Date:28th November 2011 at 2:04pm
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As I watched the game yesterday (Sunday) against Chelsea, I could not help but to ask myself the question, “Are referees now claiming that Suarez dives and thus they are not awarding him freekicks?”

Too often on Sunday, Suarez was knocked down by Kompany or Lescott and the referee just waived play on. I have heard many opposition fans calling Suarez a diver and could it be a case now that the refs also think the same?

This was also a debate bought up on the Liverpool Forum today and Freddyy summed it up well by saying:
Every time a defender plays too physical and comes up behind Luis he will go down upon contact, however the brilliant part of it is that he will lul defenders into thinking he will do that everytime, and then bam, he turns on a dime and he’s made the defender look like a chump. Luis is a ridiculously intelligent footballer and everything he does on the pitch is for a very specific reason. Just wish he could read Carrol’s knock downs more so he could just poke a few in.

Also don’t listen to the sky commentators, idiots are on the gigantic anti-Suarez bandwagon and every time he is tackled they accuse him of asking for a foul. Such was the case against City when Lescott pushed Luis off the ball in the box, Luis goes down as he also tripped on the ball. The idiotic commentator starts deriding Luis and the fact it was in no way a foul, meanwhile the camera is replaying Luis being pushed/tripping on the ball, then turning over and pulling up his socks before getting back into the action, at no point did he indicate for a foul or even complain.

Suarez = genius footballer.

What do you think? Is Suarez going down too easily or the refs just have it in for him?