Date: 29th November 2011 at 3:58pm
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Some Liverpool fans may be losing confidence in Andy Carroll following his £35million from Newcastle but Ian Rush believes that Carroll is going to come good for Liverpool.

“He is a young lad. He just moved. Everyone thinks it’s easy to make a move to a club like Liverpool, but believe me, it’s not that easy. He just needs time to settle in,” Rush insisted.

“You have to be patient with young players, it is not as simple as them coming in and performing straightaway – and the manager knows that.

“Kenny [Dalglish] will pick teams against certain opposition. He is not scared to change a winning team. He will sit down with his assistant Steve Clark and look at the opposition and decide who is the best team to play against them. If it’s Andy Carroll, he will play him because he believes in him. We all believe in him.”

“Luis Suarez is in great form at the moment, but there will most probably come a time when he goes off form,” added Rush. “That’s when Andy will come in. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about individuals.

“I think they got the right manager to coach him along. Yeah. it is a high price. Andy Carroll didn’t ask for that.

“As a former striker, I believe in him. The manager believes in him. There will be a time, probably this season, when he will be needed. I’m sure he will come good for Liverpool.”

Do you agree with Ian Rush?


13 responses to “Why Andy Carroll is going to come good for Liverpool”

  1. jimmy LFC says:

    Come on Carroll I believe in you.

    your time will come.

    there is a reason the king brought you in.


  2. richard says:

    yes i agree with rush. even the small appearance against city at the weekend he got into the right positions and if were not for a world class save from Hart he would of got on the score sheet.He has had a lot of bad luck he came injured so did not get to show what he could do. he is like a new signing really and we have had a lot of them, not every player will settle as quick as say enrique or suarez but he is starting to get there. I have faith in him and the coaches.

  3. Savs says:

    Completely agree. The boy’s a beast of a centre forward. His price tag and injuries didn’t help with his confidence. And the price tag, although hugely inflated, was directly related to the Torres sale. Once he gets his confidence, premiership defenders beware…!

  4. Tony says:

    Lte’s see tonight as John Terry is not playing, can he do the bizz or will he trot about the pitch not really looking to bothered????

  5. Luis Suarez says:

    The problem with Carroll is his positional sense. That will diminish when he’ll get more experienced. And he should be do more training sessions on passing and moving. His first touch is somewhat ‘uuuggghhhh’ ugly. He is quite quick for a big fella. He is strong and could be more with some gym work. He’ll be a phenomenal player in 2 years time with some power and positional sense and good first touch. That’s for sure.

  6. Jevon says:

    Rush is so spot on. The younger generation of fans seem to want things to happen instantly, but that’s not the way it works.

  7. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Common Caroll, prove your critics wrong. Anyway Kenny should first start him and let he remains on the pitch for as long as necessary.

  8. Richard Chariot says:

    So far he has been very disappointing. His first touch and general clumsiness are embarassing at times. I’d like to see us bring in another quality forward in January to support Suarez. This would also reduce the pressure on Carroll to perform. His main problem is the fee. If he had cost £10 million everybody would see him for what he is – young and (very) raw with potential which may or may not be realised. Walcott was pretty erratic at Arsenal in his first two seasons. Only now is he starting to show more of his capabilities and he is still not the real deal. He was signed for much less than Carroll so fans were patient with him. I recall that for at least half a season Carragher was heavily abused by large sections of the crowd when he played full back, so clearly players can come through bad spells and blossom. Ditto Lucas.

  9. JDX says:

    Andy Carroll is 22 and has scored 3 goals this season.
    Apostolis Velios is 19 and has scored 3 goals this season.
    One cost £38million the other £600,000.
    Two promising players.

  10. freddy fred says:

    how can he be good for us?he can’t even get a close ball control.that’s our wish but i dn’t think carroll can prove us wrong.wishing he the best tonight.

  11. Lorenzo says:

    I love Big Andy being at Liverpool, I feel so honoured to have him with our club.
    I believe he will come real good for us, he’s learning and improving all the time. Kenny has great faith in him and so does Rushie. Give Andy all the encouragement in the world, we’ll not be dissapointed.

  12. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Dont put more pressure on Caroll, he’d repay our faith one day.

  13. Lion Heart says:

    I think Andy needs to work harder because in carling cup against Chelsea he did well in holding the ball but problem is he doesn’t works hard enough like his teammates Liverpool have done great in recent games because they have been pressing and putting pressure on their opponents really well but Carroll wasn’t pressing Chelsea players like other Liverpool players were doing and he is bit too static and his movement is poor too. Carroll is not that kind of player but he needs to do more first to establish himself in the starting 11.
    For Liverpool to fight for titles, they need their no 9 to score goals for them or to replace him asap.