Date: 30th November 2011 at 4:15pm
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It is a good time being a Liverpool fan right now and I am enjoying every minute of it. I was a bit let down following the game against Manchester City on Sunday as I felt we should have won that game but last night (Tuesday), I was more than happy with the performance and the result against Chelsea.

It may only be the Carling Cup but I am glad we are competing in it and now stand a chance of winning some silverware come the end of the season. What was also encouraging to see is that we played a lot of our ‘second string’ players and we still managed to play very well.

There are very few players right now at Liverpool who you can say have been flops in a game. If you are to be overly critical of the performance yesterday, you can not look past Andy Carroll and that penalty miss. Yes, players do miss penalties but Carroll’s was poorly taken. What is it going to take to get Carroll firing for Liverpool? Scoring from the penalty spot would have been the best way for him but I guess he just needs to keep trying hard and not be disheartened.

On the positive side of the game, it was great to see Craig Bellamy start for the Reds following the Gary Speed tragedy and to top it off, Bellamy had a fine game for Liverpool, making both our goals. Many fans say that Enrique was Dalglish’s best buy of the summer but I think it was Bellamy as we got him for nothing and he has proved to be a top class addition to the squad with his experience and pace.

Lucas yet again put in another solid shift for Liverpool only to be stretchered off with what looks like a bad injury. Hopefully he will not be out for too long as he has become an critical part of our side. I loved the way he dealt with Torres for the whole game, our ex-striker flopped yet again and Lucas was largely responsible for that.

I enjoyed Coates display at the back, he looked like he had been playing in the side for many seasons and I feel more comfortable knowing that we have a young central defender like him to call upon when need be. We can not not mention Martin Kelly. If Kelly were in any other squad in the Premier League, he would be their starting right-back. We are blessed having both him and Glen Johnson to call upon. Credit to Kelly for also grabbing his first goal for the Reds yesterday.

Maxi loves playing in London! Yet again he grabs a goal against Chelsea following another fine display by the Argentine.

It is going to be a tough call to name a Man of the Match for this one but here we go…

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10 responses to “Who shone and who flopped against Chelsea in the Carling Cup?”

  1. steve says:

    I have faith in Andy Carroll,he’s english,he’s too young(21 years old),has talent(is big and has a cracker left foot) but has to develop with the coming of years.most teams around europe have 2,3 top class strikers to choose from.that’s why i’d love an experienced finisher and striker who could play next to Suarez and finish of teams.A realistic and helpful player would be Roberto Soldado in No.1 of my list.I’d even pay 20-25 million for him.He’s only 26 years old and he’s a natural finisher.He aint the best dribbler but he aint slow too,he has pace to create chances too.And another winger wouldnt be bad news and my favorite on there,Xherdan Shaqiri.I’ve been following this guy for some time now and he seems a great player.Henderson seems to play well centrally but lacks pace for the wings and Downing has seriously to up his game cauz Bellamy is playing greatly on the wings.And Maxi Rodriguez..what can i say about this guy.i want to see more of him,that’s for sure.
    A lineup with the players i have said that i would like to watch:
    Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique
    Shaqiri/Henderson Lucas Adam Bellamy

    Saying all that,Carragher and Gerrard have to up their game too cauz competition for places is a bit high lately.I still hope that Gerrard will come back to up our game but he is 31 years old and must shake off that injury as soon as possible.

  2. Jay says:

    “If Kelly were in any other squad in the Premier League, he would be their starting right-back”

    Listen Kelly is good but he wouldnt start ahead of Kyle Walker, Walker is picked ahead of both him and Johnson for England and is 1 month younger.

    Explain how he is everyones pick for right back at national level and Kelly is still rotting with the Under 21’s yet he would get in the spurs team ahead of him…..pleeassee

    Deluded Liverpool fans

    The only real challenge you have had this year is Spurs and we beat you in possibly our easiest game of the season, we beat you at Anfield this year as well….the league is crap, it explains why we have won 9 of our last 10 games.

    Our start to the season was crap due to Modric and having Krancjar and Livermore in midfield and not having Parker, Kind and Ade in the line up but since then this league looks piss poor.

    I expect Spurs 3rd and Liverpool 4th due to how crap Chelsea and Arsenal have been

    • anddd says:

      you are the delueded one you fucking cunt kelly is a better player than walkier by the way i’m glad kelly isn’t in the senior england team cause there shit and by the way you beating us 4-0 well done and yes you deserved it but you didn’t get a second till we were down to 9 men so don’t get to fucking cocky and skrtel was at fault for the first goal he should have closed modric down you really think it would have been 4-0 11 vs 11 hahahaaha and by the way whats a fucking little scum tottenham prick doing on a liverpool site can’t wait for harry to leave your team then watch you become shit once again wait till man city take modric bale and v.d.vaart off you cunts

  3. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Credit to everybody in team with the exception of Caroll who still needs time to put a display worthy of him. In the absence of Lucas, Jay Spearing will be a good replacement.

  4. JK says:

    Kyle Walker was picked ahead of Johnson as it was a friendly!!! let’s see who plays at the euros. Also Kelly was about to be picked by Capello judging by his comments after the Arsenal game but then got injured. Why are you even on a Liverpool forum?? Deluded fans and Spurs go hand in hand. I think you have a very good team and will finish in the top 4, maybe even at our expense, but you’ll have to achieve something in Europe rather than just turn up like you did last time – and no matter how great you think he is, Harry is not the man to bring you the Champions League. I’d pick Kelly and Johnson over Walker!

  5. Jay says:

    Just turn up like we did last time, in the champions league we got knocked out by Real Madrid, mainly due to your man Crouchies stupid challenge, Cristiano Ronaldo cost more than our whole squad….

    Quarter Finals in our first go at it isnt bad.

    I like many aspects of your team and mentioned that Kelly looks a great prospect but maybe at Centre Back

    Johnson is a joke, its taken him 28 years to learn how to defend but he does that by sacrificing his attacking game, Walker can do both, Walker was given rave reviews after his debut and Capello wont pick Johnson again, there no point as he has no more potential to give.

    I am not on here to bash your team, Walker is ahead of Kelly no doubt, its stupid even arguing it, I might as well start saying Defoe is better than Suarez

  6. Jay says:

    Also JK find me one fan who isnt a Liverpool fan who thinks that Kelly and Johnson are better than Walker, even my mates who are Liverpool fans agree he is better than Johnson and that Kelly is a different kind of full back and hard to compare.

    Its stupid even arguing it, I bet you think Downing is better than Bale

  7. Jay says:

    “Right-back is up for grabs. Glen Johnson may struggle to regain his place now that Micah Richards, Kyle Walker and Martin Kelly are all in the frame.

    Walker is a particularly exciting player. He is a marauding full-back who makes Johnson look conservative.”

    This is a snippet of Oliver Holt who is a football journalist, I guess he isnt a Liverpool fan so his opinion must be wrong;)

  8. bri says:

    Being patronised by a cocky spurs fan!I,ve heard everything now.who,s gives a fuck about the right back position for england anyway,they,re shit.oliver holt contradicts himself by the hour.when harry “sky sports”redknapp gets the england job,it,ll go very quiet again at white arse lane.thought we were excellent again last night.sad about lucas.I’ve been one of his harshest critics but he has taken his level up a notch and getting some real consistency.he,s certainly bringing me round.don’t think anyone flopped,maybe carroll.could really of done with scoring that penalty to help him along.coates looks an excellent prospect aswell.