Date: 28th November 2011 at 6:56am
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Liverpool are today being linked with a move for Barcelona striker David Villa according to the Metro.

The Spanish striker continues to be on the fringes of the Barcelona side and this may be a clear sign that Pep Guardiola would be ready to sell the striker if the club gets a good enough offer, thought to be in the region of £40million.

Liverpool need more firepower upfront as we saw yesterday (Sunday) against Manchester City that we are creating the chances but we are not finding the back of the net. A goal poacher like Villa would be the perfect foil for Luis Suarez to play upfront with.

But would Liverpool be able to fork out £40million on another striker having signed Andy Carroll for £35million? Coupled with the fact that Villa would be demanding to play Champions League football, it would mean that Liverpool have to finish in the top four this season if we stand any chance of signing the Barcelona star.


28 responses to “Monday Rumour: Liverpool linked with £40million striker”

  1. redrage says:

    Time to make it happen. Whatever it takes!

  2. chauser says:

    Silly money . Silly idea!

  3. Livmad says:

    Get him no matter what the cost.

  4. Lion Heart says:

    Villa is a great striker but he is not worth 40m specially when he is 29 years old. I think Liverpool should instead go for Rossi from Villareal, or Cavani or Lavezzi from Napoli.

  5. Mark says:

    Can’t see it happening. The hierarchy goes for younger players nowadays. Preferably around 20yrs old.

  6. frank says:

    Get that Valencia Stricker – Soldado !

  7. Tony says:

    At that price no chance at all, we are playing well though. 10 games unbeaten, yes we are drawing too many but still good to watch!!!. Once we turn draws into more wins we will be fine!!!

  8. njanja says:

    Our top 4 finishing will be guaranteed if add Kagawa and Cavani.

  9. rick says:

    I’m not so sure that Villa is the perfect foil for Suarez. From a tactical point of view it’s not a perfect partnership. Suarez needs to combine with a different striker up front. In a “Play Station scenario” Suarez – Villa’s pair works out, but football is different from Play Station Football.

  10. Chessie says:

    after Sundays perfomance i realise we need a striker but i will prefer different type of triker than Villa he is just a Suarez type of player.
    We need bigger man who have skills to beat a defender and good in the air.
    any one with those qualities is welcome.

  11. Hassan says:

    I like to come David villa in liverpool.i hope reds to buy the best striker D.villa.bye

  12. Effect says:

    Yeah, he is good but i’d go for TEVEZ. He would make a good combo with SUAREZ. We should do everything we could to also bring in HAZARD, LUCAS RODRIGUEZ and COUTINHO. These players will add creativity to the team, win any match for us, gives us trophies. DOWNING and CARROLL should be subs.

  13. lfcforlife says:

    i think villa would be amazing but 40 mil for a player who is 29 is not going to fly with the owners i suggest tevez for half the price at worst 25mil, then use joecole to lower the price for hazard but wouldnt complain if we did sign villa

  14. Billy says:

    Hart made several Great saves including the the World Class save from big Andy in the dying minutes. If Andy had scored that header,(he did everything right, towards the corner in the oppsite direction to what the keeper was moving) we wouldn’t be talking about a new striker.

    Anyway Adam Morgan is the future striker for LFC, just needs another season in the reserves.

  15. Larrol says:

    Bring in hazard and coutinho

  16. pez tellett says:

    No chance! He’s 29yrs old

  17. Ashfah Hussain says:

    It’s long overdue, Rafa wanted him to partner Torres then. Just imagine what difference it would had been with the duo.

  18. Alabi Jacob Oluwaseun says:

    Bring in CALOS TEVEZ and HAZARD.

  19. barney says:

    sturridge’hazard, coutinho. merry xmas

    • gerrard says:

      prefaire bring higuain or benzima that is a fist option ok a they r monster category and its difficul to put follow them of the run and both has good ability and trick front on goal just we need one of them and the 2end option is cavani he is 24 and he can make a big impac and he can b a best world partner of suarez huiguain or benzima id we chose just 2 players of them could b 45 million and we just want one rite wing i prefer go for hazard thats all and we can challenge for title and champions league

  20. Muhammed says:

    I prefar tevez than villa, Downing is a useless player so we don’t need it again.

  21. BAZZY says:

    Bring in villa and all our problem upfront is solve.

  22. rich says:

    This rumour has been around for months, and gone no-where, why would it be credible now? I seriously doubt there is any truth in this

  23. QRIShendo says:

    He probably gonna end up at Chels or know who was the one who splashing out crazy money to buy players..?

  24. tadesse says:

    40 mill is enough for cavani or lavezi villa is not in a good stand, from villa tevez is best but try to lavezi or cavani