of Carroll?

      • mirolph says:

        I think we should play Suarez and Carroll more often, because they gonna make more space for each other and to play closer, also as I said before, not just because of Carroll we have to find him with a cross, and I believe that every other LFC players have in mind that the first option is to find Carroll and cross towards him,which I think it’s wrong, because he can’t finish every ball that he get! As a fans If we want to help him, we shouldn’t criticize him to much, we should give him a time, just remember the LUCAS case.

      • Mark Coulter says:

        Never beleive what he says, or anyone else for that matter. Look at what happened to Torres and Meireles?
        AVB will get booted. Plus Nando wasnt celebrating at all during Lamps penalty winner was he? Hinting?

  8. Mark Coulter says:

    I remember some of Torres goals for Liverpool. They stay with you because they were that good, similar to Luis Garcia against Juve (the dipping volley goal). Torres and Suarex would just destroy any defence. The premier league would (if us Liverpool fans let Mr Torres back) see a frightful attacking force. I would be quite happy if Liverpool were to acquire Torres for 20m, a wide player for the right side and a Defendive midfielder liek Diarra or giev Coady a deserved shot. Who knows, maybe the return of Torres woudl ease the pressure on Carroll and enable him to pick up in form? If not, sell Carroll in the summer and hand the No.9 to Torres. Either way the whole Torres to LFC makes me so excited.. 😀 Fifa 12 tonight :p

    Add me on PS3: MarkcoulterX21

  9. Jevon says:

    There’s no story here and I still feel he really let us down, but I reckon we could give him the chance to redeem himself.

  10. tadesse says:

    ur news are not real but if they sell we need it for the red shirt

  11. Akash@Superstarfc says:

    Comeback To Liverpool Torres, We Are Still Waiting To Support You & Cant Wait To See That You’re Scoring Goals For Liverpool!!!

  12. Ace says:

    I have it from a very good source that the reason Gerrad has not returned and there is little info about his prognosis is because Gerrard has some sort of immune system problem and that Liverpool FC are working with some American specialist to see if they can cure him. This would explain all the weir infections he seems to be getting when he should have been healed and back on the pitch. Remember where you heard it first!

    • Alec says:

      Man I really hope that Gerrard will be back soon. We need Gerrard and Adam linking up together and feeding plenty to Suarez and Carroll. Seeing him back in training is a good sign, I doubt he’ll be back for Villa this weekend but hopefully he’ll be back for the Wigan match though.

  13. Nweze ifeanyi says:

    Yes pls let him come back am happy hear he is coming back 2 liverpool i luv him he is a very good player n d the fans luv him 2

  14. bri says:

    Should,nt go near him and he,s definately not worth 20mill.he,s shot.put it this way if you,d never seem before and that this was his first season in the premier league and chelsea put him up for sale in january for 20 mill..would you seriously want liverpool to buy him?

  15. kagutsuti says:

    the old torres is dead 11 months ago
    we don’t need new torres
    of course i love to welcome him back IF HE find his form back but i don’t believe to this kind of miracle
    We should try Cavani or Lavezzi or Gomez or Higuain or an unkown guy who will shine like torres did
    But if torres come back i will welcome him, i’ll hoping of his goals but i’ll afraid that he won’t score

  16. Another says:

    Come bak home to your brothers…we all know people make mistakes and the best thing about mistakes is that we learn more to love what we really love. Come back home to your brothers, we missed you, especially elder brother Stevie. Lets make2 2013 our year with Gerrard, Suarez and Torres winning EPL for Liverpool, insha Allah