Date:15th November 2011 at 4:49pm
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Here is the scenario: Liverpool need more firepower upfront so we can score more goals and thus clinch a spot in the Top 4 come the end of the season; Manchester City have enough strikers right now and sulking Carlos Tevez does not want to return to play for them and neither does Roberto Mancini.
So we need a striker and there is a good enough striker out there available: should we not make a move to sign him?

There is no doubt that Carols Tevez is one of the most talented strikers to play in the Premier League. He has done very well at both Manchester United and Manchester City so if we are to sign him by some chance, we can be sure that we are getting a player who knows how to play in the Premier League and one who knows where the back of the net is.

His attitude may not be the best around and thus he finds himself in ‘the bin’ at Manchester City. But I believe he is worth the gamble if Kenny Dalglish is to make a move for him as King Kenny may just be able to ‘tame’ Tevez and bring out the best in him.

Manchester City have made it clear that they do not want to send Tevez out on loan for the rest of the season, which would have been the perfect scenario for us: bring him in for the rest of the season and he helps us clinch fourth place in the league. But then again, Manchester City want to sell Tevez for a fee thought to be £35million and I can not see Liverpool, let alone any other club, willing to pay that much for Tevez.

The press has already been running crazy rumours about the possibility of Tevez joining Liverpool, with some reports even going as far as saying that we have already made contact with Tevez about a potential move!

What I would like to ask you today is: Do you think that Tevez would be a good signing for Liverpool? Taking into account all his off-field drama and his talent on the field? If you were Dalglish, would you push John Henry to give you cash to buy Tevez? Would a Tevez and Suarez partnership even work?

Would signing Carlos Tevez be a good move for Liverpool?

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