Date: 15th November 2011 at 4:49pm
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Here is the scenario: Liverpool need more firepower upfront so we can score more goals and thus clinch a spot in the Top 4 come the end of the season; Manchester City have enough strikers right now and sulking Carlos Tevez does not want to return to play for them and neither does Roberto Mancini.
So we need a striker and there is a good enough striker out there available: should we not make a move to sign him?

There is no doubt that Carols Tevez is one of the most talented strikers to play in the Premier League. He has done very well at both Manchester United and Manchester City so if we are to sign him by some chance, we can be sure that we are getting a player who knows how to play in the Premier League and one who knows where the back of the net is.

His attitude may not be the best around and thus he finds himself in ‘the bin’ at Manchester City. But I believe he is worth the gamble if Kenny Dalglish is to make a move for him as King Kenny may just be able to ‘tame’ Tevez and bring out the best in him.

Manchester City have made it clear that they do not want to send Tevez out on loan for the rest of the season, which would have been the perfect scenario for us: bring him in for the rest of the season and he helps us clinch fourth place in the league. But then again, Manchester City want to sell Tevez for a fee thought to be £35million and I can not see Liverpool, let alone any other club, willing to pay that much for Tevez.

The press has already been running crazy rumours about the possibility of Tevez joining Liverpool, with some reports even going as far as saying that we have already made contact with Tevez about a potential move!

What I would like to ask you today is: Do you think that Tevez would be a good signing for Liverpool? Taking into account all his off-field drama and his talent on the field? If you were Dalglish, would you push John Henry to give you cash to buy Tevez? Would a Tevez and Suarez partnership even work?

Would signing Carlos Tevez be a good move for Liverpool?

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85 responses to “Carlos Tevez to Liverpool?”

  1. Chauser says:

    We cannot afford him!

    • Ian says:

      How can you say we can’t afford him, the owners have all but said the money is there for transfers regardless of th price. The only thing that the owners have said is the wage bill, where so many players who were not good enough were earning a fortune and needed to get off the wage bill to replenish what they were getting for new and much better players to use. So don’t say we can’t afford the top players in world football.

    • Tony says:

      @Chauser: If Liverpool can pay £35 million for a donkey (Carroll) and £36 million for a pair of mules (Henderson and Downing), what makes you think we cannot afford to sign Tevez?

    • chris says:

      i thought he didnt want to play in england any more coz is wife n kids dont like it here and live back in south america, but how can you say we cant aford him we need a premier league proven guaranteed goal scorer who better than tevez and £35 mil about right

  2. Lion Heart says:

    I know Tevez will be a great signing for Liverpool but his attitude is such that i can’t trust him at all. What if Liverpool sign him for big money and then Tevez again starts throwing his tantarums. While Man City can afford to let big player like him to rot, Liverpool surely can’t. Best thing would be for Liverpool to get Tevez on loan or Liverpool can sign Lavezzi who is also really good striker or Cavani who has great rapport with Suarez and his partnership with Suarez is great for Uruguay.

    • Ady says:

      u are a RETARD !!! read the f-ing report MAN CITY WONT send him on loan. its buy him or dont.

      • Lion Heart says:

        I am not saying Man City will send him on loan or not i am just saying Liverpool should only get him on loan if not they can get someone else. But since you are too dumb to understand.

  3. Dauber says:

    No brainer! We have to at least try and get him in on a 6 month loan deal, until the end of the season. That would suit Man City as well as us – they get him out of their dressing room and we get another world class striker!

  4. richard says:

    suarez had an attitude problem before signing for us biting players and his daft save in the world cup. dalglish would sort him out no problem.

    • Dan says:

      Suarez’ attitude wasn’t the problem. His bite was just stupid, his handball was instinct and he is a national hero for it, who cares about the rest of the world. – If Terry had have done that against Germany and in tern we won the game, he’d be praised for it here…

      Tevez would be good on a loan, we couldn’t ever afford his wages, he’s at prime age where he’s at his peak and therefore value at it’s highest, anything more than 15million and it would cost us. If Man City was running like a normal club this saga would be sinking them, he’s gotta be on 150k a week (that’s 7.8million a year by the way) and not even in the country….

      Any more than 15m and it’s jsut not worth it.

    • FOD81 says:

      his daft save got uruguay to a World Cup semi final.

      theres no one in his country calling that daft.

  5. Ashfah Hussain says:

    We need Tevez as a short term measure and Kenny knows how to et the best from ‘attitude’ players. What we don’t need are players like Lucas.

    • Dan says:

      what we don’t need are fans like you.

      Does Lucas have to score 50 goals to prove his worth?

      He’s a defensive midfielder, and the most consistant and arguably the best in the Premier league last season. plaudits from all around the country with a lot more expertise and knowledge than you respect his contribution. If that doesn’t give you enough of a reason to actually support the team, actually watch him play a game that wasn’t 4 years ago, he’s brilliant.

      If that’s not enough for you, go support City or the rent boys or basically anyone else…

  6. foisal Miah says:

    Ashfah, your an idiot. This story has nothing to do with Lucas. Why Get him involved. As for Tevez, would be a great move for all parties concerned….

  7. Dennis says:

    Tevez is a gud player, kd can control is behaviour, lfc should sign him

  8. Trinity says:

    ashfa y mention Lucas? He is argubly our best midfielder… Do u watch matches atall or u r a dummy… Get tevez pls kenny his partnership wit suarez will b d bomb..

  9. Dale Marlow says:


  10. King Kong says:

    Who wouldn’t want sign God?

  11. Paul says:

    It’s never going to happen, Liverpool is no closer to Argentina, in fact Man City is closer. He wants t be closer to his family, the only possibility of him joining my beloved LFC would be on a short term loan until the summer. Why anyone thinks a permanent deal would ever happen is beyond any reasonable logic, NESV want to reduce the wage bill at LFC Tevez’s wages do not fall into line with structure of how our club is to move forward, let alone his high wages vs his age.
    Clubs such as Manure, Citeh, and Chelski will all pay higher wages than LFC either because like Manure they have a greater revenue than us, or like the others are bank rolled by multi billionaire’s as play things until they get bored.
    Just like Lucas Rodriguez is less likely to join LFC unless he joins purely and simply for footballing reasons, he’ll earn much higher wages at Manure.
    Let’s be real, LFC are building for a bright future qualifying for the champs league next year is realistic as there are realistically 4 teams challenging for 3rd and 4th places in the league. We just need to get the likes of Bellamy playing on the left wing, Johnson on the right wing, and Kelly at right back, and our creativity and width will be much improved.

    • Ady says:

      well said, ive been screaming for KD to play Johnson on the wing, its just common sense as his defending is poor.

      Bring in Tevez or Saldado. my only worry with Tevez is having 2 small strikers where if we got Soldado or some1 similar we could play Suarez behind him

  12. Macca says:

    if they want to sell rather than loan him, we should be happy. tevez is great football player and for me he was never at fault for in all that happened. buy him and the rest of the premier league will be scared of us with him and suarez in front.. he will definitely improve our chance to be in the top 4, and attract other stars to come next season. so that’s the way it is.. or we can just spend on dembele (keep him on bench) continue to start with carroll (who will never ever adapt to liverpool pass and move football) and end up outside the top 4

  13. ode says:

    whatever he looks lik or dose the thin is we need him kk go get him

  14. Monkeyonabus says:

    won’t happen. Tevez’s wife or girlfriend or whatever she is doesn’t like England and Tevez is looking to move back to Argentina hence why he’s been flying out there all the time to see his wife and kids.

    • G Money says:

      Come on … We know that Tevez grew up in a poor area of Buenos Aires but can’t see him joining the bin dippers. Although can just see that girlfriend of his chavving it up with Alex Curran at crickets … Deluded ! Also he’s on 250k a week and you can’t afford it … Unless you all club your giro together at the turnstile ! Hold on that what you do already !

  15. Alabi Jacob Oluwaseun says:

    I support liverpool to sign Tevez, because he can see back of net at any time. So therefore combination of Tevez and Suarez will the best.

  16. Jeff says:

    He would be worth a ‘gamble’ if he cost say £10m. I still think it would never work, or at least never last. He clearly doesn’t like being in England for one thing. Also, (much as I hate to admit it) fergie saw him up close and wouldn’t pay £20m for him few yrs back, everyone thought he was mad based on tevez’s form but I think he knew he would be trouble, and he’s been consistently that for city, although despite attitude problems, we can definitely say he will always give you 110% once on the field- that is, when he can be persuaded to come on…

  17. zeino says:

    Lucas is brilliant. Whomeva talks shit abt him does knw football. As 4 tevez yes his a good playa bt Liverpool dnt need him we gt Suarez arguably da best in the PL at the moment. His gonna do well for us PATIENCE guys.

  18. kopitefromcali says:

    Anyone who thinks we should sell Lucas should stop wearing a red shirt. He has developed into one of the best holding midfielders in the league and the stats are there to prove it.
    Tevez doesn’t love the clubs he plays for he is there strictly for $! (hence someone playing for the scum then going to city immediately afterwards.) Suarez with an attitude problem? It’s called PASSION, ever heard of it? So its gets the best of him from time to time….he’s human right? It makes him the player real scouse love! I don’t remember Torres kissing our badge, but louie does! we should try to sign gaston ramirez and if we can get Cavanni, LET’S DO IT!

  19. Sean Alexander says:

    This will not happen.

  20. Davie says:

    Tevez is trouble & just in it for the money… No Deal.

  21. Ziggy says:

    Tevez wants to leave man city and we can do without carroll, so, instead of losing millions on carroll why dont we swap carroll for tevez. i think man city would be happy with the deal as they would get a different type of player in their attack.

    • Dudwick says:

      That’s a good idea but with one small problem know one in their right mind would ever pay 35mil for Carroll. And Tevez is a 25 mil player all day. Carroll is a 15 mil at the most. He is so slow. Border line lazy. It makes me mad as a Liverpool fan to know we let our selfs get robbed.

    • Anup says:

      This is the best solution !

  22. Effect says:

    Get Frank Rijkaard 1st. We need one of Tevez, Torres or Llorente to partner Suarez. We also need Eden Hazard (left wing), Coutinho (right wing), Lucas Rodrigues (attacking midfield), Ever Banega, Keita, or Tiote (defensive midfield) and finally Cahill (defence), then the title is ours.

  23. kagutsuti says:

    Buy it for one or two year no more, he can stand more time in a team.
    But I think it’s NEVER GONNA HAPPEN

  24. Idahor timothy says:

    I tink carlos tevez would be a good signinig 4 liverpool because he would be a good pair with luis suarez and we need a central back like bruno alves of fc porto or coloccini of newcastle.nd qualifying 4 d champions league will be possible

  25. Tommy says:

    we need to catch a grip of ourselves here

  26. kopitefromcali says:

    Tommy I agree. Dilutional talk right now

  27. Livmad says:

    All fans out there, don’t talk about money, bla, bla, bla, just get him in ASAP, Suarez and Tevez partnership will explode. Get Lucas Rodriguez as well to replace the ‘soft’ Lucas Leiva, and instill fear to opponents.

  28. Jerak says:

    I voted yes, but it’s really a no.
    Yes I want Tevez the player at Liverpool.
    No I don’t want Tevez the person at Liverpool.

    But in the end every transfer is a risk, you never know how things will turn out no matter how good the deal seems. Even Messi for £35m is a risk. There is no guarantee in football.
    So considering that I have to say Yes to this transfer if it took place, because IF Tevez got his head straight. And IF he preformed as good on the pitch as he is capable of, we would have the best strikeforce in the premier leauge.

    The only player I can think of making a better partnership with Suarez is Torres in his prime, and I guess that’s not gonna happen again, so Tevez is the next best thing!
    They have both the workload of Kuyt, world class technique and killer instinct. Who can say no to two Suarez’s instead of just one? 😀

  29. Bosco says:

    Its easy dnt confuse that.carrol out tevez in,keny out rafa more talk..

  30. Bosco says:

    Coz now we hav very gud owner,we hav so many gud players.but keny don know how to use.haha if u stil trust in yr favarite keny,u wil never walk to champion league.hahaha.i know u very proud of keny gud story pastime.but u don know about thts over.

    • Jerak says:

      Yea… You are talking about Liverpool as “we” and “us”, like you are a Liverpool supporter at all. What’s your favorite team dude – ManU? Chelsea? Arsenal? Tottenham? Everton? Because only someone supporter these teams would be stupid enough to even care about trolling a supporter forum for Liverpool. I’d rather watch some porn or play a video game than EVER clicking on a fan site for any rival team, so I have no understanding what kick you and people like you get out of doing this. The only thing that crosses my mind when stumbling over people like you is you are sad, and I feel sorry for you. I can’t imagine haveing so little to do with my time.

      Dalglish has only played 11 league games so far. Liverpool has the most shots hitting the bar in the premier league this season. If all the shots hitting the bar hit the inside of the net we would be in the same position as ManU and ManC. Carroll has been SHIT Im sorry to say, Henderson is disappointing, Adam is average, Downing is average. Only Suarez and Enrique have lived up to the expectations this season, and it’s NOT Dalglish’s fault people have ups and downs, it’s called being human. When the team first start functioning like they were suppose to we can see, but as for right now, its too early to tell if Dalglish is the right man or not. Only a fool or a rival supporter would say otherwise!

      And need I mention Liverpool has 7 new faces in their first team this season?

  31. derrick says:

    Am loosing hope in kenny…..puttin bellamy onda bench worries my heart a lot,henderson is big bullshit..we dnt nid break nd pass players wit no creativity(henderson)

  32. derrick says:

    Bellamy bellamy bellamy!!!……he is indeed a fighter lyk kuyt suarez lucas adam…..y do u play carrol nd henderson.dese guys shuld b brought in wen we’ve killed d game already….campaigning for bellamy to start all games,we mean business kenny….no jokes

  33. Marvin Bonny says:

    I think that carlo Tevez will be a amazing signing for liverpool him and luis suarez up front,and i no andy carroll is not doing it right now and i no we pay to much for him but he is still very young???

  34. Brian LeBone says:


  35. Deaththekid says:

    I`m sick of seeing fans defending lucas. It pisses me off. You foolish lucas fans don`t even have a valid reason…

    Here is a list of the 15 best players in the league who have WON the most number of tackles last season.


    1st Lucas 111
    2nd Vaughan 104
    3rd Parker 093
    4th Clichy 090
    5th Alcaraz 087
    6th Murphy 084
    7th Mulumbu 083
    8th Salgado 082
    9th Holden 081
    10th Kompany 080
    11th Song 079
    12th Diame 078
    13th Muamba 074
    14th De jong 072
    15th Coker 072

    Lucas is the one who won the most tackles. Now below is another list but this time it shows the number of tackles they LOST.

    1st lucas 61
    3rd Vaughan 37
    12th Parker 28
    41th Clichy 21
    2nd Alcaraz 42
    7th Murphy 33
    19th Mulumbu 25
    45th Salgado 21
    4th Holden 36
    50th+kompany 20(less than that maybe)
    20th Song 24
    9th Diame 30
    5th Muamba 34
    30th De jong 23
    10th Coker 30

    Again lucas top the list. He may have won more tackles than anyone but he also lost more than anyone else.

    Now lets do a little math with it…

    Assuming that
    Tackles won + Tackles lost = Total Tackles

    Then accuracy = tackles won / total tackles X 100

    Therefore lucas accuracy = 111 / 172 x 100
    = 64.5 %

    After doing the same math with all the 15 players above, here is the new ranking…

    1. Clichy 81.1%
    2. Kompany 80.0%
    3. Salgado 79.6%
    4. Parker 76.9%
    5. Mulumbu 76.9%
    6. Song 76.7%
    7. De jong 75.8%
    8. Vaughan 73.8%
    9. Diame 72.2%
    10. Murphy 71.8%
    11. Coker 70.6%
    12. Holden 69.2%
    13. Muamba 68.5%
    14. Alcraz 67.3%
    15. Lucas 64.5%

    As you could all see, the statistics say that lucas is the least accurate tackler among those 15 players. In fact if the same calculations are done for all the players, LUCAS would then be the LEAST ACCURATE TACKLER in the WHOLE LEAGUE. Is that what you all call the “best” defensive midfielder in the league. That guy can do nothing with a football except tackling. Thats why he just keeps tackling and doing nothing productive during matches thus increasing his tackling count. However even at tackling his not good enough as illustrated by the poor accuracy of 64.5%. Conclusion, tackling the most does not make you the best defensive midfield, you have to at least be accurate with it.

    • richard says:

      “If you can’t support us when we lose or draw, don’t support us when we win” Bill Shankly. the us is the whole team so its up to you support us or do one

      • Deaththekid says:

        I don`t care what bill said. He is dead now…Also your comment is irrelevant. The statistics are clear. Lucas has the worst accuracy in tackling than most players in the league. Thats a fact. Any fool with basic knowledge of mathematics would understand it. Either you counteract my argument with other statistics proving how good lucas is or you just go take a hike…

        • richard says:

          @deaththekid like i said support the TEAM or do one. the fact that people in pro football say he is one of the best in the world means i will listen to them over some evertonian with some dodgy stats. now go play on champ man and stop annoying real lfc fans

          • richard says:

            the fact that you do not care what Bill Shankly said tells me all i need to know about you.

          • Deaththekid says:

            Yeah continue listening to those “people in pro football”. The same idiots responsible for the recruitment of Roy hodgson… Don`t think too much on your own, you are gonna get a headache. Just keep blindly following what people says if thats your way of being a lfc supporter.

          • richard says:

            this is coming from the person that blindly follows stats from a paper lmao!.
            Keep kidding yourself that you know something about football because you blindly followed one set of stats.
            you will do everton proud.
            keep telling yourself you know better than every manager lucas has played for that you know better than the majority of fans.
            that you know better than the majority of footballs pro’s and ex pro,s you daft sod

          • richard says:

            any way i will go now as you are boring

          • Deaththekid says:

            Whatever man…First they only took 3 matches and performance in only 3 matches do not mean anything. What if I took 3 matches where suarez did not score anything or created any assists and analysed the stats, would this make him a shitty player, huh? Also even if lucas had 100% of his passes going forward it would not change anything if the passes are made just to keep possession and buying time. In football all passes must have a purpose. All of them should ultimately lead us to as close as possible to an area where an attempt on goal can be made. Passes just going round and round the field just for the sake of circulating the ball is pointless , don`t you think? Also man, as a reply to your comment below I did not copy stats from any article, I just analysed the data they presented and wrote my own stats with its interpretation…Lets call it quits now. Arguing any further is pointless. I`m not here to fight anyone. In fact we are all supporters of lfc so we should all be friends. Lets just say you have your own opinion like all the other fans and I have mine…

  36. Deaththekid says:

    For the past two season carlos tevez has scored on average 20 goals. If there is any chance we can get him on loan kenny and comolli should not hesitate a minute. This is the kind of players we need as strikers. Caroll is a donkey , even his tail make him look like one.He is a caricature of the player he was at newcastle. We should loan him to a championship team. Kuyt is a horse , just running all the time but doing nothing extraordinary with the ball. He is poor in front of goals, can`t dribble ,cross etc. Kenny is doing the right thing to bench him. They are both not good enough.
    Suar-ez and tev-ez are the ideal partners that could terrorize any defender in the league and bring us back to the top where we belong. Fuck this toshack keegan thing, its never gonna happen with the caroll and suarez combination…

  37. Jon says:

    The bottom line is that we need to get into the top four. Tevez can help us do that so to me it’s a no-brainer. LFC would just have to ensure that they get a very good lawyer who would draw up a water-tight contract which would give Tevez absolutely no lee-way for bad behaviour or going awol, without severe consequences. In other words, he should know going in, that if he steps out of line, he’s out or he’s with the reserves.

  38. Lawal ib says:

    Keny is kilng lfc wit dis britsh players.carol is bulshit,y loan aquilany,sel meriles bcos of handerson n fuckng dunkey carol.kk is gambln wit d team.pis off!

    • richard says:

      if you do not like british players stop pretending to support a british team go and support someone else as LFC do not need people like you. either support the team win,lose or draw or fuck off.

    • FOD81 says:

      you’re clearly about 15 and know nothing about King Kenny. No liverpool fan would ever tell Kenny to piss off. He’s the clubs greatest ever player and the last manager to win the league title.

      try Man U – they’ll appreciate that sort of support.

  39. nasiru lawal says:

    we need a player like tevez for us to have more for lucas, he is not a good passer and he play very slowly.another noteworthy thing is that, kenny has to change his attitude in player shopping because he always want uk players of which english ones are more costly and less talented.NASIR

    • richard says:

      yes i agree we do need a goal scorer like Tevez.
      Lucas is rated as one of the best holding midfielders in world football hence the number 5 jersey for Brazil.His job is to break up play and sometimes slow it down so we can set up and start again.
      As for questioning Kenny are you crazy.
      1) we have to have a certain amount of english players due to the new rules.
      2) British players are always expensive and always have been so not much point in moaning about it as that fact will not change.
      3) Why say english are less talented in our team for example we have Carra a legend one of the best in the prem for 15 years we have Gerrard one of the best mid in the whole world and there are plenty of other brits that are rated very highly like Rooney,Bale etc if you do not like english players go and watch la liga or serie a and leave the real fans to support every player who wears the red shirt of LFC

  40. K says:

    If they want £35m, swap him for our *cough £35m *cough striker *cough Andy C!

  41. richard says:

    “If you can’t support us when we lose or draw, don’t support us when we win” Bill Shankly.

  42. louis andrs says:

    We should sell Luis Suarez and buy a better player than him.

  43. Jamie suarez says:

    R u out of ur mind asshole if u think we should sell suarez then u must be thinking carrol is the striker in the world … U shud stop watching football

  44. ArmchairLFCfan says:

    It’s like putting the cart before the horse. I remembered the Tevez saga has to do with his wife and family not being happy in a foreign land ‘cos of unfamiliarity with its language, custom and culture. His preference will be Argentina, followed any Spanish speaking country and then England. If he chooses to play in the EPL, then yes, LFC should consider signing him.

  45. Jamie suarez says:

    Carrol suks sell him even if its a losssss !!!!!! Get TEVEZ!!! Even though he has attitude issues but the only reason he has them is cuz he thought he is the best plyr in city by scorin 24 gls in pl last season but now city 2 or 3 beter players then him so city cares no shit about him where as he is good at finding the net often which will be no problem for him at lfc especialy cuz of Luis SUAREZs aMazing skill will provide with so many goals tht he wnt hve a problem and as liverpool dnt hve many attacking options xcept suarez bellamy kuyt and hopefully him he wud be guarenteed 1st team ftbal with suarez upfront and bellamy on the wing downing on the othr gerrard and adam/lucas in middle and i bet top 4 wont be a problem!!!

  46. richard says:

    Far to many so called fans who have no clue about Liverpool football club. They need educating on the Liverpool way and fast. How can anyone call themselves a genuine LFC fan and call for players to get sold who are still settling in to a new side with many new players.calling for Kenny’s head in his first full season as full time manager he has had to bring in many new faces and that takes time to work Kenny will add again in every transfer window it will take 3 years or more before you can even call it Kenny’s team then and only then can you judge what Kenny has done. to expect instant success you are either mentally disturbed or you have been playing champ man on your pc far to often and need a serious dose of reality. back the team back the manager or go support the bitters down the road they love people like you..

  47. dnnykool says:

    @louis: am not sure u ar a liverpool fan. If u were to be u would not even made such a statement. Or u ar tryin to bring in another argument rit? U ar a mad man. I wish i could get a hold of u and strangle u.

  48. Gabby says:

    @deaththekid. U have just prove how important Lucas is. If he made 111 succesful tackles n 61 unsuccesful only reflects his work rate. Footbal is not math so dont speak as if u knw it all. Lucas is good you may not like his face.

  49. Zen lfc forever says:

    Well guys I saw so many people angry about other comments.well some might agree with me and some not. Well i will share what i think of our beloved team. firstly i think that our recruitment of players is very bad. I dnt understand guys why are we just aiming for world class players. common at the beginning these world class players were just normal players who was given chance to prove themselves. like gerrard, owen.. but we just want world class player this cost heaps and might be risky eg caroll downing who cant perform. I am not a manu fan but i have to admit their recruitment are far good..please dnt be angry but they are facts. they got chicharito who i think is a world class by now or soon but cost far cheaper than caroll same like nani, ronaldo, anderson, fabio, jones they were not known but they were bought very cheap and given the chance same apply to arsenal look at the players they buy.. cheap but they perform… common guys there are lots of talented players around the globe even better than messi we just have to look for them and give them the chance…
    Also i feel kenny laacks some tactical formation and is finding it hard to finalise his 1st 11

  50. Nashveer Nemesar says:

    Sign Tevez? Yeah y not.. We currently lack firepower up front, so therz no doubt he’d bring somethin to da club..

  51. Martin Badger says:

    Haven’t we already had one Argentinian refusing to play for us? I only wish Carroll would refuse to play for us, though. Oh, come to think it, he hasn’t started playing yet.

  52. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Lucas, the best midfielder? Those who said it must be blind and idiots. I can bet Liverpool will not win anything with Lucas around.

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