Date: 28th November 2011 at 2:04pm
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As I watched the game yesterday (Sunday) against Chelsea, I could not help but to ask myself the question, “Are referees now claiming that Suarez dives and thus they are not awarding him freekicks?”

Too often on Sunday, Suarez was knocked down by Kompany or Lescott and the referee just waived play on. I have heard many opposition fans calling Suarez a diver and could it be a case now that the refs also think the same?

This was also a debate bought up on the Liverpool Forum today and Freddyy summed it up well by saying:
Every time a defender plays too physical and comes up behind Luis he will go down upon contact, however the brilliant part of it is that he will lul defenders into thinking he will do that everytime, and then bam, he turns on a dime and he’s made the defender look like a chump. Luis is a ridiculously intelligent footballer and everything he does on the pitch is for a very specific reason. Just wish he could read Carrol’s knock downs more so he could just poke a few in.

Also don’t listen to the sky commentators, idiots are on the gigantic anti-Suarez bandwagon and every time he is tackled they accuse him of asking for a foul. Such was the case against City when Lescott pushed Luis off the ball in the box, Luis goes down as he also tripped on the ball. The idiotic commentator starts deriding Luis and the fact it was in no way a foul, meanwhile the camera is replaying Luis being pushed/tripping on the ball, then turning over and pulling up his socks before getting back into the action, at no point did he indicate for a foul or even complain.

Suarez = genius footballer.

What do you think? Is Suarez going down too easily or the refs just have it in for him?


15 responses to “Is Luis Suarez starting to pay the price now?”

  1. clinito says:

    Suarez is a genuis player yes… but few times he tend to go down easily… like yesterday when he had the chance of slipping through the big centre backs of m. shity he whent down about 50m from goal, where as if he stayed on his feet he could have outpaced them and perhaps scored…but then again there must have been enuff contact to bring him down.

  2. Jevon says:

    lmao so your point is what, exactly..? lololol

  3. strebby says:

    he may go down easily at times, he may fling his arms in the air asking for a foul, but the truth is he is also getting battered out there, a foul is a foul whether or not the player is percieved to go down easily, vs norwich he had a grand total of 1 free kick given against him, I would suggest in every game of football ever that a centre forward who is only fouled once during any given game is hiding from the game and not involved at all, suarez certainly isnt that! referees are now thinking well he goes down easily, so it cant possibly be a foul instead of looking at each tackle/hallenge on its own merit, and frankly its becoming a joke, the lad doesnt roll around on the floor like hes been shot ala drogba/nani/ronaldo, yes he moans yes he flings his arms in the air, even my own personal distaste for brandishing the imaginary card, but he never DIVES(definition no contact) so yes there’s a ridiculously huge bandwagon forming aroud him, and its not right

  4. Alex says:

    He is the best protecting the ball and every time he goes down is almost 90 % foul.
    I think he is getting tired because the referee doesn’t protect him.

  5. chris says:

    It seems to me in todays game any form of contact with the player going to ground in the penalty area is a pen. So to say a player goes down to easerly is a result of the way the game is refered today. The only way to stop players from going down so easerly is to change the way the game is refered.

  6. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Suarez is a victim of circumstances. He ‘inherited’ a legacy left by Christiano Ronaldo of the scums.

  7. michael says:

    we saw the same thing with torres. in england when a stricker comes in and defeners have no clue what to do with him they just kick him simple an the refs allow it.

  8. Richard says:

    Agree with the comment about him not actually diving, asking for decisions. Many times he takes a knock, picks himself up, and gets on with it. When he really gets a knock he does what every other Premiership player does.

    Coupdl of weeks ago the BBC commentator, when Suarez was knocked in the box but stayed on his feet and got his shot away, described it as “very unlike Suarex, to stay on his feet”. Not one mention along the lines of “wouldn’t it be nice to see more players trying to stay on their feet and play” or some similar sentiment. I think they even went so far to say he could have gone down.

    So the referees have probably been infected, the media certainly have, and yet nothing mentioned when so many others fake it. Rooney especially. It because English, British, or just Man Utd? It’s astonishing he hasn’t been ridiculed for some of his own simulation when Suarez is criticised whether he goes down or not. He is quite simply the best player in the Premier League at the moment, on so many levels.

  9. Si says:

    Started just after Fergie had a pop at him, the guy seems to get away with saying what he wants about anyone and should have the book thrown at him. Especially after the weekends comments about the linesman, he already has a suspended ban over him.

  10. KavirForeverRed says:

    Suarez Is A Brilliant Player And I Feel Ferguson Has Instigated Against Him With The Attempt To Frustrate Him Out Of Liverpool And The Premier League.. It Seems That He Has The Referees Under His Foot, as if what he says is justifiable and true..
    Suarez is excellent and well deserving of many of the fouls against him; it isn’t fair that he should be treated in such a manner. If the defender is stupid enough to take on Suarez and fail, should the referee turn a blind eye and just take it as Suarez is a diver…? i’m sorry but that is not being impartial and everything a referee should be..Why hasn’t Ferguson been charged yet for opening his big mouth. I see more manutd (?small letters coz I show them no respect) players diving and claiming ridiculous fouls (and often being awarded to swing the game their way) than Suarez.. you can’t possibly play against a team that has the referee under the influence or rather you can’t be a referee if your judgement is swayed by the media.
    I will stand by my Liverpool and I wish Suarez and the Rest of the Lads All the Best

  11. J.J. Sakala says:

    if he’s scoring it’s all good. Drogba used to go down too easily (as big as he is). First year and all that. Hopefully he’ll learn to get on with it

  12. LIBRA LFC says:

    Thats what happens when you are a genius footballer everybody wants a piece of you good and bad.

    Maradonna is an ideal example

    Saurez is to good for the players and now it’s seems for the ref’s

  13. Blah says:

    Watch top level football in any other country and you will quickly see that our refs let a lot more go.
    Someone as smart and quick as Suarez HAS to make a meal of the FOULS against or they will go unpunished!
    Same thing happened with Drogba, as theatrical as he was most of falls were actually fouls… He just went went to the wrong acting school that’s all!

    If players like suarez stay on their feet after a knock and lose the ball, you can be sure play will not be bought back!

    So even if he wanted to stay on his feet… With our refs he has no choice but to go down to completely convince the ref that he’s been fouled.

  14. George says:

    Suarez is probably the best player in the EPL at drawing fouls from opposition defenders. He must get whacked at least 10 -15 times a game and most of the time he goes down to avoid the heavy contact and injury, NOT to get a free kick or penalty. Not his fault defenders rush in from behind and he makes them look stupid. Obviously these commentators have never kicked a ball and it says a lot about their character when its easier to put the boot in instead of showing a little class and stating the obvious when he does something good or when he really does get fouled. Typical tho, bet if Suarez was english they’d all be kissing his arse and bragging bout how good he is.

  15. suarez started paying his price since his arrival.wat he nids is a supporter like cavani,hazzard,tevez and he is going to improve beter than dis