Date: 7th December 2011 at 3:57pm
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With Lucas out injured for the rest of the season and now Jay Spearing having picked up a red card on Monday night against Fulham, Kenny Dalglish is short of options in midfield to have a defensive minded player there.

John Aldridge is suggesting that Kenny should try play Daniel Agger in that position. Aldridge said, “But Kenny also has other options which people may not have considered.

Jamie Carragher started his career in central midfield and is still more than capable of playing there.

Martin Kelly, too, is another who has experience of that role earlier in his career – but another player I’m convinced could do a job there in the short-term is Daniel Agger.

He’s comfortable with the ball at his feet, can use it well, obviously knows how to tackle and when he gets forward has a decent dig on him with his left foot.

If Kenny was tempted to push Daniel into midfield for a match or two, it would also have the double benefit of getting Carra back into the heart of defence.

Jonjo Shelvey’s been recalled from his loan spell at Blackpool and young Connor Coady looked bright in pre-season, so there are plenty of options for Kenny to think about.”

Which of these players would you prefer to see step in for Lucas / Spearing?

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29 responses to “Daniel Agger to play in midfield for Liverpool?”

  1. Decky says:

    Eh Jordan Henderson , the natural Central midfielder we bouth for 16m?

  2. Lion Heart says:

    I don’t think Agger will fit in that role because he has a poor foot and is not as mobile right as player in that position needs to be and besides why would we want to break the defensive partnership of Skrtel and Agger who have been rock solid. Playing Carragher in midfield, is it some kind of a joke?? because Carragher can’t pass and is always hoofing the ball in the air.
    I don’t understand why Liverpool need to play that system, if they don’t have the players for that role.

    • Voland says:

      Kelly? Coady? I wonder if either Shelvey or Henderson, neither of whom are natural holding MFs, could play in a defensive midfield role … Overall, I think I would be more comfortable with Kelly or Coady, if we want to preserve the Agger-Skrtel duo in defence, which I think is the right thing to do. If we did move Agger to a holding midfield role, however, I would certainly not pair Carragher with Skrtel.

    • Prithvi says:

      Anonymous December 12, 2011 Great cohltes indeed,like the dress in the first pict, especialy the back side.

  3. Sib says:

    Jordan Henderson is the guy.

  4. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Stop experimenting with this, Kenny. Get on with others like Henderson. If you recall Carra used to play defensive midfield years ago. Why dont you give him to play now?

  5. Steven says:

    In a previous article before Spearing was given the role, i said that i would actually like to see Johnson in there! He has pace, he can pass, defend and attack…
    It would also be a good fit for Kelly to slip in the role of RB!

  6. Seprimus Red says:

    So let me get this straight…KD loans out or alienates Mereles..Aquilani buys Adam and Henderson asn we have no defensive Midlfield options.
    Thats not even mentioning the stupid money KD spent on a Donkey called Carroll.
    I hope all the fans watching this team realise that John Henry expectation is that we are in the Champions League at the end of this season as he stated.
    Kenny Dalglish will be moved on if he fails it’s that simple and NO FAN HERE can argue with that.
    You should look at how ruthless John Henry is in his demand to make us a sucess.
    Kenny knew that before he took the job and the fans and supporters should bare in mind that without John Henry we’d be in serious trouble.
    I just hope Kenny Dalglish will realise his mistakes and that he’s simply wrong in his current strategy before re ruins his status

    • Joe says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

      • AM26 says:

        Couldn’t agree less! Loans out or alienates Merieles and Aquilani? If you could see anything in Aquilani please tell me what it was…and Mereiles left due to not getting a big payrise apparently. Dalglish wouldn’t have made decision…that would have been the board.
        Give Kenny a break…

    • misternavin says:


      • SusoSterling4FirstTeamFootball says:

        I believe that Carrol was the biggest mistake. Doesn’t fit the so called “liverpool way” of pass and move. I don’t understand how we went from being blessed with world class talent in the midfield (Aquilani, Miereles, Gerrard) to having to contemplate Spearing and Shelvey.

        Downing + Carrol = Old fashioned nineties football that will get us a mid table finish. I miss when we used to be the better team for the entire game. Now its play for ninety minutes and hope for a goal.

  7. Joe says:

    I think I would go for Shelvey over Agger, simply because of how well the Agger/Skirtel partnership is doing at the moment. With Agger having much more pace that Carra, they can play a higher line, which works to Skirtel’s strengths and has seen him almost completely remove the blunders from his game. Plus Shelvey is a no nonsense midfielder who can also score goals.

  8. stephen says:

    I would like to know the mean of KOP before i comment

    • william says:

      The Kop is a tribute from the boer war days when a lot of scouse lads were slaughtered on a hill in South Africa called spion kop,by the boer snipers.
      Anyway,that sorted,we had too many midfielders now not enough,whats happened?
      We will not make top 4 on this showing and we have to accept that Kenny may get the push,we will be lucky to finish 6th or 7th,I dont like it but thats the truth,we should have given Miereles his raise like we promised,he had imagination as well as greed.

      • misternavin says:

        Instead of building on the successful run at the end of last season, Kenny now has us re-building. Since then, Dalglish is already paying for his and/or FSG’s choice to sell Raul Meireles – who wanted to stay pending Liverpool kept their agreement to raise his salary (deservedly). If he continues to alienate Maxi Rodriguez he will pay further. Downing and Carroll should be understudying to more learned, experienced, proven and still higher performing Maxi and Kuyt.

  9. Wood says:

    Agger can do it, but I’d rather play Aurelio there. He has done before – even with LFC as the winning team. He is far more of an offensive player from a defensive base than Agger. Agger makes his surgial runs, but he is not present there in front of the back four (he would have a tendency to be the fifth man there.

  10. Chunky says:

    Well I hope he doesn’t decide on Shelvey for the role. I mean to say he could probably forget himself and run up and score two or maybe three goals for us. Now that would never do would it???

  11. cdoubleu says:

    I actually play him there in fifa… johnson, kelly, skrtel, enrique at the back with stevie g lucas and agger in centre mid. But as we know what works in fifa doesnt in real life, cause liverpool always win in fifa!

  12. Andy says:

    This is more the stuff of Championship Manager than reality. Agger and Skrtel will stay together. Henderson and Shelvey are the two that will be rightly competing for that central spot. Personally I would like to see Henderson in there alongside Adam, with Kelly and Johnson on the right. Shelvey is certainly knocking on the door though, which is great to see and he deserves game time.

  13. Mohd Azlee says:

    Why not Sebastian Coates. Henderson and Shelvey more attack minded midfielder. Agger and Aurelio more prone to injuries to suit to DM job.

  14. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Let midfielders do a midfielder’s job. Kenny, you just cant switch like that. It doesn’t work.

  15. Chessie says:

    play agger there and said this when Lucas got injured and am happy to hear this is up for discussion.

  16. SusoSterling4FirstTeamFootball says:

    one word….Aurelio. Played for us there in the past and is fit again. How long THAT lasts is the real question. He is brings composure, ball control, and game intelligence to the team, and is a better passer than Adam. If he wasn’t so injury prone he would be my favorite player in Red.

  17. Jass says:

    In my opinion coates could be use as a DCM. Because due to his height his titling and passing abilities he can be a Good DCM. He is aggresive and big therefore, would be a threat at the centre and any nonsense there would not be cause terrible as their would be back up as agar and skertal.

  18. sammybliss says:

    Play johnson in midfield and kelly at rightback