Revealed: Liverpool’s solution to lack of goals

Kuyt and Henderson currently both occupy the right flank but none are natural right wingers while Maxi Rodriguez can play the position well but isn’t bursting with pace. It is well documented that Liverpool have a slight reliance on Luis Suarez to make something happen out of nothing and the Uruguayan is so exciting on the ball that he almost always seems to be the catalyst for our best team moves during a game. Suarez needs help though, because as talented as he is, he can’t always drop deep to start off moves and be in the box to finish them.

It is for this reason that we need another player who possesses the unpredictability of Suarez but can operate in an area of the field where he can supply the Uruguayan. In my opinion, the best type of player to get may just be a high quality right winger who can play up front if needed. As for our current forwards, I would like to see Bellamy given more games up front alongside Suarez with Kuyt rotating between the right midfield and striking positions.

Make no mistake about it, Liverpool’s squad is good enough to get into the top four this season, and with a bit of luck and one or two influential signings, the reds have it in them to surprise a lot of people this year. I know it’s only November, but I already can’t wait until January to see which players Kenny Dalglish and Damien Comolli have in mind to complete what is already a seriously talented squad filled with potential.

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24 responses to “Revealed: Liverpool’s solution to lack of goals”

  1. richard says:

    cleverly written but a bit cowardly too. we all know where we need to strengthen or improve but who should come in ????? who do you think we should actually go for that is available or could be available if we pushed for it. I have to say as well as a right winger and goal getter surely we need to look at the rest of the midfield who are extremely goal shy.everyone looks at the forwards but in years gone by the midfield have contributed with quite a lot of goals now they look like they could not hit an elephants arse with a paddle. i would buy the industrious, goal making, goal scoring Hulk and i would dip even further in to the coffers and buy lucas and see if we can cheekily get tevez on loan. and even in jan big moves can and do happen. we need to make an impact on and off the pitch and getting any of those players would send a message that we are not giving up just yet

  2. Chauser says:

    Get nowhere with Adam and Downing!Suarez is crying in the wilderness for support and none is/will be forth-coming!

  3. Ashfah Hussain says:

    We still get nowhere with Lucas around.

    • Reds Fury says:

      what do you mean, “get nowhere with Lucas around”? you’re a moron still living in the past. who has made the most accurate passes this season amongst the players???
      I bet you have no idea. watch games and think deep before you write nonsense

      • foisal Miah says:

        Reds, Ignore that idiot… He just seeking attention…

      • Deaththekid says:

        Anyone can do an accurate pass when it is to a player standing a couple of meters away…Lucrap can only pass sideways or backwards. Get your facts right bro. How many among his passes has been forward passes?
        Also in football just passing the ball around won`t make us win matches. We should pass with a purpose!
        What lucrap does and this apply to a lot of other donkeys in the club do is pass the ball around without purpose just to keep possession for the maximum time possible. They also try to play it safe with their lack of adventurous passes. Backward and sidewards passes are useless. Only adam try to make things happen with the ball even though he may has his flaws and is not perfect.

        • richard says:

          @deaththekid there is a blue shirt down the road that would suit you just fine. Lucas the player that is an automatic pick for LFC and Brazil is better than you think.

          • Deaththekid says:

            Lucrap is so crappy that his crappiness is spreading to his team mates like a contagious disease and making them play like crap…In both cases the management in brazil and here at liverpool are getting it all wrong with their bad team selections, getting players like lucas as first name on the team and in the process retrograding some to the bench and forcing others to play out of position. Didn`t you realise that the brazil team that played the last world cup was one of the shittiest ever and a real insult to the other brazil squad of the past? Don`t you see that liverpool can`t even win against week opposition like swansea who by the way got severly beaten at chelsea 4-1 and at man city 4-0 because players like lucas are playing while others like bellamy are warming the bench and henderson is force to play at right wing where he is clueless while he could have maybe played better in the middle like he did at sunderland.
            You foolish lucas supproters why don`t you give me a valid reason for defending such a pathetic excuse for a player apart from the usual thougtless responses like “he plays for brazil” or “he tackled the most balls last season” ,huh? I still don`t get it! It should be obvious to you that he is shit…

          • Gav says:

            Lucas is shit. Plain and simple. A side pass here and a back pass there. And he cant tackle for shit.

          • richard says:

            @deaththekid judging by your rant you either need medication,english lessons or glasses but imo you need all three. your the only person on here not defending Lucas so maybe it is you that needs educating on football and what makes a good holding midfielder. Lucas can not be held responsible for the attacking players lack of goals for the attacking players hitting the woodwork 11 times already this season he can not be held responsible for opposition goalkeepers coming away with the man of the match award again and again.he can be blamed for us not losing games though being a defensive player.

          • richard says:

            @Gav his job is to keep it simple break up play and a simple pass on to the next player. he is a holding mid what are you expecting him to break up play outside our 18 yard box then take ten players on and score?????
            do you not think he plays exactly the same way on the training ground?? It’s what Kenny want’s him to do if he wanted more from him he would ask him .

  4. richard says:

    lucas that is in our squad is one of the worlds best holding midfielders and the lucas i think we should sign is a quality player.

    • Deaththekid says:

      Then why is it that the likes of real madrid, barcelona or even chelsea and mancity did not try to sign him, huh? I thought they always went for the best players…

      • richard says:

        nobody has tried to sign carra so that must mean he isnt any good????? nobody tried to sign suarez apart from us maybe he isnt any good either?? you do not get the number 5 shirt for Brazil if you are no good. Lucas is one of the best in the world in his position thats not just my opinion that is the brazil managers opinion that is Kenny’s,opinion it was also Rafa and roy’s opinion. but im sure you know better than all people involved in professional football at the highest level.

        • Deaththekid says:

          Sorry but carragher even at his best in his younger days has never been world class. He was a strong reliable and excellent player but nothing world class. He can`t even score goals bro. He scored more goals against us than he scored for us! As for suarez he is still young, had a risk of flopping since he played in the weak eredevise league and we were just the first to bid for him. Just wait till january or at the end of a season or two and I`m sure real or barca will come knocking at the door.

          • richard says:

            now i know i can’t take anything you say must be an everton supporter that’s the only thing that can explain your comments.

  5. drake says:

    You think Lucas would get a start at Man U,City,Arsenal or Chelsea? .Please Vote now

  6. valsnoop says:

    give us harzed

  7. valsnoop says:

    tevez is the player we need now

  8. kopitefromcali says:

    Ashfah and Drake are laughable. Do they even watch futbol let alone support our reds? Lucas is the starting midfielder for BRAZIL! Do you think you can just walk into the squad? do me a favor and go watch a match.
    Pace to overlap with Johnson on the right would be brilliant. another winger with a good cross and pace would be magical! Hulk would be a great addition as well, but not sure if we could finance that thought.
    I have faith in kk. He will get us where we need to be. Everyone else writing bollocks on here, go back to your chelshit blogs. Red for life!Ynwa

    • richard says:

      the owners have made it clear they would pay the money for any player as long as it makes business sense. A brazilian forward with a name like Hulk would sell merchandise that’s a certainty.
      He would fit into the criteria he is young he would make us a fortune and he scores lots of goals and makes a lot of assists he is strong and fast and very hard working, sounds like we can’t afford not to buy him.