Date: 29th November 2011 at 2:59pm
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Looking forward to tonight’s match at Stamford Bridge (away again!!) and I am stunned there is no live TV coverage. I don’t think I’m alone in the belief it will be a completely different game from last Sunday.
We are sure to see different line ups for both teams with the inclusion of Andy Carroll and Torres on from the start. No John Terry (suspended) and the possible return of Carragher. Hopefully Craig Bellemy fells he is able to play after the tragic loss of Gary Speed, because we all know the difference he can make and I would hope that Maxi gets a starting place with his scoring record in the capital.

I personally don’t agree with King Kenny’s concern about the game being played so soon after a big game with City as we now have a good strong squad and should be able to deal with two games in four days.

The League Cup is now considered much more than the ‘mickey mouse trophy’ that only teams outside the top four or five want to win, you only have to look at the teams left in the compititon and if the Reds are to progress, we will no doubt find another tricky tie.

I’m glad we have taken the cup serious this year after the farce of last season under Hodgson against Northampton.

Who do you think will be in Liverpool’s starting lineup tonight?


25 responses to “Liverpool’s starting lineup against Chelsea in the Carling Cup?”

  1. csako says:

    Reina – Kelly, Carra, Coates, Aurelio – Spearing, Adam – Bellamy, Henderson, Maxi/Downing – Carroll

  2. cdoubleu says:

    gk-Reina rb-kelly lb-aurelio cb-carra and coates cm-adam, spearing and henderson rw-maxi lw-bellamy st- carroll

  3. Jonnykumbo says:


  4. colmanjacklfc says:

    GK Doni

    RB Kelly CB Carragher CB Coates LB Aurelio

    RW Henderson CM Spearing CM Adam LW Maxi

    ST Carroll ST Bellamy

  5. freddy fred says:

    Reina-Kelly,Carra,Skrtel,Aurelio-Bellamy,Spearing,Adam,Maxi-Kuyt,Carroll.gud luck guyz!!!

  6. Jonnykumbo says:

    Doni, Kelly, Carra, Coates, Aurelio, Maxi, Hendo, Spearo, Downing, Carrol, Bellamy

  7. Kerian Pelenah says:

    Kelly Carragher Agger Aurelio
    Spearing Lucas Adam
    Ballamy Suarez Maxi

  8. Fluff says:


    Kelly Coates Carragher Enrique

    Kuyt Henderson Lucas Maxi

    Bellamy Carroll

  9. elvis says:

    doni kelly carr coates enrique henderson spearin adam downin bellemy nd carrol sub suarez maxi lucas

  10. kevin says:

    Reina, kelly, carragher, skrtel, aurellio, maxi, henderson, adam, downing, kuyt, carrol

  11. RedHeart says:


  12. TOTALRED says:






    Liverpool 3-0 Chelsea

    • Fluff says:

      like the team, dreaming with the 3-0 prediction

      • philip massaquoi says:

        today let’s us Gk doni defender Agger coastes kelly enrigue midfielder lucas adams downing kuty bellamy striker luarez sub carroll maxi henderon kelly etc

      • philip massaquoi says:

        today let’s us Gk doni defender Agger coastes kelly enrigue midfielder lucas adams downing kuty bellamy striker luarez sub carroll maxi henderon. etc

  13. Tony says:






  14. adelani says:

    doni/kelly carra agger aurelio spearing adam ballamy maxi kuty carroll/sub suarez johnson sktel lucas hendo renia

  15. Padge17 says:


    Flanagan Coates Carra Aurelio

    Henderson Spearo Lucas Maxi

    Kuyt Carrol

  16. Tony says:

    The game is on the foreign satellite channel’s and the internet!!!

  17. Doni– kelly-carr-coates-aure-hender-spea-adam-max-bell-carroll

  18. Tboy says:

    Reina, kelly, carra, coates, aurelio, hendo, adam, coady, bellamy, kuyt, carroll

  19. Dennis says:

    Reina, Kelly,Carragher,Coates/Wilson,Aurelio,
    M Rodriguez,Lucas,Spearing
    Bellamy, Carroll, Suarez.

    That team would take the game to chelsea 2nite, use the aerial threat of Carroll as Terry is ineligible 2nite, but use the speed, movement Of Bellamy and Suarez to cause them numerous problems again.

  20. sneh says:

    they r going to show the match on espn

  21. Fluff says:

    To be fair we dont play again umtil Monday night which is a long rest!! We need just a big push from our key players tonight!!! Time for Henderson and Carroll to deliver!! Super Suarez needs to find the net!!! and we just need to play as a unit as we have been doing the last couple of weeks!! Sturridge is their main danger man tonight!!

  22. Ashfah Hussain says:

    True to my predicton, Torres started and had a full game today.